Wednesday, September 2, 2015

+365 Days 245 - 268 - On Holidays :)

Day 245 - Thursday
Day 246 - Friday
Day 247 - Saturday
Day 248 - Sunday

During the above days I am going to be in Niagara Falls - the positive is going to be how stunning the falls are - if you have never visited them they are truly immense and amazing to see

Day 249 - Monday
Day 250 - Tuesday
Day 251 - Wednesday
Day 252 - Thursday

During the above days I am going to be in Las Vegas - as part of our visit we will be heading out to the Grand Canyon - the views of the canyon are unbelievable!

Day 253 - Friday
Day 254 - Saturday
Day 255 - Sunday
Day 256 - Monday
Day 257 - Tuesday
Day 258 - Wednesday
Day 259 - Thursday

During the above days I will be living the dream staying on site at Walt Disney World. We have the dining plan (quick service) which means all our food and drink is included. We love Disney so will have a lot of fun

Day 260 - Friday
Day 261 - Saturday
Day 262 - Sunday
Day 263 - Monday
Day 264 - Tuesday
Day 265 - Wednesday
Day 266 - Thursday
Day 267 - Friday
Day 268 - Saturday

During the above days we will be living it up at our suite on international drive :) I-drive is the best place to stay if you dont drive but want to visit seaworld and universal studios etc. We are staying just opposite the Pirates Dinner Show (which we also have tickets for) and will be using the free transport in our hotel and the i-ride (trolley bus) to get around. When we are here we will also hit the malls and shopping outlets.

I've put this in ready so when I get home I can come and add more info :)

September - Freebies & Wins

I am not expecting to post much here this month as I am away from 2nd - 27th Sept. However I do have some outstanding prizes from last month which I am hoping will arrive whilst I am away.

As always - these are prizes and items that have arrived this month but they may have been won in previous months :)

1. WIN - HP Envy Printer and years supply of ink from madeformums (also HP sent me a backpack and a pack of photo paper as a seperate parcel im assuming its part of the prize:D)

2. WIN - a micro bar box from the microbarbox team on twitter

3. WIN - 2 months supply of breakfast cereal from quakers oats FB page

4. WIN - Hand sanitiser from twitter

5. WIN - a tea box (full of fancy tea leaves and muslin bags and stuff) from (tbc)

6. WIN - bob martins doggy hamper for Jac from poundland on twitter

7. WIN - 32gb micro sd card and adpater plus some sweets from leaf on twitter

8. WIN - Encona hot pepper sauce from encona on twitter

9. WIN - Cycling jersey from probikekit on twitter

10. WIN - Loreal beauty goodies & curve fashion show tickets from FB comp (company tbc)

11. FREEBIE - Another can of tropical red bull (I think that brings the total up to 4 of these I have had now lol)

12. WIN - Entourage on DVD - think this is part of my prize from cineworld from last month that was sent seperately

+365 Days 237 - 244

Day 237- Wednesday

Today I had a mini melt down in work - in a week Im on holidays from work for nearly a month and I am in a bling panic that I wont get everything done. Days in work are starting to blur and I am super super tired.

Today's positive - well at least the roads are still quiet so it only took me 10 mins to get home :)

Day 238 - Thursday

Work today was much the same - stress stress stress -  I will be very happy when i get everything finished and can relax a bit.

Today's positive got more $$$ :)

Day 239 - Friday

Yay long weekend ahead! Today I think I caught up with nearly everything in work which makes me happy - I hate that I have to sort out pretty much every little detail of cover for me when I am away - no-one else in the dept has to do this and its exhausting but at least I am nearly done!

After work today I went to see my sister who dumped another load of kids toys on me and asked me to take them to the car booty - if the weather is nice we will do one tomorrow and thats it last chance for extra cash for the hols!

Today's positive - the lovely long weekend coming up - chill time!

Day 240 - Saturday

Glorious sunshine today! Did the car booty shifted tonnes and tonnes of stuff yay and made like £75 which is even better.

After the booty came home and napped before a nice dinner and the X Factor :)

Today's positive - a productive booty and shifting some of the crap - you can even see the floor in my hallway now!!!

Day 241 - Sunday

Today I drove to West Wales to collect my dad and his stuff. He is flat and cat, dog and snake sitting for the hols. I woke up stupidly early so was on the road by 6.30 and at my dads by 8am - he was quite surprised - I am not a morning person normally!!!

My dad wasnt ready so didnt leave his place until around 430pm and was home by 7pm - hit a lot of traffic around Swansea but thats normal.

Had some dinner and again watched X Factor :)

Today's positive - nice easy trip to west wales and back and the car didnt die or anything!

Day 242 - Monday

Today was the august bank holiday so no work yay :)

I popped into town to get some more dollars and shock horror cashies (they have the best rates) was closed! whoever heard of a shop being closed on a bank holiday! I looked around but some of the places were offering stupidly low rates but eventually Thomas Cook was doing 1.5 which isnt the best rate but as I was only changing a small amount of money was fine.

After that I called in Matalan and got some socks and some shorts both reduced in the sale for £6 and then I called in Primani and got a dress and some white shoes for £5 - total bargain

After that came home and packed my suitcase :) It is now officially packed no more to add and totally complete

I also finished sorting the last of the money - everyones is completely done, the spare money for different things is sorted and it's all packed in my hand luggage - phew

I also got an email back from the 2 airlines my uncle is flying with confirming he has special assistance booked - this is a relief as he has been panicking about having to get to and on the planes and sorting his luggage etc - he is registered disabled so I didnt think it would be an issue but he is glad I have the email confirmation if needed.

Today's positive :) happy times shopping and another few things ticked off my to do list

Day 243 - Tuesday (1st September)

Today was my last day in work can I just say WOOOOHHOOOO YAAAYYYY WHOOT!

So I managed to get everything done that needed to be done :D such a relief like a weight has been lifted I can now relax!

After work I bathed the dog, packed his bags and also gave him a trim around his eyes - he is off to stay with Aunty K for 2 weeks (when my uncle gets back form the hols he will pick him up and bring him to my dad for the final 2 weeks)

I then checked all our docs - they are good to go and charged and sorted all our electricals (pads, camera, phones)

I also booked a taxi for tomorrow to take us to the coach station

I even remembered to set up the sky box to record x factor whilst we are away

And that's it! everything is done and complete :)

Today's positive?  I have done everything I could do for the hols, for work and for the animals and now it's snooze time and then holidays:)

Day 244 - Wednesday

This is going to be my last entry until October (well 29th Sept so nearly then)

Today's the day we travel down to gatwick for the holidays :)

In case you missed the earlier posts:

Wed 2nd Sept - Travel to Gatwick - Stay at Travel lodge

Thur 3rd Sept - Fly to Toronto - travel to Niagara Falls

Sun 6th Sept - Fly to Las Vegas :)

Thurs 10th Sept - Fly to Orlando - Go to DisneyWorld

Thurs 17th Sept - move to hotel on I-drive

Sat 26th Sept fly back to the UK

Sun 27th Sept arrive in the UK

Mon 28th Sept - back to reality and work :D

So today's positive is very very obviously that I am going on holidays :)