Sunday, November 22, 2015

SuperSavvyCircle - Always Discreet Part 3 My Final Thoughts

So I have been trying out Always Discreet for SuperSavvyCircle (You can read Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking on them here)

I have now used up all my pack and I also tried out the small and the long too and this is my final thoughts on the project and the product.

1. The project

I've taken part in several projects with SSC and they are always well organised and run smoothly and this one has been no different - step by step info, blog posts, emails, well packaged and delivered product and plenty of info and coupons and of course samples too. I actually really enjoy being able to take part in these projects - they can be time consuming and remembering to try and record every single conversation is not easy and I am sure I am not the only one who sometimes misses recording them all! The project has also opened up new lines of conversation between me, my friends, my family and even some colleagues about bladder sensitivity - whilst I lack the social graces of a toad and am happy to talk about my bodily functions to pretty much anyone I get that lots of people find it uncomfortable and embarrassing - I found younger people were much less open in general than older - I think that is to do with confidence and perhaps a slight fear that there is something not quite right - but we shouldn't be afraid to discuss this - fear around discussing it brings shame and it's nothing to be ashamed of - it's just a part of life - I'm not saying when you get on the bus you should announce loudly dont sit too close to me as if I sneeze I might wet myself (I mean you can if you fancy having a seat to yourself and noone sat next to you) but we should feel confident enough about ourselves and our bodies to say yeah I do sometimes laugh so much I pee a bit.

2. The Product

So what I liked about it:

- it absorbs - the always discreet are much better at absorbing fluid than panty liners or sanitary towels - the fluid doesnt sit on top of the pad either so it isnt uncomfortable

- it's comfortable - I found the small and the normal the most comfortable. I could wear them for several hours and forget I was wearing them.They also didn't show up when I was wearing my clothes - no tell tale bulges or weird lines or anything

- it's good for your lady bits :) - so urine contains acid, acid burns, acid up close to your lady bits equals red and sore lady bits! That doesnt happen with Always Discreet - I guess they suck that urine down so it's not sat on the surface layer so its not then next to your skin

- you dont smell wearing them - I am a big worrier about smelling - the always discreet had a scent to them I am not sure what that was but it didnt smell like baby powder or anything similar (that lots of sanitary products smell of).  It's a pleasant enough smell but not overwhelming. Wearing these you dont smell of wee which is obviously a big relief. Like I said you can wear them all day if you choose and they dont give off any dodgy odours!

So what I didn't like about it:

- the main thing I didnt like was the length - so the small panty liners are the perfect thickness for me but far too short, the normal are a little longer but a lot bulkier and the long which are the perfect length are far too bulky to be comfy. I would love them to do a thinner version of the long ones which would be great for me.

Over all the feedback from people who have tried these from me has been positive too.

Would I buy them? Yes I would they aren't hugely expensive (I checked out the cost in ASDA and they were like £2.99 a pack plus offers were on) and they do what they are supposed to do - line your pants so you dont have to worry about any embarrassing incidents in public and can get on with and enjoy life.

I still have some feedback to give in to the project team, the completed feedback sheets and some conversation reports but I personally have completed my trial and am pleased I got to take part.

+365 days 321 - 325

Day 321 - Wednesday

So today I lost my voice again :/ probably great for everyone around me but not so much for me lol.

Also today my cats paws are still pink - seriously! I got Tesco cat litter - it wasn't cheap but its turned Lady's white bits proper pink, not just her paws either, her legs and her belly too!

I tweeted Tesco who just said dont worry its not permanent and it's not poisonous either - they should have a warning on their litter - this may turn light coloured kitties into Bagpus! This pic is from when I first noticed her turning pink - its worse since then but she is refusing to cooperate with the camera!

I didnt really do much today because sore throat and lost voice made everything a bit of an effort but at least its humpday and its all down towards the weekend from here!

In the afternoon/early evening my voice came back yay - thats my positive I can speak again whot

Day 322 - Thursday

Work was work as always :P

After work today I decided for some strange reason that I should call the garage and find out how much it will cost to get my 2 front tires replaced - when the alternator went on the car and the garage checked they said I needed 2 new front tires - I called kwikfit and they gave me a quote and I booked the car in for tomorrow - sorted

Today's positive - getting the car sorted - well not quite but it will be tomorrow :)

Day 323 - Friday

PAYDAY woohoo :) Which is a good thing because when I took the car to the garage the guy was like hey have you seen your other tires? I'm like what do you mean? So he showed me that the one back tire was bulging and was like you know you can feel wires and stuff sticking out this isnt safe. So yeah ended up getting all 4 tires replaced it cost like £204 ouchies! on top of the £300 for the alternator and this has been an expensive car month!

