Tuesday, July 28, 2015

+ 365 days 197 - 209

Sad times - I have been offline due to a dead laptop - for some reason my old samsung galaxy tab and blogger dont get on so I have been pretty much off for 2 weeks! So here is a very brief up date of whats been happening:

Day 197 Thursday

Today the cats succeeded in finally killing off my laptop - they have been trying unsuccessfully since I got the new one about 2 years ago! Cant actually afford a new one right now so a friend has kindly said they will take a look at it to see if it is fixable!

Today's positive - at least its an old laptop now they broke rather than the new tv (they smashed my new TV a few years ago on boxing day to say I was livid was putting it mildly - I am now super suspicious when they are near the telly especially with the big fancy one I have that I won !)

Day 198 Friday

Dropped laptop to friend who looked at it in horror - it may be a tad worn out from its continuous use - he looked at it like an old lady picking up a dead rat! I promise if he fixes it I will give it a good clean and might even put a pretty sticker on it to make it look better :P

Today's positive having lovely friends who are able to fix things for me like my wrecked laptop!

Day 199 Saturday

Today I gave my notice in to ASDA and it felt good! Working 7 days a week has not been good for my health - mainly I think because I am doing nights if it was just days it would be more manageable but I literally come home from work friday afternoon and go to bed then get up eat and go to work, sleep all day Saturday and then work and sleep all day sunday before back to the day job. I am gutted to be quitting as believe it or not I actually quite like working for ASDA but health does need to come first and I have been feeling pretty crappy lately with everything going on.

Today's positive is quitting ASDA but leaving on good terms - 4 shifts to go

Day 200 Sunday

I slept pretty much all day - I guess the positive is I caught up on my sleep? LOL

Day 201 Monday

Back to the day job :\ Work hasnt been great recently because everyone is pretty stressed out. I have a big meeting coming up to look at my job role and I am not 100% sure what the outcome will be. The good thing is the managers dont want me to be moved to another department or to lose any of my hours etc. The bad thing is I think with the way the NHS is at the moment they will do what they will do and I will just have to deal with it when it comes

Today's positive - kids are off school means my commute is like 10 mins either way :D

Day 202 Tuesday

I really cant remember what happened today - literally my mind is a complete and total blank - so the positive is - no news is good news - I mean it's all quiet and nothing sticks out so it cant have been bad right?

Day 203 Wednesday

Today it is exactly 6 weeks until I go on holiday - woo and hoo! There is not other need to be happy than knowing I have 25 days off work and part of thats being spent in Disneyworld!

Day 204 Thursday

So today I finally got confirmation that yes I had won a holiday with Forest Holidays and I had to send them details of when and where I wanted to book. I have booked a deluxe cabin with a hot tub for 5 days for my mums birthday in July next year for me, my mum, my niece and the dog :D

I like having little things like this to look forward to it makes the effort I put into entering comps worthwhile as I can treat my family :) Originally my sister was going to come but as we dont know where she will be living or anything she decided to leave it for now. I can always add her later if needed

Day 205 Friday

Uh oh today I had a dodgy stomach - started with griping pains and followed by D&V YUCK! One of the things with working in a childrens centre in a hospital is you can guarantee pretty much ever nasty bug going is gonna come through to us! Since working here I have had loads of different D&V bugs, whooping cough, mumps, and way too many coughs, colds and flu like viruses to count! My immune system isnt brill because of the diabetes and it takes me a bit longer to shift these things when I get them. I had to call in sick to ASDA today which I didnt want to do I dont have many shifts left and I want to part with them on positive terms (who knows after the big meeting in work I could be looking for a new job) but there was just no way I could go in the way I was!

Today;s positive is that I made it home before the bug kicked in big time and didnt make a mess in the car!

Day 206 Saturday

Still poorly today - spent the day alternating between the loo and sleeping - called in sick again to work tonight but in the early evening the D&V did stop leaving me just feeling a bit achey and crappy as an after math

Today's positive is the D&V starting to clear up!

Day 207 Sunday

Today I still felt a bit crappy but much better than I had been all weekend - I got everyone's Canadian $ today so thats one more thing sorted for the holiday - cant buy the US dollars until I get paid next month as I am skinter than skint :(

Tomorrow is Harry my bro and sis's dads funeral - everything is sorted and prepped so hopefully will be a good day for them and everything will go okay

Today's positive was getting the Canadian $ even if they do look far too pretty to be actual money!

