Tuesday, March 3, 2015

+365 Day 61 & 62

Day 61 Monday

Today I have felt really really really tired all day. My dad got back from his 8 weeks in Benidorm and has taken up residence on the couch until Saturday when I take him back to his holiday home in West Wales. He bought me an awesome Betty Boop bag and matching purse home from Spain :)So today's positive is my dad being back in Wales and my funky new bag and purse set :D

Day 62 Tuesday

Today has not been a good day - woken at 5 am by phone call - my aunty who is unwell was rushed to ICU due to not being able to breath and SATs being dangerously low. She is currently on breathing apparatus and being fed through her nose. Today's positive is she is getting the help and treatment she needs and for that I am grateful.

2 super short posts due to family situation normal long waffling posts will return shortly

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