Sunday, March 22, 2015

+365 Days 79 & 80

Day 79 - Friday

Today has not been great we found out that my aunty has developed septicemia and now her chances are slim to nil. It's very difficult when someone you love is so unwell that you are told they are likely to die and then you accept that and come to terms with it but there's still a tiny spark of hope in you that a miracle will happen, so when your told things are better than you thought that spark flares up, only to get snuffed out when something else goes wrong and you are told to prepare for the worst again. It's exhausting and you cant tell which way's up.

Having bad news has made finding something positive difficult. Everything at the moment revolves around my aunty and her care and condition and it's impacting on all of us.

However, today was pay day and I did try the amazing new kitkat that is out - it has 2 segments a crunchy bit and a caramel bit and was pretty delicious. So that's about it - my positive was discovering a new version of kitkat and having it for lunch :\

Day 80 - Saturday

Today me and mum headed down to London for the Country Living Fair - I won tickets a while ago and we had booked the coach and everything. Due to aunty chris being unwell we were umming and ahhing about going really but then we decided we would and have a good day.

The fair was cool I bought a new bracelet and some toffee flavour vodka and petted some lambs because being from Wales I rarely get to see sheep :P

Then we headed to Camden which was awesome as always although I managed to lose my phone in a toilet and then it went missing so we spent about an hour with me trying to find it - with the help of a really nice guy who runs the book shop, and then heading down to camden high street to the 3 shop to cancel my sim and stuff.

I was a bit miffed about the phone but decided ah well shit happens I will just get a new one.

Anyways it was freezing so we headed to our favourite pizza place in victoria station for food before coming home where I had a message form my dad to say a girl had my phone and would be posting it home to me. I hope she does :)

So today's positive is having a day away from everything to just chill and explore and not think about the mess that is family life right now

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