Of course I am glad he changed the tires especially when I saw the back one!

Not only was it illegal to drive on but pretty deadly too! Today I am grateful that it didnt go on me when I was driving, it didnt cause an accident or cause me to injure myself or anyone else!

Day 324 - Saturday

Today I dragged my mother out of the house (she gets SAD which is really difficult to deal with as she doesnt want to do anything or go anywhere!). I drove us to Ebbw Vale where a friend of mine lives - she ran a cat rescue but due to her poor health she is currently in the process of closing it down. I havent seen her for a couple of months. The drive up there takes around 55 minutes and involves driving on the heads of the valleys road which I hate - it was even worse because those guys had snow so the road was quite icy and there was snow up on the mountains. We got there without mishap and met with my friend and a few others and I drove us to Ebbw Vale town centre and we went to the local wetherspoons for a meal - it was a lovely meal with good company and we had a blast.

After lunch I drove everyone back to the rescue and then loaded the car up with tonnes of items. As the rescue is closing they are donating items for use with kitties and for sale to raise funds to a local cardiff rescue called RozMogs - I had agreed to take some of the stuff back with me to save them having to arrange for it to be done.

The drive home wasnt so bad although the temp was dropping significantly.

After unloading the car we just chilled :)

Today's positive meeting with friends and helping out the rescue :)

Day 325 - Sunday

Today I dropped off the stuff I had collected from Ebbw Vale to Rozmogs and then went to pets at home - I needed to get more cat litter as lady is still pink!

After that I recovered the computer chair in the living room so it matches the foot stool (kinda) I did the other week.

I was planning on doing some cushion covers too but got distracted by CatFish lol - seriously I love this show its so bizarre and you kinda wonder what they are on lol

Today's positive is getting the chair done :)

Anyways this is my newly covered computer chair (it's not 100% finished I need to tidy up the underneath)


The backrest

Backrest and seat covered

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

+ 365 days 311 - 320

Day 311 - Sunday

Today we just chilled after the chaos of Friday and Saturday! My uncle came round for Sunday dinner which was a disaster - mum decided to cook a gammon joint in the slow cooker but she didnt boil it first to get rid of the salt so everything tasted salty it was really gross and none of us could eat it - I ended up doing us cheese on toast!

Today I am thankful for time to chill and relax :)

Day 312 - Monday

Back to work :( Things have once again been crazy busy in work - we are doing some new stuff and making changes to how things are done so everything's a bit up in the air and chaotic. Work is kinda wearing me down a lot - I even find myself dreaming about cocking up or making a mistake and stuff which shows how rubbish things are right now.

On the plus side I work with some lovely people who despite my grouchy weirdness still want to talk to me and be friends :)

Day 313 - Tuesday

Had a meeting with my new supervisor in work. Not really great. That's all no further comment

It's a positive I have a job tho right?

Day 314 - Wednesday

Today I had my diabetic check up -uh oh! Actually it was fine :) glucose levels are good marginally raised from the last test but not unexpected after a month of gorging myself on american food. Everything else was fine :) Got my flu jab ouchies and my depo ouchies - one in the arm and one in the buttock (i seriously love the word buttock!) on either side so I know that tomorrow I am going to be suffering on both sides!

Today's positive was a good diabetic check up - no issues :)

Day 315 - Thursday

Today my dad came down and took me out for a meal for my birthday - we were hoping our favourite curry house would have reopened (its been closed to be refurbed for months boo :( ) but sadly it wasnt so we went to a different one which is also very nice. The food was great.

My dad told me about my christmas present - he is weird like that - when he gives you a gift he tells you exactly what it cost, what deal he got and where it's from! even if its just something he picked up for like 50p in a charity shop he likes to tell you! Anyways I didnt think I was getting a big gift from him - he already gave me £100 for christmas which I had in the form of $$ for my holidays but he went out and got me one anyways. He loves shopping seriously this man puts most women to shame!

He's got me a new tomtom satnav with free map upgrades for life - which is really cool and I appreciate it (I was kinda hoping when eh mentioned it I was getting a new laptop as mines in really bad condition but sadly he went for the practical gift as always - I once asked him for a pair of boots so he got me waterproof hiking ones worth £160 - I wanted Uggz lol)

He always buys me loads of little bits and pieces - I never ask for it cos he gives me money but as I get older it seems like him and my mum are trying to buy me more and more! Craziness!!!

