Wednesday, September 2, 2015

+365 Days 237 - 244

Day 237- Wednesday

Today I had a mini melt down in work - in a week Im on holidays from work for nearly a month and I am in a bling panic that I wont get everything done. Days in work are starting to blur and I am super super tired.

Today's positive - well at least the roads are still quiet so it only took me 10 mins to get home :)

Day 238 - Thursday

Work today was much the same - stress stress stress -  I will be very happy when i get everything finished and can relax a bit.

Today's positive got more $$$ :)

Day 239 - Friday

Yay long weekend ahead! Today I think I caught up with nearly everything in work which makes me happy - I hate that I have to sort out pretty much every little detail of cover for me when I am away - no-one else in the dept has to do this and its exhausting but at least I am nearly done!

After work today I went to see my sister who dumped another load of kids toys on me and asked me to take them to the car booty - if the weather is nice we will do one tomorrow and thats it last chance for extra cash for the hols!

Today's positive - the lovely long weekend coming up - chill time!

Day 240 - Saturday

Glorious sunshine today! Did the car booty shifted tonnes and tonnes of stuff yay and made like £75 which is even better.

After the booty came home and napped before a nice dinner and the X Factor :)

Today's positive - a productive booty and shifting some of the crap - you can even see the floor in my hallway now!!!

Day 241 - Sunday

Today I drove to West Wales to collect my dad and his stuff. He is flat and cat, dog and snake sitting for the hols. I woke up stupidly early so was on the road by 6.30 and at my dads by 8am - he was quite surprised - I am not a morning person normally!!!

My dad wasnt ready so didnt leave his place until around 430pm and was home by 7pm - hit a lot of traffic around Swansea but thats normal.

Had some dinner and again watched X Factor :)

Today's positive - nice easy trip to west wales and back and the car didnt die or anything!

Day 242 - Monday

Today was the august bank holiday so no work yay :)

I popped into town to get some more dollars and shock horror cashies (they have the best rates) was closed! whoever heard of a shop being closed on a bank holiday! I looked around but some of the places were offering stupidly low rates but eventually Thomas Cook was doing 1.5 which isnt the best rate but as I was only changing a small amount of money was fine.

After that I called in Matalan and got some socks and some shorts both reduced in the sale for £6 and then I called in Primani and got a dress and some white shoes for £5 - total bargain

After that came home and packed my suitcase :) It is now officially packed no more to add and totally complete

I also finished sorting the last of the money - everyones is completely done, the spare money for different things is sorted and it's all packed in my hand luggage - phew

I also got an email back from the 2 airlines my uncle is flying with confirming he has special assistance booked - this is a relief as he has been panicking about having to get to and on the planes and sorting his luggage etc - he is registered disabled so I didnt think it would be an issue but he is glad I have the email confirmation if needed.

Today's positive :) happy times shopping and another few things ticked off my to do list

Day 243 - Tuesday (1st September)

Today was my last day in work can I just say WOOOOHHOOOO YAAAYYYY WHOOT!

So I managed to get everything done that needed to be done :D such a relief like a weight has been lifted I can now relax!

After work I bathed the dog, packed his bags and also gave him a trim around his eyes - he is off to stay with Aunty K for 2 weeks (when my uncle gets back form the hols he will pick him up and bring him to my dad for the final 2 weeks)

I then checked all our docs - they are good to go and charged and sorted all our electricals (pads, camera, phones)

I also booked a taxi for tomorrow to take us to the coach station

I even remembered to set up the sky box to record x factor whilst we are away

And that's it! everything is done and complete :)

Today's positive?  I have done everything I could do for the hols, for work and for the animals and now it's snooze time and then holidays:)

Day 244 - Wednesday

This is going to be my last entry until October (well 29th Sept so nearly then)

Today's the day we travel down to gatwick for the holidays :)

In case you missed the earlier posts:

Wed 2nd Sept - Travel to Gatwick - Stay at Travel lodge

Thur 3rd Sept - Fly to Toronto - travel to Niagara Falls

Sun 6th Sept - Fly to Las Vegas :)

Thurs 10th Sept - Fly to Orlando - Go to DisneyWorld

Thurs 17th Sept - move to hotel on I-drive

Sat 26th Sept fly back to the UK

Sun 27th Sept arrive in the UK

Mon 28th Sept - back to reality and work :D

So today's positive is very very obviously that I am going on holidays :)

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