Tuesday, August 18, 2015

+ 365 Days 225 - 230

Day 225 - Thursday

Work today was okay - its really getting quiet again staff wise with lots of people off for the holidays which means I can get more done with less interruptions.

After work I was going to visit my friend and watch her kids whilst she went out and did some training for the marathons she is running but it was due to be pouring with rain and she didnt fancy running so I went to bingo instead :)

Thursday is free at my local bingo club or you can buy the electronic machines for like £5 and up. Me, my mum and uncle went and just had a laugh - we didn't win sadly but had a good evening - my uncle is a bit up and down depression wise so we try to go out with him and keep him occupied.

Today's positive - a nice family evening :)

Day 226 - Friday

I'm totally skint right now with the holidays coming up which kinda sucks means that I am spending more time doing things that are free rather than anything I pay for.

So today after work I just took the dog for a walk - it was raining - he got wet and smelly but fun was had by us both - sometimes you need to say what the hell lets go jump in muddy puddles!

Today's positive - splashing the mad hound with plenty of mud hehe

Day 227 - Saturday

The weather today was glorious so I actually got up early and did a car booty with my mum. We had a bunch of crap thats been gathering dust in our hallway - made £50 so pretty pleased with that - even more pleased with being able to get into the hall now :D Also bought some new primani canvas boots for me and mum down the car booty - someone was selling like about 50 pairs of them for £1.50 a pair - pretty much a bargain :D perfect for the hols and if I wreck them or dont have room in my suitcase to bring them back then I dont mind leaving them behind.

Despite using SPF40 sunscreen and having a hat on I guess I missed a patch and got a lovely bright red sunburn stripe across my back! when it eventually turns brown I am going to look like I have a dirty back lol

After the early start for the booty we just chilled out in the evening :)

Today's positive making money from junk :D the money form here will go towards some extra $$ in our food budget :D

Day 228 - Sunday

Today was going to be another attempt at a day of rest - but my sister and H rocked up! My sis is really hating living in her place now and is taking every opportunity to spend time out and away so looks like she is gonna be a regular visitor here until she gets rehomed nearer us.

We sorted through some more of her crap and put the last couple of boxes in the attic and packed up the rest for her to take home.

H had her new podiatry created shoes - she got some super cute little white and pink hi-tops all weighted and built up to help with her walking. She is still getting used to them so is quite clunky wandering around.

My uncle showed up mid afternoon too so we ended up with a house full

After cooking dinner I took my sis and H back home with all their junk. I am really pleased with her - she has been working very very hard on her house to clean it. My sis is a hoarder and with her mental health probs she struggles with keeping everything clean and tidy and with decluttering. Her house looked much tidier - she has cleared a lot of the rubbish and stuff from her bathroom making it look tidier, she has also cleaned the surfaces and floors in the kitchen and living room - it smells much sweeter and looks cleaner and better :) Go Sis :D

Today's positive is deffo my sis doing really well - we call her everyday to check in with her and to 'nag' her into doing house tasks. Her working hard and doing the work is a really big achievement :)

Day 229 - Monday

Today went super fast in work - I got this weird noodle salad thing from Tesco for lunch which was pretty nasty - note to self - dont buy reduced noodles in Tesco - get fresh made to measure noodles from WiWo instead hehe I also bought bounty cookies - these were soo sweet and pretty much put me into a diabetic stupor for the rest of the day - deffo a bad idea but totally delicious.

After work I came home to find cash from my niece and mum left in my room eep - it's their money for me to buy their dollars out of - I'm getting all our money sorted on Friday/the weekend. I've locked it away in my super cute pink safe - better safe than sorry and also if its out of my sight I wont be tempted to spend it hehe

Today I was really pleased as I finally got confirmation from a company about a prize I won like nearly 2 months ago - tickets to see a sunny afternoon in the west end in London - I have had to chase them 2 times about it and they finally confirmed which is a relief as I already booked the time off work :D I also got confirmation that another item I won has been sent (won it like nearly 3 months ago!) I am planning on donating it to my friends charity raffles so pleased it is coming.

I also got some fab stuff in the post today including a selfie stick! I am wayyyy too exited for the self stick lol I really wanted one for the holidays and planned on buying one in home bargains but they sold out!!! I have no idea how to work it but I am going to have to have a look and read through the instructions but I am psyched hehe

Today's positive - getting my self stick :D

Day 230 - Tuesday

Today I came home to 4 x £250 (so thats £1000!) worth of Thomas Cook vouchers. I won the grand prize on Zoflora's daily grapefruit machine. They have no end date and can be used on pretty much any of their products (except currency) I dont know where I will be going yet or what I will be using them on as I want to enjoy my upcoming holidays first but I am leaning towards a trip to new york with my mum as she would love to go there and cant afford it.

Today's positive has to be my vouchers arriving I am psyched for them :D

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