Sunday, August 9, 2015

+ 365 Days 218 - 221

Day 218 - Thursday

Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up and there is a like a thick black cloud over you? That was me today I woke up in a stinking foul mood mad at the world and it's cat (it didnt help that my cat had thrown up on my bed during the night some time and I hadnt noticed it until the morning - walking up next to a pile of cat sick is never a good sign!)

I grumped around the house yelling at the cats as I tripped over them as they ran to the kitchen for breakfast, I muttered nasty things at the shower because it wasnt hot enough, I released my inner road rage and pretty much cursed everyone as I drove to work...yep pretty much a red flag day!

Everyone avoided me in work and because I was grumpy other people were - it's a vicious circle when your in the pits nothing and noone can get you out and cos your grumpy it makes everyone else grumpy and spread the misery pooping fairy around.

My bad mood lasted pretty much all day - when I got home I was still grouchy. I didnt do anything , I didnt go anywhere I just spent the evening playing computer games and taking out my bad temper on pixelated characters on the megadrive II (my mega drive I isnt working and I havent had time to take it apart to find out why so mega drive II it was!)

Around 9pm the grump finally wore off and I had a civil conversation with my mum before going to bed!

Today's positive? Sometimes I can be a grouch and not realise it - today I recognised it and tried to avoid inflicting it on others - it didnt work but at least I could see the problem was actually me and not the rest of the world.

Day 219 - Friday

Today was spent moving boxes from my sisters dad's to hers - the place has finally been emptied.

Positive today is no more visiting a dead man's house and going through his belongings - it feels weird and wrong  - I didnt particularly like the man in life and his dying hasnt changed that but sometimes you have to buckle down and help out

Day 220 - Saturday

Today I took H to a birthday party at Jump - we were beyond stupidly late because my sister decided not to listen to me and to get the later train to Cardiff - there was a wales rugby match on followed by a footy match and pretty much every single train was full so I had to go and get them by car - the party started at 12.30 and we didnt get there until 1.30 just when they were having food. H didnt want to sit and eat she wanted to play but luckily so did the birthday boy! The party was nice - H enjoyed herself and I introduced my sister to the birthday boys mum - another older single parent who I hope will become friends with my sis when she eventually moves to Cardiff as it is hard moving away from your friends even if you are moving towards your family.

After the party we had more of my brothers boxes to put up in the attic ( I swear he has more crap than a hoarder on the telly) it took a while to get it all up and to clear the living room but at least we can get to the snakes viv and tv again a they were both surrounded by a wall of boxes.

Positive today was taking H to the party - its good for her to mingle with other kids even if she didnt really mingle much :/ at least she enjoyed herself and my sis got to hopefully make a new friend.

Day 221 - Sunday

Today was gonna be my 'day of rest' I've been working flat out the last few weeks helping my sis and bro sort stuff out after their dad died - I've spent a lot of time driving between Cardiff and Newport and Newport and Bridgend and back - mostly with a car full of boxes that I have had to load and then unload at the other end!

Anyways it didn't turn out that way - a friend of my dads agreed to pick up a sofa bed that was left at my sisters dads place for us - it's actually my brothers from his room there. Our old sofa is pretty grim - it's had all sorts of nasty stuff on it and is stained and marked and just well...gross! so getting a nice new sofa that converts to a sofa bed was something we were happy about. I offered my dad's mate £30 to collect it for us and have to say best £30 spent ever! Danny pretty much carried our old heavy sofa and arm chair downstairs by himself, he drove me to Newport in his van and loaded it with the sofa bed and then drove back and carried it upstairs for me :) great guy!

I had foolishly taken the base off the sofa when I tried to get it in my car - not sure what I was thinking it was never gonna fit I only have a little Matiz! I had to put the bse back on which was harder than it looked and considering it was only 2 screw in legs and 6 long screws it took me about an hour to do and I couldnt get the screws in tight - gonna have to borrow my uncles electric screwdriver to finish it off.

BUT the sofa looks pretty good it matches the 2 fold up into a cube recliner chairs we have and it means when my dad stays over which he does frequently he has an actual bed to sleep on.

All in all I was pretty happy with everything even if I did spend most of the day sorting out the living room - still got some cleaning to do but that will have to wait for another day

Today's positive? easily Danny the man sorting out the sofa for me :)

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