Tuesday, August 25, 2015

+ 365 days 231 - 236

Day 231 - Wednesday

So after posting about winning my Thomas Cook vouchers I had some really snotty remarks on Social Media. Some people are way too jealous - I shared the link for the game daily on FB when I entered - anyone who wanted to enter could have entered for free and could have won - comments like you already have an amazing holiday booked you should give the vouchers away and you always win its not fair are quite annoying.

I am by no means a proficient comper - I enter comps adhoc usually in the evening whilst chilling and watching the telly. I enter between 150-250 a day over various mediums except on the weekend when I dont enter hardly any as I have other stuff to do and I win around 2-3 prizes a week normally. However I know people who enter all day every day and who win 10+ prizes in a day - I dont stalk their twitter or FB slagging them off so I am rather annoyed that so called friends feel the need to do that to me!

Okay rant over!

Today's positive? All the people who were actually happy for me to have won something nice as there was a lot of them too!

Day 232 - Thursday

Today after work I popped down to my big sisters she has been continuing to sort out her house and had a shed load of toys she wanted me to collect to take and do a car booty with. Her house is looking pretty good and clean which is great.

I came home with literally a car full of stuff and then spent like 3 hours cleaning it as its from the attic and the shed and pretty grubby

Today's positive - My big sis actually getting rid of stuff - she's a hoarder and when shes depressed or sad (which she has been quite low for a few months now due to mental health services not engaging and the loss of our aunty who was like a mother to her and then the loss of her dad) she finds it physically upsetting to get rid of stuff so its a big deal for her to do this.

Day 233 - Friday

PAYDAY! On my lunch break today I decided to go check out the dollar exchange rate at a few shops along the road where I work - I normally avoid cash generators like a plague - not cos I am a snob but cos it smells funky and I feel bad for the people you see in there trying to flog their tellies and stuff! However when passing today I noticed they had a really good exchange rate - much better than the bank or PO and loads of big name stores so I got dollars for me, my mum, my niece and uncle for the hols - I actually completely cleared them out of dollars so will have to go back next week when they get more in to get the rest.

I'm now pretty much broke but hey I have spending money :D

Today's positive - getting a good exchange rate and getting most of the money sorted yay one less thing on my list

Day 234 - Saturday

Today it peed down all day - what's that about? where exactly is the summer gone?

Because of the rain I couldn't do the car booty so my living room resembles a toy shop right now

Our driveway has been completely redone by the council and they left a skip outside the house so we decided to help them fill it by putting on water proofs and going into the garden and picking up all the random bricks that are in there (there's a lot) had just about finished that when a massive thunderstorm hit so we all came inside soggy but feeling smug that we had achieved summat despite the rain.

Even tho the drive is finished I have had to park on the street for last 3 days as waiting on cement to dry out they said I could use the drive from this evening but due to the fact it hasn't stopped raining I have decided to leave it a bit longer - would hate for it to crack!

Today's positive - getting rid of the bricks from the garden - saved me and the car's suspension as I would have had to load them into the car (I only have a little chevvy matiz! 1.oL) and drive them to dump!

Day 235 - Sunday

Again - more rain :(

Today I cleaned my room properly which I havent done for ages - I am tlaking pulled out the wardrobe and cleaned through and chucked stuff, pulled out all the drawers and cleaned behind and under them and tidied everything in them (I even lined them with the fancy lining paper I got for xmas - 8 months later but hey - ho) moved out the bed and cleaned under there...dusted! steam cleaned and then hoovered the floor, steamed the mattress and the curtains and changed the bedding!

I also made use of the skip to get rid of some more crap from my room including an ab-toner that I just couldnt get on with that the cat had chewed and an old big back TV from the wall cupboard

I also packed my suitcase properly ready for the hols - I was gonna wait a few more days in case I needed my shorts n stuff but with the weather how it is I have just left one pair out and packed the rest.

Today's positive - feeling really happy that I got my room sorted - means I just have to give it a quick hover and wipe through before the hols and it will be all ready for when I come home :)

Day 236 - Monday

So as part of my sister's big clean she has been clearing her attic and she found my Minnie Mouse :)

So basically My nanna died when I was 4 years old and after she died I was given minnie who used to belong to her. I loved this mouse and took it everywhere with me - I couldn't sleep without it! When I was around 8/9 an over zealous air port security guard spotted me walking through the metal detectors with Minnie and tried to snatch her off me - I didn't let go and we had a tug of war - sadly as with all wars there was a casualty - poor Minnie got badly ripped! I gave her to my aunty (the one who died earlier this year) to sew back together for me and she lost her! I was really really upset. So I am guessing she must have got mixed with my aunties luggage from the trip and put in the attic in her house and forgotten about. When my aunty got married to the guy next door and moved out of her house - my sister moved in. They dumped a bunch of stuff in the attic and then their steps broke and they never got round to getting anymore and Minnie got forgotten. Fast fwd 24 years and my sister found her!

Today's positive? Getting Minnie back :D

Day 237 - Tuesday

Today I got some more dollars for the hols - so basically I have all the money sorted for my Uncle and my mum. I have it sorted for the transfers and for the hotel (we have to pay fees on arrival) and for the food budget. I have most of my nieces money changed just need to sort out her food budget money and I have another £300 to change for me to go with the rest and I am done!

Today I printed and doubled checked all our travel docs and itinerary. I confirmed the special assistance for my uncle for his flights back (doesnt need it going as we will help), confirmed his disability scooter booking for vegas, checked on amazon order for his frio pouch (special pouch for keeping insulin cool for diabetics). I also sorted everyone's spending money into envelopes for each day with their name and the date on it and into envelopes for fees and other costs ready.

I am starting to feel more on top of everything now :D

All I have left to do is:
- change rest of my spending money to dollars (cant do til next week as my dad is giving me it on the weekend)
- change my nieces food budget money into dollars (cant do til she gives to me on friday)
- book taxi from my place to the station to get the coach to gatwick (gotta do the night before we go)
- bath dog, pack his bag and drop to my aunty k's (night before we go)
- online check in (24 hours before flight)
- print out one lot of e-tickets (I printed out the payment summary by accident so need to print out the others which I will do tomorrow)
- dye my hair (at some point this week)

Phew - booking everything DIY for the holiday saved us a huge amount of money - around 10k but the stress of making sure everything is organised is getting to me a bit so am going to be glad when I have done everything and can relax!

Today's positive - just getting things done - the more I do now the less stressful it will be on the day we go!

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