Sunday, November 8, 2015

+365 days 305 - 308

Day 305 - Monday

I'm in a grump right now mainly due to issues at work which are making me a right grouch. When I am grumpy I tend to avoid other people and hibernate - sleep loads and sulk.

To try and get myself out of the grump I actually went out after work - I drove to an old work colleagues new home - she retired a while ago but stays in touch.

I spent the evening with her and her husband - she cooked me a gorgeous dinner and showed me around their new home which is stunning (not a surprise she has very good taste)

Even though I didn't really want to go I actually had an amazing night with her and her hubby and felt much better for going.

Coming home was crazy there had been a really bad accident on the M4 so they closed off the motorway and I had to come home via a completely different route - I am not brill at directions and in the dark I got a tad lost but found my way home eventually.

Today's positive - spending time with friends :)

Day 306 - Tuesday

I caught up on a lot of stuff I was behind on in work today which made me feel a bit better. I hate not being on top of things but due to stuff beyond my control (staff sickness) I got behind as I had to take care of other stuff. Catching up makes me happy I hate my desk being a mess but when I am busy it is and it drives me nuts so catching up meant I could tidy some stuff away which is good.

Today I also got an e-mail to say I had won CarpetRight's House beautiful competition - I had to say how to bring more beauty into your life and they chose my quote as the winner :)

My quote was "Buy one impractical beautiful item that you love - whenever you see it - it will inspire you to achieve more beauty in your life :)" and it is actually something I believe - I'm quite a practical person but I have some lovely random items which I bought not because I need them or had a use for them but because I just loved the look of them :) seeing them still makes me smile so they are money well spent.

Anyways the prize is crazy - £700 carpetright vouchers to spend on their House beautiful range, a riverford recipe box (which sadly I cant have as they dont do them in Wales so they are sending me recipe books instead!), a designer bear strength tee - my mums having this as they dont do lard ass sizes unlucky for me :( but she will be pleased, a year's subscription to house beautiful magazine - I have been working lots on upcycle projects so a great item to have to give me ideas on what to do next, a bottle of the new paco rabanne perfume which I am prob gonna keep for myself.

I am really excited about the carpet vouchers - we desperately need a carpet for our stairs, I am hoping I can get one with the vouchers and maybe a new rug for the living room :) but will have to wait and see what they say - I have to call them to claim the prize but havent yet 

Today's positive was obviously winning such an amazing prize that I can use to make my home more comfortable

Day 307 - Wednesday

Today after work I was super tired - I think my blood glucose levels are too high and I need to start being better about what I am eating - I have fallen back into bad habits and it's really impacting on my general well being - this week is not a good week to start being good as it's my birthday week but I am going to start back on my healthier eating plan from Monday - I need to I am sooo tired I am literally turning into a proper old lady and napping all the time.

This evening we had a take away to celebrate my birthday and watched some of the Librarian films I recorded on sky - the new series started this week so we thought we would watch the films to get us in the swing of things.

Day 308 - Thursday - My Birthday :)

Happy birthday to me - 34 years old eek. I had to work today but I have tomorrow off so not so bad.

I had lots of really nice pressies from family and friends so I am quite pleased. I wasn't really expecting anything no-one in my family has any money lol well except my dad and he already have me my birthday money before my holidays - he bought me $$$ so yeah I wasn't expecting anything but he got me some cute little mini signed prints, my mum got me a disney bag/tablet case and a phone case plus smellies and socks :) my sis got me some alcohol and candles, my other sis sent me a £10 in a card and I had loads of choccies too.

After work I went to bingo with a couple of the girls from work. We had a really good time and a laugh was lots of fun my friend won too so we all had a free night out as we split the winnings. We stayed after the bingo finished and chatted for ages. Was great to just chill with them before heading home :)

Today's positive - had a great night out with the girls :)

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