Tuesday, July 28, 2015

+ 365 days 197 - 209

Sad times - I have been offline due to a dead laptop - for some reason my old samsung galaxy tab and blogger dont get on so I have been pretty much off for 2 weeks! So here is a very brief up date of whats been happening:

Day 197 Thursday

Today the cats succeeded in finally killing off my laptop - they have been trying unsuccessfully since I got the new one about 2 years ago! Cant actually afford a new one right now so a friend has kindly said they will take a look at it to see if it is fixable!

Today's positive - at least its an old laptop now they broke rather than the new tv (they smashed my new TV a few years ago on boxing day to say I was livid was putting it mildly - I am now super suspicious when they are near the telly especially with the big fancy one I have that I won !)

Day 198 Friday

Dropped laptop to friend who looked at it in horror - it may be a tad worn out from its continuous use - he looked at it like an old lady picking up a dead rat! I promise if he fixes it I will give it a good clean and might even put a pretty sticker on it to make it look better :P

Today's positive having lovely friends who are able to fix things for me like my wrecked laptop!

Day 199 Saturday

Today I gave my notice in to ASDA and it felt good! Working 7 days a week has not been good for my health - mainly I think because I am doing nights if it was just days it would be more manageable but I literally come home from work friday afternoon and go to bed then get up eat and go to work, sleep all day Saturday and then work and sleep all day sunday before back to the day job. I am gutted to be quitting as believe it or not I actually quite like working for ASDA but health does need to come first and I have been feeling pretty crappy lately with everything going on.

Today's positive is quitting ASDA but leaving on good terms - 4 shifts to go

Day 200 Sunday

I slept pretty much all day - I guess the positive is I caught up on my sleep? LOL

Day 201 Monday

Back to the day job :\ Work hasnt been great recently because everyone is pretty stressed out. I have a big meeting coming up to look at my job role and I am not 100% sure what the outcome will be. The good thing is the managers dont want me to be moved to another department or to lose any of my hours etc. The bad thing is I think with the way the NHS is at the moment they will do what they will do and I will just have to deal with it when it comes

Today's positive - kids are off school means my commute is like 10 mins either way :D

Day 202 Tuesday

I really cant remember what happened today - literally my mind is a complete and total blank - so the positive is - no news is good news - I mean it's all quiet and nothing sticks out so it cant have been bad right?

Day 203 Wednesday

Today it is exactly 6 weeks until I go on holiday - woo and hoo! There is not other need to be happy than knowing I have 25 days off work and part of thats being spent in Disneyworld!

Day 204 Thursday

So today I finally got confirmation that yes I had won a holiday with Forest Holidays and I had to send them details of when and where I wanted to book. I have booked a deluxe cabin with a hot tub for 5 days for my mums birthday in July next year for me, my mum, my niece and the dog :D

I like having little things like this to look forward to it makes the effort I put into entering comps worthwhile as I can treat my family :) Originally my sister was going to come but as we dont know where she will be living or anything she decided to leave it for now. I can always add her later if needed

Day 205 Friday

Uh oh today I had a dodgy stomach - started with griping pains and followed by D&V YUCK! One of the things with working in a childrens centre in a hospital is you can guarantee pretty much ever nasty bug going is gonna come through to us! Since working here I have had loads of different D&V bugs, whooping cough, mumps, and way too many coughs, colds and flu like viruses to count! My immune system isnt brill because of the diabetes and it takes me a bit longer to shift these things when I get them. I had to call in sick to ASDA today which I didnt want to do I dont have many shifts left and I want to part with them on positive terms (who knows after the big meeting in work I could be looking for a new job) but there was just no way I could go in the way I was!

Today;s positive is that I made it home before the bug kicked in big time and didnt make a mess in the car!

Day 206 Saturday

Still poorly today - spent the day alternating between the loo and sleeping - called in sick again to work tonight but in the early evening the D&V did stop leaving me just feeling a bit achey and crappy as an after math

Today's positive is the D&V starting to clear up!

Day 207 Sunday

Today I still felt a bit crappy but much better than I had been all weekend - I got everyone's Canadian $ today so thats one more thing sorted for the holiday - cant buy the US dollars until I get paid next month as I am skinter than skint :(

Tomorrow is Harry my bro and sis's dads funeral - everything is sorted and prepped so hopefully will be a good day for them and everything will go okay

Today's positive was getting the Canadian $ even if they do look far too pretty to be actual money!

Day 208 Monday

Today was Harry's funeral - it's been really busy with lots of running around. The funeral went well  - strange as it sounds it was actually nice - a humanitarian funeral without hymns or bible stuff just music played with time to reflect on memories of Harry and some lovely poems by my sis and bro.

As I hadnt really eaten all weekend after the funeral and wake we went to eat at a local carvery which as nice as I was actually craving veggies for once!

Today's positive was everything going well with the funeral

Day 209 Tuesday

Today brings me up to date with the blog yay and phew !

I got my laptop back today my friend did fix it and he had to buy something to go in it but then when he was going through the piles of crap in his room her found whatever it is he needed in another broken laptop he was using for spares so it was free. I still need to get a new one in a few months but for now I am back online :)

I have my big meeting in work tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it really I uncertainty and I hate changes to my routine too so I will just have to see what happens. I have spoken to a few of the other admin and they are pretty miffed about the whole thing too so at least I am not alone in it.

Anyways today's positive is getting my laptop back!

Tomorrow I plan on updating the wins and freebies pages (not that I have had many without the laptop :( ) posting 2 reviews I wrote on the tablet and saved in that weird office programme on there which I then emailed to myself - just gotta add the pics and making a start on the end of months comps as I promised a friend some prizes for her raffles for neuro rehab services and I havent actually had any to give her yet oops!

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