Wednesday, March 4, 2015

+ 365 Day 63

Today is HUMP Day (in the case of my pup quite literally!!)

Today has been a much better day than the last few for a couple of reasons:

1. My aunty is still in ICU but there has been some improvements

2. I fit into size 16 trousers - all the way through high school I was in size 18 - seriously cannot remember when I was last this slim

3. Got my new phone - well new for me - it's my dads old phone as he had an upgrade its a samsung S3 and super fast compared to my old galaxy ace which I dropped down the loo - I got my sim card cut to size - it fits and the phones working amazingly fast

4. I am booked onto a new exercise class for tomorrow - I've nicknamed it fatbounce! it's basically an exercise class thats done on trampettes and it's supposed to be an amazing all over body work out. As I am essentially a floppy marshmallow I need all the toning I can get!

So 4 positives today :) I also had a couple of prizes arrive that I had won and I had my booking confirmed for the hotel stay I won on twitter - I was getting a bit worried as originally they said they had no record of it but they found it and we are booked for 10th July :)

Below is some of the cool gifts my daddy bought me back from spain - clip on sun glasses - cos I'm that cool - these are actually really useful being blind as a bat I wear glasses all the time but my reactor lights dont work through the windscreen so these are great for in the car

a pink mp3/radio to match my hello kitty headphones :D

a pink stylus/pen to go with my pink tablet (pink radio, pink ds etc lol)

A key trolley with an E on it in case I ever forgot my name

A new Betty Boop bag and matching purse love LOVE this :D

And a bracelt with my name on for ID purposes :D

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