Monday, March 30, 2015

My review of the Miele Complete C2 Bagged Powerline Vacuum Cleaner & the Reviewer's panel

I recently learned that internet electrical s giant have a thing where you can review and keep an item from them for free. They get sent the products by the companies to get customer feedback for their websites and they send these out to customers free of charge!

So what's the catch?

There isn't one genuinely - to take part in a review you have to:

1. make a short video explaining why you want to be a reviewer and which item you want to review (this is mine)
2. upload the video to you tube and send them a link either via their facebook page or via the review teams e-mail.
3. if they like it they get back in touch with you and let you know what they have available. If your chosen item isn't available they will ask if you would like to review anything else or offer to put you on a waiting list for your chosen item.
4. once you have agreed to review an item they arrange for it to be sent out on a day that is convenient for you - including saturday's if your working !
5. once your item has arrived you need to make a short video review of it with key features, pros/cons and it in action. You also have to do a written review. These have to be submitted within 7 days. If your review is accepted then thats it - it will be published on their website and the item is yours to keep - simples!

So I got to choose between 3 different hoovers for my review and I chose the Miele Complete C2 Powerline Vac.

I have to say the communication from the team was fantastic throughout.

The delivery company were also brilliant - they text me the day before delivery to let me know they were coming and then on the day they text me with a delivery time slot they were going to deliver within. They did actually deliver within the stated time slot too. All in all have to say the whole experience has been great with them.

My you tube review is HERE

This is my written review that I submitted to but slightly tweaked to include some of the photos I took which I couldnt include on the review as they only allow 2 photos lol

What's in the box?

This vacuum comes in several easy to fit together pieces:
  • the vacuum unit
  • the flexible hose
  • the solid hose
  • the curved join piece
  • the standard brush head

They all fit together really easily using a 'snap and click' motion. To ensure you don't force them together too tightly they have little buttons that snap into place as you fit them with an audible click sound. To put it all together took me less than 30 seconds. Super fast and super easy. Once together it's very sturdy. To take it apart there are clips which you just press twist and pull and it comes apart. Again super quick and super easy especially for storage.

Inside the vacuum there is a compartment with 3 additional heads to fit to the hoover, a narrow one for doing corners/tight spaces, a brush for furniture etc and a head for using on different surfaces. They fit snuggly into the storage compartment without rattling or slipping out.

The vacuum comes with a bag already fitted and all the filters fitted. These can be replaced via the Miele website as required.

Fantastic Features:

This vacuum has several features that I really liked and found useful

  • 10m power cord – this is fantastic it means you don't have to keep unplugging it when moving from room to room – in fact I was able to completely vacuum my living room, hallway, stairs, and 1 bedroom without unplugging it. This is a great time saver. The cord is retractable via a button on the base unit which means your not tripping over it when it isn't in use, also because you have to press the button to retract the cable it's not going to accidentally pull the plug from the wall due to tension in it.

  • 360 degree castor feet – for me this means ease of movement – I can move from room to room and over different surfaces with complete ease, no getting stuck on edges or jammed in corners. This makes it easy to quickly vacuum several areas with ease.

  • The bag full indicator – it shows you when your bag is getting full – great it means I know in advance that I need to order and replace new bags so I dont get caught out

How well does it do the job?

I have 4 cats and a shitzu dog so we are pretty much fur central add to that a messy 18 month old who enjoys dropping biscuits and crackers into the carpet and mashing them in and your talking mess central. This vacuum coped with ease. Didn't even need to use it on the maximum setting. Literally once over and BOOM clean and clear – I genuinely couldn't believe it was actually that good and powerful. As I only had to do each area once to pick everything up it was super fast to use . My living room rug used to take me 10 minutes to do having to do it from each angle and go over several times to get it clean. Not with this vacuum literally up down across and repeat – whole rug done in around 1 minute.

Also it picks up everything – I've tried it on kitty litter, dirt, talcum powder, crushed food, paper shredding, sawdust, glitter, fur problem with any of those things. It left things looking super clean and like new.

It has a long reach as well the hose is around 2m long and then the solid pole extends to about the same length as well so reaching those cobwebs and spiders on the ceiling is super easy.

It also looks really nice and is small and compact which means easy storage.

What I don't like so much:
  • it is heavy – it's not a huge problem as the castors mean you can drag it from room to room so no carrying. Main issue with the weight was doing the stairs the long hose helped with this but I still had to carry it down every couple of steps.
  • It is loud. Even on the quiet setting. I live in a maisonette with another family living in the one below me – sadly if the urge appears to do late night or early morning cleaning it's a no-no as it would disturb my neighbours. On the plus side it's so quick to use the noise wouldn't be a big problem as its over with quickly.
  • Small bags – the bags don’t look like they hold a lot and the compartment where they fit is pretty small too. After doing every room the bag was pretty full. I vacuum every day and could see me needing to replace the bag every 2-3 days which would be a nuisance and could be expensive.

Would I recommend this item? Having used it on a variety of surfaces and items I would recommend it. I think it's an excellent vacuum and ideal for use in a small flat/home where there is going to be heavy duty soiling from children/pets.

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