Thursday, August 6, 2015

+ 365 days 210 - 212

Day 210 - Wednesday

I had my big meeting in work today - things are going to change and there is little I can do about it. It was a long meeting and I left with a few things to do before the next one. Am I happy about it all? not really but it's the way life works things change and you get on with it.

After the meting I had a really bad headache so I came home and went to bed and slept for a long time!

5 weeks until the holidays :) That's my positive - I know it's an ongoing one for Wednesday's and I dont know what I will do when my count down is over with but YAY holidays

Day 211 - Thursday

Today I woke up stupidly happy - I think it was the long long nap yesterday that did it - I think I have been worrying so much and not sleeping so needed that.

Nothing much happened really - it's nice for some peace and quiet :)

Anyways today's positive is just being happy for happy's sake :D

Day 212 - Friday

Work was good today nipped to COSTCO at lunch and got a chilli cheese dog OMG have you tried them? they are amazing it's like £1.50 for a hotdog and a drink with free refills and then an extra 50p per topping so £2.50 and its HUGE and it was exceptionally good :)

After work my niece brought her suitcase down for me to check - I do it whenever we go on holidays to make sure she has appropriate clothes, enough underwear and outfits etc. As we are going for such along time this time and will only have one laundry day she needed to have at least 14 clean outfits plus everything else. This year she has done a pretty good job and had picked appropriate clothes so just needed a few more outfits and some leggings for when it's cold.

And that was pretty much my day - can't believe it's the end of the month already and we are heading into August this year is flying by

Today's positive? After 6 years of taking her on holiday my niece has finally learned to pack her suitcase lol

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