Day 208 Monday

Today was Harry's funeral - it's been really busy with lots of running around. The funeral went well  - strange as it sounds it was actually nice - a humanitarian funeral without hymns or bible stuff just music played with time to reflect on memories of Harry and some lovely poems by my sis and bro.

As I hadnt really eaten all weekend after the funeral and wake we went to eat at a local carvery which as nice as I was actually craving veggies for once!

Today's positive was everything going well with the funeral

Day 209 Tuesday

Today brings me up to date with the blog yay and phew !

I got my laptop back today my friend did fix it and he had to buy something to go in it but then when he was going through the piles of crap in his room her found whatever it is he needed in another broken laptop he was using for spares so it was free. I still need to get a new one in a few months but for now I am back online :)

I have my big meeting in work tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it really I uncertainty and I hate changes to my routine too so I will just have to see what happens. I have spoken to a few of the other admin and they are pretty miffed about the whole thing too so at least I am not alone in it.

Anyways today's positive is getting my laptop back!

Tomorrow I plan on updating the wins and freebies pages (not that I have had many without the laptop :( ) posting 2 reviews I wrote on the tablet and saved in that weird office programme on there which I then emailed to myself - just gotta add the pics and making a start on the end of months comps as I promised a friend some prizes for her raffles for neuro rehab services and I havent actually had any to give her yet oops!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

+ 365 Day 196

Today is Wednesday :)

So Not going to really talk much about today other than to say I won a holiday on Zoflora's FB page and I am seriously seriously happy about it - I dont know any of the detail's yet or any other info but here's a photo of the winning spin on their daily game :D it's a luxury holiday for 2 for 1 week worth £1000 - means I get to go on holiday next year yay!

Apart from that I have finally caught up on lots of stuff and tomorrow will finally be posting some reviews and stuff that have had to take a back seat :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

+ 365 Days 188 - 195

So I havent been on here for over a week for several reasons:

1. SKY - I really dislike them right now every evening they seem to be cutting my net it only goes off for a few minutes at a time but it happens repeatedly and lasts between 2-15 mins - as I use my net in the evening and quite late night I am finding it very frustrating

2. My sister's father died (half sister different dads) so I have been looking after H - H who has been pretty poorly and required all my energy and attention

3. My brother is over from China

4. My laptop battery burned out and I had to buy another one and wait for it to arrive it only took 3 days but still no laptop for 3 days - nightmare how do people cope with just their phones and tablets?

5. My mum has been unwell with a really bad neck and back and unable to walk!

Anyways due to the above reasons I havent been online really - I have had one hell of a week and I have to say in all honesty the positive for the entire week - is Thank F$&* it's over! and I rarely use the f word but this week? it deserves it!

Day 188 - Tuesday

Work was fine, came home put on laptop - strange burning smell, battery burnt out. Found a new battery on ebay on my phone but couldnt remember my password after about 2 hours I managed to get into my account and order a battery with 48 hr delivery at a cost of £20 - not too bad

Today's positive - having last week finally added a phone number to my ebay account meant I could get the security stuff sorted as to be honest I forgot my email password too!

Day 189 - Wednesday

Got to work - got a text M's dad has died can you get a half day, drive to DeadEnd (Bridgend) and collect her - shes staying with us a couple of days! Well mum was unwell so got the time off work agreed took annual leave for wed and thurs - already had al booked for friday as we were due to go to the spa break I won!

Collected H from her mum's place (my sis had already gone and left her with J her big bro aged 24 who was super keen for us to take her and go!)

Got her home - checked her bags and my sis in her blind panic over her dad hadnt packed anything appropriate - no baby wipes, a tee and shorts and a vest and leggings, no coat, no cardi or jumper!

I went online to a local freebie sites and put up a post and happily some of my friends responded and offered a coat and cardi for her.

H was very grumpy and miserable - I had to bath her - she literally screamed throughout and then screamed some more for about 2 hours after I put her to bed :(

Today's positive - kind friends on freebies who offered items to save me buying her new stuff

Day 190 - Thursday

H seemed a bit peaky and upset today and missing her mum

Collected some bits from my friend from freebies for H including a swimming ring and some swim nappies a coat and cardi and a little bucket and spade set :)

My sis decided we would keep her for the weekend - called the hotel who said yes she could come without charge and they would put a cot in the room. Called the pub we had the groupon deal with who confirmed yes she could come along and they had a kids menu.

Went shopping, picked up some food bits for the trip - during shopping H was screaming (this is a familiar theme)

H then pooped the first time since we had her yuck - changed her when we got home to find the worlds hardest brightest yellow poop ever - deffo something not right!

