Sunday, November 22, 2015

+365 days 321 - 325

Day 321 - Wednesday

So today I lost my voice again :/ probably great for everyone around me but not so much for me lol.

Also today my cats paws are still pink - seriously! I got Tesco cat litter - it wasn't cheap but its turned Lady's white bits proper pink, not just her paws either, her legs and her belly too!

I tweeted Tesco who just said dont worry its not permanent and it's not poisonous either - they should have a warning on their litter - this may turn light coloured kitties into Bagpus! This pic is from when I first noticed her turning pink - its worse since then but she is refusing to cooperate with the camera!

I didnt really do much today because sore throat and lost voice made everything a bit of an effort but at least its humpday and its all down towards the weekend from here!

In the afternoon/early evening my voice came back yay - thats my positive I can speak again whot

Day 322 - Thursday

Work was work as always :P

After work today I decided for some strange reason that I should call the garage and find out how much it will cost to get my 2 front tires replaced - when the alternator went on the car and the garage checked they said I needed 2 new front tires - I called kwikfit and they gave me a quote and I booked the car in for tomorrow - sorted

Today's positive - getting the car sorted - well not quite but it will be tomorrow :)

Day 323 - Friday

PAYDAY woohoo :) Which is a good thing because when I took the car to the garage the guy was like hey have you seen your other tires? I'm like what do you mean? So he showed me that the one back tire was bulging and was like you know you can feel wires and stuff sticking out this isnt safe. So yeah ended up getting all 4 tires replaced it cost like £204 ouchies! on top of the £300 for the alternator and this has been an expensive car month!

Of course I am glad he changed the tires especially when I saw the back one!

Not only was it illegal to drive on but pretty deadly too! Today I am grateful that it didnt go on me when I was driving, it didnt cause an accident or cause me to injure myself or anyone else!

Day 324 - Saturday

Today I dragged my mother out of the house (she gets SAD which is really difficult to deal with as she doesnt want to do anything or go anywhere!). I drove us to Ebbw Vale where a friend of mine lives - she ran a cat rescue but due to her poor health she is currently in the process of closing it down. I havent seen her for a couple of months. The drive up there takes around 55 minutes and involves driving on the heads of the valleys road which I hate - it was even worse because those guys had snow so the road was quite icy and there was snow up on the mountains. We got there without mishap and met with my friend and a few others and I drove us to Ebbw Vale town centre and we went to the local wetherspoons for a meal - it was a lovely meal with good company and we had a blast.

After lunch I drove everyone back to the rescue and then loaded the car up with tonnes of items. As the rescue is closing they are donating items for use with kitties and for sale to raise funds to a local cardiff rescue called RozMogs - I had agreed to take some of the stuff back with me to save them having to arrange for it to be done.

The drive home wasnt so bad although the temp was dropping significantly.

After unloading the car we just chilled :)

Today's positive meeting with friends and helping out the rescue :)

Day 325 - Sunday

Today I dropped off the stuff I had collected from Ebbw Vale to Rozmogs and then went to pets at home - I needed to get more cat litter as lady is still pink!

After that I recovered the computer chair in the living room so it matches the foot stool (kinda) I did the other week.

I was planning on doing some cushion covers too but got distracted by CatFish lol - seriously I love this show its so bizarre and you kinda wonder what they are on lol

Today's positive is getting the chair done :)

Anyways this is my newly covered computer chair (it's not 100% finished I need to tidy up the underneath)


The backrest

Backrest and seat covered

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