Anyways - todays positive was a lovely meal out with my dad :)

Day 316 & 317 - Friday & Saturday

This evening like many people I watched in horror the atrocity in Paris - I have little else to say other than I am eternally grateful that as I sat watching the news Friday evening and early Saturday morning that my friends who live in Paris one by one came onto Facebook and announced their safety. Everyone I know who lives/works in Paris was thankfully unharmed and not in the area where the attacks took place and for that I am truly grateful.

Day 318 - Sunday

Today I took my mum shopping, did housework and then spent most of the day in bed as I had a horrific migraine.

Today's positive is having the luxury to be able to go to bed for th day when feeling unwell

Day 319 - Monday

Yesterday's migraine persisted until lunch time today where with the aid of painkillers it eased off to just a horrible band of tightness around my forehead. After work I came home and slept some more as I was still feeling rubbish. The thing about migraines is that even though you sleep loads when you have them when they start to lift you still feel shattered and could sleep for longer again - it's very odd.

Lady cat turned into a pink lady today! I had bought some cat litter form tesco as I really didnt feel up to going to pets at home yesterday and the kitty trays needed to be done - this litter turned lady's white paws and belly pink - not impressed!

Today I got a letter from the bank saying I had overpaid them on my loan (I took a loan out years ago and recently paid it off yay me only £4500 left of debts til I am debt free!) and that they will send me a cheque out which is nice - hopefully they send it in time for xmas :)

Today's positive the bank actually offering to give me money rather than taking it away :P

Day 320 - Tuesday

We have storm warnings here in Wales and prob everywhere in the country too - its crazy the wind and Jac the dog is terrified of it - I have never known a dog be scared of the wind before!!!!

I realised that winter makes me grumpy - I hate getting up in the dark and driving to work with the lights on (usually behind someone who thinks 30mph is far too fast and does 15!) and I hate finishing work and driving home in the dark - it feels like we havent had a day which sounds silly but it's true. Getting home when its dark I really dont feel like doing anything - in the summer I get home then i go swimming or shopping or to the pub etc in the winter I get home and slob! When I worked in the USA in sunny Florida I would think nothing of doing a 14 hour plus shift and going out after - I think it's because it was sunny - I need the sun back! In the winter all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep and day dream of holidays in the sun.

Work continues to be rather dreary (another fun word) just like the weather so between the 2 I am feeling pretty much like a human grumpy cat, however I am just going to work through it and try and continue to be positive!

So today's positive? Well - my mum bought me some new work clothes from a charity shop - top and trousers for £1. I really have no issue with buying second hand clothes from charity shops, car booty's ebay etc and these are really nice - both are from next - the trousers are slightly tight (really need to get back onto my diet - I ate 2 satsumas today which I was feeling good about until I remembered I also ate 2 packs of crisps!) but are a size 16 so altho a little tight they arent uncomfortable and that makes me happy as I have obviously put a little weight on but not girth and width with it! The tops a lovely grey smock style top that will look great with leggings and my pretend uggz :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Great Big Cuddle - Poems for the Very Young - Book Review

We got sent this book by Toppsta on twitter to review - they often have kids books available - you get to keep the book in return for providing a review on their website.

So the book info:

Author: Michael Rosen
Illustrator: Chris Riddell
Price: £14.99
Published by: Walker Books

So what's the book about?

It's basically a book of silly rhyming poems illustrated with bright coloured pictures.

Some of the poems make sense, and some are nonsensical but all are appealing.

H who is 2 and D who is 5 both really enjoyed the book.

We could read one poem at a time so it wasn't too long for them to sit and listen/read and they didn't get bored.

Both of them enjoyed the rhyming words and copying the silly phrases :)

H found the pictures bright and easy to recognise and identify. D just loved the phrases he is still repeating several of them.

The book took us several days to read through as we did each poem as a short stand alone reading activity.

D was able to recognise some of the words to read but when the font was small he struggled a bit more.

Overall we all enjoyed the book (although if I hear the phrase 'the jelly's too smelly' once more I might cry!) but the fact that both of them are still repeating the phrase and breaking into mad giggles at it just proves how much the book appeals to them and their silly sense of humour :)

We give this book 5/5 and would definitely recommend it - it may be for younger children but it appealed to both the 2 and 5 year old.

(photos to follow having some tech issues with the camera!)