On the plus side she settled to bed with only an hours screaming which was an improvement

Today's positive was the hotel and pub/restaurant being so accommodating for our trip tomorrow

Day 191 - Friday

Yep knew H was peaky and summat wasnt right yesterday - this morning she projectile vomited everywhere - think the exorcist and your close and cried and grizzled and screamed and cried some more. I was worried so I called my GP who called me back and said they would take her on a temp patient and to bring her down for an appt.

Took her to the GP who said she had a tummy bug and as severely constipated :( prescibed some movicol and said we could take her with us if we wanted on the trip but that she might be in pain and once the meds worked she might have the runs - GREAT!!!

Discussed with mum and decided to cancel our trip - didnt want to risk it as at least in Cardiff I know how to access services should H get worse.

Got home with her meds and gave her the first sachet - she continued to cry pretty much all day

Called the hotel who cancelled my booking but weren't sure if I could rebook as it was a freebie I won :( Wont find out until Monday now if we can still go or not

Contacted the pub and cancelled our reservations for dinner

Contacted groupon and got my money refunded

Fed H another sachet - still no movement

Around 4 pm H fell asleep when she woke an hour later she woke screaming and rubbing her belly - she continued to scream for 3 hours - during which time I decided to go buy her some calpol and a new dummy which we had somehow lost and some more baby apple juice.

I also picked up some MaccyD's for us and a happy meal for her (made them cook her fries separately as I didnt want her to have a load of salt on them) Got home and she had started to calm down a bit and she ate her fries and drank another bottle of juice but kept rubbing her belly.

Gave her calpol which she did not like and spat in my face....twice! managed to get about half the recommended dose into her along with a 3 sachet of movicol (she can have up to 8 but we started less)

Decided if she didnt settle or woke up crying we would take her to out of hours - happily she settled and went to sleep

Mum's birthday tomorrow and I feel exhausted and awful that I had to cancel her birthday treat :(

Today's positive - getting an appt with GP and meds which will hopefully make H feel better

Day 192 - Saturday

Today is mum's birthday - I text my sister and asked her to come stay with H for a few hours so I could take mum out for a meal which she agreed to.

Mum loved her pressies and H slept in til 10 am which was lovely - all that screaming must have worn her out.

Gave her another sachet of movicol as still no movement and she didnt want to eat anything.

Around 2pmish a really really foul smell arose - I mean it was toxic - movicol had finally done it's job but boy what a nappy urgh still feel sick thinking about it - how could a small child produce so much poop I have no idea! It was like almost glowing bright yellow and required her butt in the sink to clean her off.

After this she seemed a lot more cheerful and was running around playing with Jac - she still wasn't eating anything but drinking plenty.

My sis was supposed to arrive at 4 but didnt get here til 5 and by this point H was all happy and my sis was acting like whats the big deal she's fine!

Me and mum went to a local pub for food - we were gonna go to TGI's and use some vouchers I won but I couldnt face driving there knowing I would have to take my sis back to her dad's place after so we stayed local. Was lovely to have a few hours away from H which sounds horrible but after nearly 48 hours of non stop screaming, crying and grizzling a break was needed.

When we got back my sis had given her a pack of sweets to eat! which were stuck all over my sofa, to my chest and floor - thanks!

H had another stinky nappy while we were out which was so bad that again my sis had to pop her in the sink - glad I missed that one!

My sis decided that she would take H back with her to her dad's for the night so we all packed in the car and I drove them there.

Made arrangements with my bro to go back tomorrow as he had a load of things he wanted to store in our attic as he has to clear their dads place out and he cant take them all back to china with him. Loaded the car up with a bunch of boxes and drove home.

Unloaded the car and collapsed in a heap! tried to play some world of war craft but sky kicked me off so many times I gave up :(

Today's positive - a nice meal out with mum and H's meds working so she was happier

Day 193 - Sunday

Slept in til noon - literally. Got up to find texts from my sis and bro  - when are you coming down - I had already told them yesterday I wouldnt be down til 3ish - showered, tidied my room and headed out.

When I got there I had to load H and my sis in the car and then piled more boxes around them before coming back home - when we got here my bro was quite content to sit and chat I literally had to nag him to come and put the stuff in the attic as it was clogging my room. We got everything up and my other nieces turned up so we all just sat and chatted and had some family time.

