Monday, March 30, 2015

+ 365 Day 87


Today was Sunday Funday (kinda)

Me, my mum and niece went to see The Duff. It was pretty good - really predictable but the cast were god and it had some really funny bits too :).

After the film we were all hungry so I took us to our favourite all you can eat indian buffet. It's at a place called the Kismet and it's only £2.99 per person. For that you have around 6 different chicken dishes (sauce with chicken wings and thighs in it), some veggie indian dishes that I dont eat, noodles, saag aloo, onion bhajee, bombay potato, rice and naan bread. The food is good, hot, tasty and fresh and if they run out of anything you just give them a shout and they refill it.

After stuffing ourselves silly we came home and took a nap and then I spent the evening watching random TV and entering some comps :)

It was nice to have a chill out day where we could just forget about all the crap that has been going on and relax

Today's positive is time out - and today it was needed :)

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