November Freebies & Wins

As always - these are items received this month which may have been won previously - but I dont count a win or a freebie until it actually arrives as so many of them go missing! I am also including the review items in here as well :)

1. WIN - this is a win but they had 1000 of them lol so you had to answer a question so counting it as a win even though there were so many prizes - this is a mini What on Earth Wall book - looks fab and a great xmas gift :) From the telegraph

2. FREEBIE for REVIEW - 2 x Nuby soothers for H to review :) came direct from Nuby

3. WIN - the Confabulist - this is the free book I got as part of my Radio Times win from last month :)

4. WIN - The bear strength tee which is part of my carpetright house beautiful prize

Back of tee

Front of Tee

5. WIN - Tale of City Sue book - from @x2mum (twitter) from her blog giveaway (yetanotherbloggingmummy)

6. WIN - Miffy Sensory toy - a friend won this for me as she knew I had entered every comp going for one but hadnt won one - it's for H's xmas pressie off my sister

7. WIN - Rugby facts book - from toolstation on twitter

8. WIN - Julie Dodsworth Goodies from her FB page :) 2 x mugs, a handy fold up carry bag, some handmade soaps and a magnetic notepad

9. WIN - Moomins DVD but no note to say where it came from!

10. Win - from Your Cat Magazine (magazine comp rather than web one) a cute cross stitch kit :)

11. WIN - Miranda complete box set - again it just arrived with no note so I have no idea where from but I am looking forward to watching it :)

12. WIN - from @geekyMonkey (twitter/FB) Captina Earth Part 2 DVD

13. WIN - part of my carpet right win - Riverford farm cook books - was supposed to be a box of veggies but they said they dont deliver to Wales (even though one of their farms is in Cwmbran about 20 mins drive from cardiff)

14. WIN - from Crowne Pet food a box of light cat food from Royal Canin - perfect for Leo Cat the hefty lump :P

15. WIN - from dbreviews blog - a goody bag of Nothing But stuff including: Tee, hessian bag, mug, 2xtrolley keys, 2x pens and 2 x each flavour snack

16. WIN - set of 3 pombear and friends teddies from their twitter account

17. FREEBIE GLITCH - so sweaty betty had this new offer for people but they made a mistake and instead of offering a £20 off a £50 spend they offered £20 voucher with no restrictions and free delivery! So I managed to get some rather nice fleecy gloves for £15 plus some hair bobbles for £4.50 all for free. :)

18. FREEBIE - another sopost freebie some dairy milk snow bites and a voucher

19. WIN this is so awesome a signed by the original cast who played magenta and columbia 40th anniversary programe for RHPS :) won on twitter love it!

 20. FREEBIE - free ariel liquid tab - just the one but perfect for the hols

21: WIN - DVD and toy from blog

SuperSavvyCircle - Always Discreet Part 2

Read the introduction post here :)

So carrying on from that - I read through all the material and got to work making up my goody bags to hand out to friends, families, acquaintances and anyone else who fancies a trial :)

So basically we had a buch of shiny purple bags to make into goody bags - nice and discreet just like the name :)

A pack of 20 small pads and a pack of 10 large pads

10 x money off coupons (£1 off pads £2.50 off pants)

Ask a friend sheets - not sure how many but lots :)

Info sheets

I made up 15 bags with a mix of items. I decided not to put the coupons in the bags instead I thought I would offer them to people who tried the product and expressed an interest in buying some more - rather than giving them to people who perhaps wouldnt use them :)

So each bag had either 1 x large and 1 x small pad plus the ask a friend sheet and the info sheet

Or it had 2 x small pads plus the ask a friend and the info sheet

I have already started giving out the bags :) and so far the response has been pretty positive.

I have also started using my pack which includes the regular size pads.

To give you an idea of the sizes I 'borrowed' the pads from my sister's bag (she didn't mind as I didnt take them out of the wrapping) and took this pic - excuse the hangers but they kept curling back closed!

As you can see there is a huge difference in the sizes of the pads including the length and the depth of them.

I'm currently trialling the regular ones and will post my findings on them next week along with some of the feedback from the other ladies I have shared with :)

+ 365 days 309-310

Day 309 - Friday

Today I had the day off work. I won ages ago a night's stay at Hilton St Anne's Manor house and Spa down in Wokingham we were due to go for my mum's birthday in July but due to my sister's dad dying and us having my niece who was very poorly at the time we had to cancel and rebook.

Anyways we were pretty excited about going - we dropped the hound off to my aunty Kath's at 11.30 - then we went to Morrisons - got some sarnies and some pop for the journey, filled up with petrol and headed off.