Today's tea was cheese and tomato pizza for my bro and niece (veggies) with chippy chips and sausage and chips from the chippy for the rest of us - I have been so unhealthy last few days I can feel the weight creeping back on!

My bro and sis really didnt want to leave but I had to make them as I have work tomorrow morning so I packed them all in the car and took them back to their dads place.

Again coming home to chill and play WoW but again sky wasnt having any of it!

Today's positive - it was nice to have family time and catch up - I havent seen my bro for a long time so was nice to hear about his life in China and his wife and stuff.

Day 194 - Monday

Got up, dragged myself to work where my manager took one look at me and said you can take some annual leave if you want and go home early as you look exhausted - I must have looked crappy - sorted some work bits out and came home and lunch time and went to bed and pretty much slept for hours.

Had a letter through from hospital to say I finally have an appt to be seen by ENT - hopefully this tumor in my ear is nothing nasty - they appt isnt until 11th August but I am happy I will be seen soon :)

Had tea and went back to bed and thats pretty much it!

Today's positive - catching up on missed sleep!

Day 195 - Tuesday (Today - finally caught up!)

Today was work, work and more work - managed to get mostly caught up from last week which was good.

The hotel from the weekend confirmed I could rebook my stay so it's now been booked for my birthday in November as there is no other time we can go as we have our hols soon (7 weeks tomorrow!) and there's no way I can get any time off work before then.

After work I took a 4 hour nap - my blood glucose readings where pretty high too but not a surprise as I ate 3 malteaster bunnies! There is no excuse for it - I just cannot be trusted with chocolate when I am feeling a bit down!

I spent about 2 hours online tonight searching for shorts for my uncle - he is a big guy and I ordered him some from sports direct which were 4xl but they are too small for him (in fairness I think they are generally a very small size as waist seems to be around 38-40 which is normally a xl or 2xl) have to say I am really unimpressed with sports direct online - you have to pay like £4.99 p&p charges and you also have to pay return postage charges too - total rip off - will not be using them again! Other companies normally charge you p&p but then offer free returns! Anyways found some okay 3/4 combat style cotton trousers on ebay brand new for £9.99 plus £1.99 p&p - as well as the size they included the waist size in the description so got a pair in 5xl for my uncle - if they are a bit loose he can always wear a belt! If they fit okay and he is happy with them when they arrive I will get him another pair before the holidays - it is difficult to find clothes that will keep him cool in his sizes without paying a fortune for them - must places only go up to 3XL which is too small but the ones that do the bigger sizes are charging £30+ for a pair of shorts which is ridiculous I know you use more material but as you can get the same shorts for £5 elsewhere its a total rip off against bigger people! Also he is nearly 70 so there are only a few styles he will wear plus he wants them to be down to or over his knees ack. Anyways hopefully he will like these ones I have coming and everything will be good.

So today's positive is the hotel honouring my stay and rebooking it for a later date for me -  have to say I have had nothing but great customer service from the hotel and cant wait to stay there now :)

So yes that's been my week - I haven't put my book review up, I have done hardly any comping, I have done a LOT of cleaning up of sick, poop, pee, etc all my plans were ruined but at least it's over now and this week has to be better :D

Monday, July 6, 2015

+365 days 183 - 187

Day 183 - Thursday

My uncle who is coming on holidays with us got the all clear to fly! We are relieved because for a while due to his health issues we thought he wouldnt be able to - now to get his travel insurance sorted!

In other news the US$ is FINALLY starting to go up again - I hate buying below 1.5 and for a long time its been hovering down at 1.4 or even lower. It's now at 1.53 and I hope it keeps climbing - the higher it goes the more $ I get for my £ for the hols :D the Canadian $ is also rising which is good as I will need to get some of those too - they do accept US$ particularly along the border like Niagara falls but they make up the exchange rate as they go along so it isnt a good deal - much better to take some Canadian with us :D

In exactly 8 weeks we will be in Niagara Falls :D

Today's positive - holiday count down is on - people are going to get sick sick sick of it but I am currently on my weekly countdown once its 4 weeks it will be a daily one and once its 7 days it will be an hourly one. I have to admit I drive everyone at work, home and everywhere else potty with it but I can't help it I just get so excited I am literally like a big kid!!!!

Day 184 - Friday

Today was the first time I didn't have a half day from my regular job before doing my night shift - I've pretty much worked for like 17 hours!

