Friday, March 6, 2015

+ 365 day 65

Today's Friday

Today's positive is that tomorrow I'm taking my dad back to West Wales! Now dont get me wrong I get on well with my dad but he also gets on my nerves too lol  in no particular order:

- he snores - loudly! and he falls asleep stupidly early like 8pm and hes snoring and its like nails on a black board to me I hate it and I can hear him in my bedroom snoorreeekkkkk snoorg snuuffle groan snock GRRRRRR

- he tells me how to use technology and social media - seriously? Dad I had to show you how to get onto fb, I've had to set up every single piece of tech you have and yet you insist on telling me how to use things or that I'm doing it wrong - I'm not doing it wrong I'm doing it my way which works!

- he is a bathroom hog - I get up for work between 6.30 - 7 - he goes to the bathroom every morning between 6-7! and he stinks it out - it's a tiny bathroom - I cant breath to shower and then I'm late to work!!!!!

- he insists on telling me long boring stories about people and doesn't understand why I dont remember all his friends - Paul, you know Paul, the guy you met 7 years ago as you passed him in a corridor? Dont be daft of course you know him, well Paul and John - now I know you know John I worked with him for years....yawn... sorry dad not to be mean but I don't remember every single person I have met - to be honest I struggle to remember my own friends names

- he thinks I'm his personal Chauffeur - tonight if you drop me to the club around 8 and then pick me up at 1130 - but I'm going out, no your picking me up otherwise I cant go!

- he buys me things but things that he likes - so I needed a new coat - I saw a nice one in ASDa for £15 in the sale - he buys me a man's designer (i'll give him that) expensive all weather all terrain 3 in 1 cost £150 coat which I wont ever

Okay ranting over and so is this entry as he's snoring again and I may smother him with a pillow - positive thoughts he will be home tomorrow and I will be a snore free zone!

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