Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September - Freebies & Wins

I am not expecting to post much here this month as I am away from 2nd - 27th Sept. However I do have some outstanding prizes from last month which I am hoping will arrive whilst I am away.

As always - these are prizes and items that have arrived this month but they may have been won in previous months :)

1. WIN - HP Envy Printer and years supply of ink from madeformums (also HP sent me a backpack and a pack of photo paper as a seperate parcel im assuming its part of the prize:D)

2. WIN - a micro bar box from the microbarbox team on twitter

3. WIN - 2 months supply of breakfast cereal from quakers oats FB page

4. WIN - Hand sanitiser from twitter

5. WIN - a tea box (full of fancy tea leaves and muslin bags and stuff) from (tbc)

6. WIN - bob martins doggy hamper for Jac from poundland on twitter

7. WIN - 32gb micro sd card and adpater plus some sweets from leaf on twitter

8. WIN - Encona hot pepper sauce from encona on twitter

9. WIN - Cycling jersey from probikekit on twitter

10. WIN - Loreal beauty goodies & curve fashion show tickets from FB comp (company tbc)

11. FREEBIE - Another can of tropical red bull (I think that brings the total up to 4 of these I have had now lol)

12. WIN - Entourage on DVD - think this is part of my prize from cineworld from last month that was sent seperately

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