Thursday, August 6, 2015

August - Freebies & Wins

As always - these are prizes and items that have arrived this month but they may have been won in previous months :)

1. WIN - 3x bikini's from social discount network on FB - now these were supposed to be La Senza one's but they are clearly not however they are actually really nice and good quality so I happy with them - 2 are going to my niece and the 3rd to a work friend :) (actually won these in June but only just arrived!)

2. WIN - £10 co-op vouchers (2 x£5) from the CoOp Treat team on twitter :)

3. WIN - from what shall we read on FB - Courting Trouble by Kathy Lette - this is coming on holiday with me to read by the pool :)

4. WIN - from Proporta on Twitter - a stereo splitter so you can plug 2 sets of headphones into a device at the same time so you and your friend can listen to music or both watch a film on the pad etc

5. WIN - from Kidzania on FB - a KidZania goody bag full of loads of Merch plus a family ticket (2A2C or 1A3C) to go there :) it's pretty awesome looking and I kinda wish I was young enough to go and take part in it!

6. FREEBIE - coupon for a free carton of Innocent Coconut water

7. WIN - £500 voucher towards a Forest Holiday booking - I won this in June but it's taken a while for them to get back to me and for my booking to be arranged - I have a luxury cabin with hot tub for me, my mum and my niece and the dog! booked for my mum's birthday week next year M-F down in the Forest of Dean. I ended up paying £205 extra which includes the entertainment package and wi-fi for our stay, the charge for the dog and because we wanted a hot tub lol - because we are going in July the voucher would have covered a basic cabin but we upgraded. I am pretty happy with this as these look amazing and I have heard really good things about them and £205 between the 3 of us is super cheap for a 5 night holiday :) Obv no picture because we haven't been yet :P This was won from one of those click to win sites - grazia daily

8. Win 3 x bottles of Mexican (chouloua hot sauce) from twitter - these are going towards my dad's xmas pressies as he loves this sort of thing

9. WIN: from Flickering Myth Web - a talking Ted from Ted 2 in a scuba suit - he's huge and furry and I love him although I am not sure what I will do with him yet

10. WIN - from horrorcult films on Twitter - Fallen Soldiers DVD

11. Win from CocoFina on twitter - a case of 24 coconut and date bars - these are delicious :)

12. Freebie: Angel perfume Sample

13. REVIEW/WIN: got a new moisturiser product to trail with H - gotta do a survey at the end

14. WIN - Animals Book from Women Talking webbie

15. WIN - Cloudbabies plushie and sticker book from the cloud babies FB page

16. WIN - Dr Lipps Nipple Balm for lips - from their twitter page

17. WIN - Eric Clapton - Forever Man on Vinyl - from Absolute Radio -  this is the first ever thing I have won where they called me :)

18. WIN: Awesome Entourage Movie Goody bag including a quilted duffle bag, a fruit infusion bottle, a coaster and a selfie stick :D From Cineworld on twitter :D

19. WIN: Webbox kitty treats in their Freebie Friday giveaway on FB (but it runs on fb and twitter) - the cats adore these

Lady loving her webbox
Leo devoured his so fast I couldnt get a pic!

20. WIN: Awesome swimsuit and goggles from YC Sports FB giveaway BUT the swimsuit doesn't fit me - supposed to be a 16 but more like a 14 and way too tight so it's gone to my big sister instead. The goggles are going to my mum as they are a decent pair and I cant wear them due to glasses.

21. FREEBIE - Sky Store had an offer on for a couple of days where you could get RIO to download for free plus they also sent out the DVD for free too :)

22. WIN - From Zoflora's grapefruit machine £1000 of Thomas Cook Vouchers - a bottle of disinfectant and a zoflora notebook :D

23. WIN - Shopkins Party at Hamley's - no pic as I donated my prize to a friend who has 2 kids and not much money - she said they had an amazing time :)

24. WIN - 2 tickets to see a Sunny Afternoon in the West End (no pics but will take loads on the day - it's booked for October)

25. WIN - tickets to see Tree Fu Tom - I have given these to a friend so no pic :) posting here as the tickets are for 26/8

26. WIN - Minions 3D jigsaw from Ravensburger Twitter party

27. WIN - Woman in Black - Angel of Death DVD from HorrorCultFilms

28. WIN - My first numbers game from blog (TBC)

29. Freebie - Mikado from twitter SoPost

30. Freebie - Angel Perfum sample from SoPost

31. Freebie - sample of elephant super food (not sure where from)

32. Calm Colour Create magazine (adult colouring book yay) from blog (TBC)

33. Jewellery set from Social Discount Network on FB - I won this in June and have had to chase them constantly to send it out - it's supposed to be £150 worth of jewellery but is actually really tacky - I was pretty disappointed with it but at least they did eventually send it!

34. WIN - a surprise win that arrived in the post of Q Silica Skincare stuff worth £50 - will give it a try after the hols :)

35. WIN - Free Nature's Finest Voucher from their FB page - it's £2 so I got 2 tubs of mandarins in ASDA which came to like £1.80 and they took £2 off my entire shop so not only did I get free fruit I got 20p off my shopping too - thats a WIN for me

36. WIN - Swimsuit for my niece - I won this on allaboutbabyadvice's blog - it was supposed to be a 2-piece - I am not really keen on little kids wearing bikinis so was quite pleased when the company said I could choose a swimsuit from their website instead - I got this super cute birdie one which has a sweet little ruffle and I know my niece is gonna look gorgeous in it :)


  1. Well done on your holiday win. Sounds fab. Enjoy

  2. Thanks I actually won the main prize on the Zoflora Grapefruit machine that was running last month as well £1000 of Thomas Cook vouchers but until the prize is in my hand or booked I dont include it as so many companies 'lose' them and stuff.