Everything was going pretty well - it's about 2 hours drive from Cardiff - at around an hour and 15 into the trip I stopped at the services for us to have a wee and a break.

This is then when things went wrong!

As I was pulling out of the services (driving around 5mph I might add) I hit the worlds biggest pot hole. Something went CRUNCH but the car seemed okay so back on the motorway.

Driving in the outside lane at around 80mph and the abs light comes on, then the airbag light comes on. I panic a bit and move into the middle land and drop down to 70mph. Then every single light comes on the dashboard, check engine, oil etc etc. I move into the slow lane and the car starts to lose power! The wipers stop, the indicators stop, nothing electrical works not even the hazards, I manage to glide onto the hard shoulder as the car completely gives up the ghost.

I panic slightly - no hazards and visibility is very poor and trucks are getting very very close to the car. It's pouring with rain too! I climb out of the car by climbing out the passenger side (there's no way to get out the drivers side!) the car is half over the line into the traffic. Its stupidly loud and scary. I get my mum to sit in the passenger seat and steer whilst I push the car from the passenger side so we manage to get it completely onto the hard shoulder and away from the traffic - phew!

Called RAC - thankfully we have full cover. They take 45 mins to get to us - its still pouring with rain so we are sat in the car but on the passenger side with the seat belts on in case it gets hit although now its right the way over the hard shoulder there's less risk. The RAC guy takes 5 mins to tell me he thinks its the alternator - which he bashes with a big metal stick a few times - he said that sometimes they seize up and a good bashing gets them running again? but it didnt work :( so he then fits a generator to the battery via cables which he feeds through my window into the car. I have to drive the car being run by the generator down to a RAC approved garage in Swindon. I get t the garage and its gonna cost £288 to repair the car - ouch!

I have no money everyone knows this - my mum has the money but it's in a savings account not in a debit account which you can only access via going into the bank - its 3.30pm we are not gonna be able to get to the bank arrrggghhhh. Finally I call my dad and he agrees to pay on his card - he's due down next week so my mum will pay him back when he is down and I will pay her back when I get paid in 2 weeks.

At the garage they say it will take an hour to be done...we sit in a waiting room stinking of paint/oil fumes and it takes until around 5.45 pm to get fixed. Thankfully my dad is able to pay over the phone and the car is working and we are ready to go - except it's rush hour and we are stuck in Swindon and starving so we drive around the corner to Tesco where they have a Giraffe restaurant - it was crazy expensive to be honest £30 for 2 dinners, 2 diet cokes and a side of onion rings! ouch but at this point we had enough and just wanted to chill.

We left Swindon at 6.45pm and got back onto the motorway - it's around 55minutes drive to the hotel so no probs but there is massive tail backs on the motor way...we eventually arrive at the hotel at 9pm! It's pouring with rain it's really not a good start we just want to get into our room and go to bed!

Check-in was really easy and the hotel itself was lovely. We literally got into our room and crashed out boo

Today's positive? I'm really struggling to find one - it started out so well but then everything just went wrong and got worse! I guess I am glad my dad was able to pay for the car to get fixed otherwise I would have had to get taken back home via a tow truck!

Day 310 - Saturday

After a good nights sleep we could kinda laugh about yesterday in a OMG WTF kinda way!

Anyways - our room included breakfast so we got up in time for that - best hotel breakfast ever! literally an amazing selection of food and drinks available.

We also had chance to review the hotel and the room in more detail and it was pretty awesome (my review is right here if your interested with pics and stuff

We also had free jars of jelly beans and nuts in our room. It doesnt take much to make me happy and a free jar of jelly beans does that!

We were supposed to be staying for afternoon tea but when we checked in for it they told us that the restaurant was over booked and it would be served in the bar! We really weren't keen on that. They offered that we could have it in the conservatory but that was pretty full too as there was a large wedding party there. So we ended up cancelling and just going home!

The drive home was uneventful the car ran fine. I managed to drive straight pass my turn off the motorway and ended up going into a different area of cardiff and driving through to get the dog - the dog was happy to see us. Then it was home for a nap before going out shopping as we had nothing in the house.

I came home to 2 parcels one was a Miffy for my niece for xmas and also a book for her so I am really happy with that

Today's positive was the car running fine home - I was slightly freaked it would go wrong again!

+365 days 305 - 308

Day 305 - Monday

I'm in a grump right now mainly due to issues at work which are making me a right grouch. When I am grumpy I tend to avoid other people and hibernate - sleep loads and sulk.