Today's positive - getting it confirmed with ASDA that I have next weekend off - it's my mum's birthday and I won us a hotel stay in West sussex /Wokingham :D

Day 185 - Saturday

After yesterday's crazy long shift I slept, slept and slept some more - I literally have nothing else to say!!! The only time I left the house was to get my hair cut at a local hairdressers - £15 including tip and my hair is now pretty short but feels a lot lighter and cooler

The positive today was being able to sleep which I so needed!

Day 186 - Sunday

Today I managed to drag myself out of bed by 2pm only to find my mum had gone out to my sisters without me - how rude! It also meant I had to sort out my food and I really really couldnt be assed doing anything... I may have spent about 4 hours laying in bed reading old Enid Blyton books and eating the malteasers I got my mum for her birthday...

I also dyed my hair red - it came out much brighter and vibrant than expected but I really like it :)

Today's positive - new hair :D

Day 187 - Monday

Seriously working nights on the weekend is killing me - I want to keep going to Christmas but I am so tired I dont know if I can. I am also covered in bruises - I lack basic coordination skills and spatial awareness and so far have dropped things on my foot, cut my hands/fingers open on boxes, dropped the step part of a ladder on my knee (I have a lovely bruise in a straight line!), slipped off the ladder, walked into a pallette, run over my own foot with a pump trolley (how is that even possible!), dropped bottles, dropped baby food, broken a pallette, hit numerous walls and aisles with the cage...well the list goes on! I even managed to slip on my own trousers and bang into a wall!!!!

Today passed in a sleepy blur - work was quiet and I have somehow managed to get up to date which means I can do some file housekeeping which I havent done for a while and tidy things, I hate things being out of order, I hate files being misfiled, I hate files going missing I can get a tad OCD about it but thats probably good thing when your working in admin.

At lunch time today I bought yet another box of malteasers for mums birthday but this time I left them in my locker in work - I'm not bringing them home til Thursday so I am not tempted to eat them again!

I also booked us a groupon offer to a pub local to wear we are staying for mums birthday on the weekend - £8.95 for 2 meals of pie and veg/mash/chips :)

After work and doing groupon I had to take mum to the gp she's hurt her neck and stuff so now is on strong pain meds. When we got home we both took a nap and didnt get up til gone 9pm! If it wasnt for the kitties needing feeding and Jac needing his walk I could have happily stayed in bed.

I had planned on uploading some photos and a review I have done on a book I won today but I am again super sleepy so planning on finishing this post and heading to bed.

Lady cat is also going to be guest starring on this blog soon with her own Page called Little Lady Reviews where she talks all about herself and the different pet products I've won/bought her :D She did have her own blog but I dont have time to do hers and mine so I am giving her a guest spot instead lol

Today's positive is rather boringly getting my stuff in order in work - seriously I felt so happy when I opened the filing cabinets and everything was in the right place, all in suspension files and I had printed and put new labels on the front too to correspond with what was in each drawer :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

+ 365 Day 182 - JULY

1st of July today!

wow cant believe I am over half way through my year of positivity :)

Today in Cardiff it's been hot hot HOT

The Thermometer in work reached 32 degrees in my office phew

During my break I helped a work colleague sort out circulating info about the half and full marathons she is doing to raise funds for neuro-rehab in Cardiff. Her brother was in a pretty horrific car accident a few years ago which left him with horrific injuries including one to his brain - he wasnt expected to survive initially and then they said he would be a vegetable but he is doing well - he isnt the same person as before the accident, he cant walk, he requires 24 hr care and his cognitive abilities are not the same, but he can talk, he can joke and laugh and he recognises his family and friends and with continued rehab and support he will continue to go from strength to strength but he will never be the same as or have the same abilities as before. She really wants to try and raise as much as she can - her first event is going to be a cake sale at a staff training event in Sept, I've said I will see if I can win her any prizes to donate as raffle items and help with writing to companies for sponsorship too. She has set her target at £1000 and I am sure she will reach it :)

After work I kinda didnt want to do anything and everyone else felt the same so we just chilled.

Thats about it really - I kinda feel I should have done something epic to mark my half year complete but I didnt :/

Things on social media have also been a bit off lately maybe its the hot weather but everyone seems to be arguing and fighting especially on facebook. Social media is great but if you have issues with someone take it to private message or better yet give them a call or meet them in person and discuss it - dont get all hissy and pissy on fb or twitter.

In other news my holiday voucher I won hasnt arrived so I am going to give it til friday and then e-mail the company to find out whats going on.

Oh and as well as being my halfway there point today also marks the 9 weeks til my holidays point :)

Todays positive? 9 weeks and counting!!!!