Thursday, August 6, 2015

+ 365 AUGUST - Days 213 - 217

Day 213 - Saturday

Today I had every intention of getting up and doing a car booty but when I got up at 7am it was grey and damp out and I checked the weather which said it was gonna bucket down so I went back to bed. Of course when I eventually got back up at 10 am it was pure glorious sunshine! Typical! Maybe next week.

I actually had a kinda dodgy tummy anyways so prob best that I didnt go too far from the toilets :P

Instead I took my mum shopping - only to tesco as we were out of stuff and she is skint - got some cat food for the cats whilst we are on hols - tesco was doing whiskas 40 pouches down to £8 and as the cats have now decided they like it again it's a good deal so I got them 2 packs plus a pack of the tesco's own 12 pouches - should be enough now to last them when I am away - I already put by a 5kg bag of biscuits the other week. Just gotta get 4 bags of kitty litter and they are set!

After Tesco I did us a lush Mediterranean tempura battered basa and rice dish with potato salad, slaw and fresh tomatoes and it was amazing. I dont really eat fish much - being poor growing up and having a dad who is really good at fishing meant we had a lot of fish because it was free and it kinda put me off but I like basa mainly because it is the fish equivalent of chicken - it goes with everything :)

After that we watched some NCIS and chilled out - I didnt go to work friday night or tonight because they sent me my payslip in a post with a note saying my final docs would be sent out in August so I took that to mean they didnt want me in and as noone called me I guess I was right - shame I missed my last shift through illness but oh well :)

Today's positive was the delicious tea I made - I dont really have cooking skills but the basa came battered and the slaw was premade so I only did the rice and pot salad but it all went well :)

Day 214 - Sunday

What's happened to the summer? it's been really grim in Cardiff at the mo :( lots of rain and cold weather and clouds. Today looked pretty grey but it was really warm. Cleaned the kitty litter trays and tidied the house in the morning and then popped out to the Bay to look in Sports Direct and B&M - spent some time in both but didnt really see anything I wanted to buy. Finished off the day as it had suddenly got warm and the sun was out - yay - with a MaccyD's and an icecream. Not quite the normal sunday roast but it worked for us.

After that I came home and did a jigsaw - I am pretty crap at them and slow but I enjoy them.

I decided to take a break from comping for the weekend which means I prob wont win anything but ah well someone else will and there is always gonna be comps

Today's positive - taking time to do a puzzle as I have been spending way too much time comping and neglecting my other hobbies!

Day 215 - Monday

Back to the daily slog that is work :( nah work was okay today - busy but back on track with my summer plan to get everything done before the holidays eep.

Apart from work which was relatively pleasant (because I locked everyone else out of the office so I was by myself and could get my head down) nothing of note happened. It was just a regular day :)

I did have to post all the parcels of crap I have sold on e-bay to the local shop which does myhermes stuff. The guy looked like he was gonna cry when I rocked up with 7 parcels haha.

Today's positive ? getting the parcels all sent and hopefully keeping my ebay score at 100% for my speedy service hehe

Day 216 - Tuesday

Today my brother left to go back to China - have to admit I am happy he is going he is quite over-bearing and bossy - it was nice seeing him but now he's gone it will be nice to not see so much of him for a while lol.

My sister was really upset tho - her dad's dog was rehomed today and then with my brother leaving too she feels really upset and she still has a lot of stuff to sort through with her dads and my brothers things. I took my mum down to see her and we loaded the car with even more crap to come home with and left he feeling cheerful enough about it.

Didnt get home til liked 1030pm and then was too tired to do anything other than unload all the crap from the car.

Today's positive - helping my sister and leaving her happier than when we arrived :D

Day 217 - Wednesday

Finally up to date in work again which is always a relief. Work as work really fairly busy - as the weather has gone grim again didnt even go out for lunch!

Halfway through the afternoon I got a call from my mum to say my sister wasnt coming down to put the crap in the attic as her lift had let her down and she was upset again because she didnt know how to get everything sorted so I had to take a break and call her  - I arranged for her to come down on the train and said I would take her back and sort out moving stuff etc - managed to calm her down.

Well got home and I had forgotten we were having a roast chicken dinner and that I had invited my uncle around too. My sis and niece turned up and then he did and noone wanted to leave!!! At 8.30 I was like yah we need to go now because I knew I'd have to load the car up when I got to my sisters dad and ti would take time.

Eventually got her home by 9.30am - got the car completely loaded by 1030pm and home by 11pm. Thought I would do some gaming and comping but sky was down - I hate calling sky because they put you on hold for ages and then you go through the same process everytime - I know the fault isn't my end because the sky was working fine one minute and then not the next - the fault is there end but they still insist on you jumping through hoops. After 15 minutes of being on hold I gave up and went to bed!

Today's positive - well I got my sister to help me shift all her and my bro's crap from my living room to the attic so it was nice and tidy for 5 mins...of course it's now full againw ith the crap I picked up tonight :\

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