To try and get myself out of the grump I actually went out after work - I drove to an old work colleagues new home - she retired a while ago but stays in touch.

I spent the evening with her and her husband - she cooked me a gorgeous dinner and showed me around their new home which is stunning (not a surprise she has very good taste)

Even though I didn't really want to go I actually had an amazing night with her and her hubby and felt much better for going.

Coming home was crazy there had been a really bad accident on the M4 so they closed off the motorway and I had to come home via a completely different route - I am not brill at directions and in the dark I got a tad lost but found my way home eventually.

Today's positive - spending time with friends :)

Day 306 - Tuesday

I caught up on a lot of stuff I was behind on in work today which made me feel a bit better. I hate not being on top of things but due to stuff beyond my control (staff sickness) I got behind as I had to take care of other stuff. Catching up makes me happy I hate my desk being a mess but when I am busy it is and it drives me nuts so catching up meant I could tidy some stuff away which is good.

Today I also got an e-mail to say I had won CarpetRight's House beautiful competition - I had to say how to bring more beauty into your life and they chose my quote as the winner :)

My quote was "Buy one impractical beautiful item that you love - whenever you see it - it will inspire you to achieve more beauty in your life :)" and it is actually something I believe - I'm quite a practical person but I have some lovely random items which I bought not because I need them or had a use for them but because I just loved the look of them :) seeing them still makes me smile so they are money well spent.

Anyways the prize is crazy - £700 carpetright vouchers to spend on their House beautiful range, a riverford recipe box (which sadly I cant have as they dont do them in Wales so they are sending me recipe books instead!), a designer bear strength tee - my mums having this as they dont do lard ass sizes unlucky for me :( but she will be pleased, a year's subscription to house beautiful magazine - I have been working lots on upcycle projects so a great item to have to give me ideas on what to do next, a bottle of the new paco rabanne perfume which I am prob gonna keep for myself.

I am really excited about the carpet vouchers - we desperately need a carpet for our stairs, I am hoping I can get one with the vouchers and maybe a new rug for the living room :) but will have to wait and see what they say - I have to call them to claim the prize but havent yet 

Today's positive was obviously winning such an amazing prize that I can use to make my home more comfortable

Day 307 - Wednesday

Today after work I was super tired - I think my blood glucose levels are too high and I need to start being better about what I am eating - I have fallen back into bad habits and it's really impacting on my general well being - this week is not a good week to start being good as it's my birthday week but I am going to start back on my healthier eating plan from Monday - I need to I am sooo tired I am literally turning into a proper old lady and napping all the time.

This evening we had a take away to celebrate my birthday and watched some of the Librarian films I recorded on sky - the new series started this week so we thought we would watch the films to get us in the swing of things.

Day 308 - Thursday - My Birthday :)

Happy birthday to me - 34 years old eek. I had to work today but I have tomorrow off so not so bad.

I had lots of really nice pressies from family and friends so I am quite pleased. I wasn't really expecting anything no-one in my family has any money lol well except my dad and he already have me my birthday money before my holidays - he bought me $$$ so yeah I wasn't expecting anything but he got me some cute little mini signed prints, my mum got me a disney bag/tablet case and a phone case plus smellies and socks :) my sis got me some alcohol and candles, my other sis sent me a £10 in a card and I had loads of choccies too.

After work I went to bingo with a couple of the girls from work. We had a really good time and a laugh was lots of fun my friend won too so we all had a free night out as we split the winnings. We stayed after the bingo finished and chatted for ages. Was great to just chill with them before heading home :)

Today's positive - had a great night out with the girls :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

+ 365 Day 304

Today was sunday traditionally a day of rest but for once I didnt lounge about I did something productive. :)

A couple of months ago I won some really nice material from a comp (no idea which one as it came with nothing to say where it was from) I'd been umming and ahhing about making a new dog bed or a hand bag for myself but hadnt got round to it.

My mum like me procrastinates - she got this hideous old foot stool for free ages ago - the legs had been chewed by a dog and the stool itself was nicotine yellow with stains - not really attractive at all

So today I got off  my lazy butt and recovered it for her. Originally I was going to sand down the legs and paint them but the damage from the dog chewing was pretty extensive so instead I covered them in a contrasting material instead.

It came out really well (the photos do not do it justice!) and I am going to get out my sewing machine next week and make a couple of cushion covers to match it too :)

Today's positive is feeling like I have accomplished something  :)

Before - looking gross and in pieces

Recovered and legs back on 

And in use :) practical and pretty