Wednesday, August 12, 2015

+ 365 Days 222 - 224

Day 222 - Monday

Anyone else find Monday's drag? Like seriously the day just doesn't want to end in work.

Work today pretty much sucked but rather than rant anymore about it (those poor people on my FB list and phone have already had an ear bashing) I am going to take a deep breath, draw a line under it and move on and focus on the positive - I got through the day, I didn't kill anyone, I didn't lose my temper and happily it's finished!

Jac dog went to the groomers today to get his fur cut ready for when he stays with my dad and aunty whilst I am on holidays - he requires daily brushing and doing his tail area can be problematic and he can get snappy but if you dont do it he gets dreadlocks and matts which are much worst. To try and make it easier on them and him he had quite a short cut which means he will be easy to brush - they also trimmed his tail back a lot so instead of a fountain he has a powder puff - it will grow back and he looks fine its just odd seeing him with such short fur there.

He was a really good boy and he now smells lovely as they did his nails, ears and teeth as well as giving him a full groom and a bath. If only he could kep his just washed doggy smell rather than his I rolled in fox pee and stink smell hehe

Positive today - Jac behaving at the groomers - noone likes hearing their dog took someone's finger off!

Day 223 - Tuesday

Today was my long awaiting appointment with ENT - I have tried to play it down but cant deny when the GP told me they could see what they thought was a tumor in my ear I felt physically sick - a tumor anywhere is worrying for me due to the history of cancer in my family.

Anyways the good news is there is now tumor - bad news is my ear drum is badly scarred with very weak patches which will perforate again when I get another infection and my Eustachian tube is also damaged and not working properly - they think this is the reason for the pain I get and also all the infections. My hearing in the damaged left ear is pretty bad to at around 55-60% and long term its gonna get worse. Right now they wont do anything about it because they could risk losing the hearing I have but if things get worse then they will re-look at surgery in the future.

I am completely relieved - I knew I was going deaf in the left ear - it's been going on for well over 2 years now where I struggle if people are stood on that side talking to me or if there is background noise so it doesnt really bother me - I can hear okay with the other ear at around 85-90% and although there is some damage there too its not as extensive. I'm glad I know what's going on and also what to expect from the future - the uncertainty was the most worrying thing for me.

After my hospital appointment I sorted out my uncles travel insurance - trying to get insurance at a reasonable price for someone who has recently gone into remission with cancer who is also elderly and has heart probs and diabetes is a pain but I got it sorted and at a price we are happy with so he is happy it's done and if the worse happens we are all now covered - although none of us have the same insurance lol

Anyways today's positive is gonna be the not having a tumor - it feels like a weight has been lifted :)

Day 224 - Wednesday

3 weeks today and it's holidays - eep it is really getting close now and I dont have a lot left to do - I have printed most of the docs we need, I have sorted everyones insurance, I've booked and paid for all the hotels, flights, transfers and trips, changed up some canadian $.

My to do list is now:
- book ecv for my uncle - I already know where we are getting it from so it's just a case of sitting down and booking it
- book assistance for my uncle on his return flight as he is flying solo as we are going on to disney after vegas but he is going home - he just needs some help when he lands in LA to get his cases and to get checked in then for his flight home - I meant to do this on Sunday but my niece was down and as she only thinks we are going to disneyworld and doesnt know about vegas or niagara falls I couldn't as she was listening
- get US$ - cant do this until after I get paid on 21st - everyone knows I need all their cash by then as I will get us a better rate if I am converting more at once

I got the cats food when it as on offer at tesco, got the dogs food, got them all treats too - all thats left to do for the animals is to buy some frozen mice for the snakes - they were out the other day of jumbo mice and small rats so need to wait for them to get some in stock they aid they would call me, get 4 bags of kitty litter and that's it for the animals.

Considering my list started off over around 4 A4 pages to be down to 5 things is fab :)

So today's positive as it has been pretty much every wednesday is - it's nearly holidays! and I have nearly got everything done too!

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