Tuesday, November 17, 2015

+ 365 days 311 - 320

Day 311 - Sunday

Today we just chilled after the chaos of Friday and Saturday! My uncle came round for Sunday dinner which was a disaster - mum decided to cook a gammon joint in the slow cooker but she didnt boil it first to get rid of the salt so everything tasted salty it was really gross and none of us could eat it - I ended up doing us cheese on toast!

Today I am thankful for time to chill and relax :)

Day 312 - Monday

Back to work :( Things have once again been crazy busy in work - we are doing some new stuff and making changes to how things are done so everything's a bit up in the air and chaotic. Work is kinda wearing me down a lot - I even find myself dreaming about cocking up or making a mistake and stuff which shows how rubbish things are right now.

On the plus side I work with some lovely people who despite my grouchy weirdness still want to talk to me and be friends :)

Day 313 - Tuesday

Had a meeting with my new supervisor in work. Not really great. That's all no further comment

It's a positive I have a job tho right?

Day 314 - Wednesday

Today I had my diabetic check up -uh oh! Actually it was fine :) glucose levels are good marginally raised from the last test but not unexpected after a month of gorging myself on american food. Everything else was fine :) Got my flu jab ouchies and my depo ouchies - one in the arm and one in the buttock (i seriously love the word buttock!) on either side so I know that tomorrow I am going to be suffering on both sides!

Today's positive was a good diabetic check up - no issues :)

Day 315 - Thursday

Today my dad came down and took me out for a meal for my birthday - we were hoping our favourite curry house would have reopened (its been closed to be refurbed for months boo :( ) but sadly it wasnt so we went to a different one which is also very nice. The food was great.

My dad told me about my christmas present - he is weird like that - when he gives you a gift he tells you exactly what it cost, what deal he got and where it's from! even if its just something he picked up for like 50p in a charity shop he likes to tell you! Anyways I didnt think I was getting a big gift from him - he already gave me £100 for christmas which I had in the form of $$ for my holidays but he went out and got me one anyways. He loves shopping seriously this man puts most women to shame!

He's got me a new tomtom satnav with free map upgrades for life - which is really cool and I appreciate it (I was kinda hoping when eh mentioned it I was getting a new laptop as mines in really bad condition but sadly he went for the practical gift as always - I once asked him for a pair of boots so he got me waterproof hiking ones worth £160 - I wanted Uggz lol)

He always buys me loads of little bits and pieces - I never ask for it cos he gives me money but as I get older it seems like him and my mum are trying to buy me more and more! Craziness!!!

Anyways - todays positive was a lovely meal out with my dad :)

Day 316 & 317 - Friday & Saturday

This evening like many people I watched in horror the atrocity in Paris - I have little else to say other than I am eternally grateful that as I sat watching the news Friday evening and early Saturday morning that my friends who live in Paris one by one came onto Facebook and announced their safety. Everyone I know who lives/works in Paris was thankfully unharmed and not in the area where the attacks took place and for that I am truly grateful.

Day 318 - Sunday

Today I took my mum shopping, did housework and then spent most of the day in bed as I had a horrific migraine.

Today's positive is having the luxury to be able to go to bed for th day when feeling unwell

Day 319 - Monday

Yesterday's migraine persisted until lunch time today where with the aid of painkillers it eased off to just a horrible band of tightness around my forehead. After work I came home and slept some more as I was still feeling rubbish. The thing about migraines is that even though you sleep loads when you have them when they start to lift you still feel shattered and could sleep for longer again - it's very odd.

Lady cat turned into a pink lady today! I had bought some cat litter form tesco as I really didnt feel up to going to pets at home yesterday and the kitty trays needed to be done - this litter turned lady's white paws and belly pink - not impressed!

Today I got a letter from the bank saying I had overpaid them on my loan (I took a loan out years ago and recently paid it off yay me only £4500 left of debts til I am debt free!) and that they will send me a cheque out which is nice - hopefully they send it in time for xmas :)

Today's positive the bank actually offering to give me money rather than taking it away :P

Day 320 - Tuesday

We have storm warnings here in Wales and prob everywhere in the country too - its crazy the wind and Jac the dog is terrified of it - I have never known a dog be scared of the wind before!!!!

I realised that winter makes me grumpy - I hate getting up in the dark and driving to work with the lights on (usually behind someone who thinks 30mph is far too fast and does 15!) and I hate finishing work and driving home in the dark - it feels like we havent had a day which sounds silly but it's true. Getting home when its dark I really dont feel like doing anything - in the summer I get home then i go swimming or shopping or to the pub etc in the winter I get home and slob! When I worked in the USA in sunny Florida I would think nothing of doing a 14 hour plus shift and going out after - I think it's because it was sunny - I need the sun back! In the winter all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep and day dream of holidays in the sun.

Work continues to be rather dreary (another fun word) just like the weather so between the 2 I am feeling pretty much like a human grumpy cat, however I am just going to work through it and try and continue to be positive!

So today's positive? Well - my mum bought me some new work clothes from a charity shop - top and trousers for £1. I really have no issue with buying second hand clothes from charity shops, car booty's ebay etc and these are really nice - both are from next - the trousers are slightly tight (really need to get back onto my diet - I ate 2 satsumas today which I was feeling good about until I remembered I also ate 2 packs of crisps!) but are a size 16 so altho a little tight they arent uncomfortable and that makes me happy as I have obviously put a little weight on but not girth and width with it! The tops a lovely grey smock style top that will look great with leggings and my pretend uggz :)

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