Monday, July 6, 2015

+365 days 183 - 187

Day 183 - Thursday

My uncle who is coming on holidays with us got the all clear to fly! We are relieved because for a while due to his health issues we thought he wouldnt be able to - now to get his travel insurance sorted!

In other news the US$ is FINALLY starting to go up again - I hate buying below 1.5 and for a long time its been hovering down at 1.4 or even lower. It's now at 1.53 and I hope it keeps climbing - the higher it goes the more $ I get for my £ for the hols :D the Canadian $ is also rising which is good as I will need to get some of those too - they do accept US$ particularly along the border like Niagara falls but they make up the exchange rate as they go along so it isnt a good deal - much better to take some Canadian with us :D

In exactly 8 weeks we will be in Niagara Falls :D

Today's positive - holiday count down is on - people are going to get sick sick sick of it but I am currently on my weekly countdown once its 4 weeks it will be a daily one and once its 7 days it will be an hourly one. I have to admit I drive everyone at work, home and everywhere else potty with it but I can't help it I just get so excited I am literally like a big kid!!!!

Day 184 - Friday

Today was the first time I didn't have a half day from my regular job before doing my night shift - I've pretty much worked for like 17 hours!

Today's positive - getting it confirmed with ASDA that I have next weekend off - it's my mum's birthday and I won us a hotel stay in West sussex /Wokingham :D

Day 185 - Saturday

After yesterday's crazy long shift I slept, slept and slept some more - I literally have nothing else to say!!! The only time I left the house was to get my hair cut at a local hairdressers - £15 including tip and my hair is now pretty short but feels a lot lighter and cooler

The positive today was being able to sleep which I so needed!

Day 186 - Sunday

Today I managed to drag myself out of bed by 2pm only to find my mum had gone out to my sisters without me - how rude! It also meant I had to sort out my food and I really really couldnt be assed doing anything... I may have spent about 4 hours laying in bed reading old Enid Blyton books and eating the malteasers I got my mum for her birthday...

I also dyed my hair red - it came out much brighter and vibrant than expected but I really like it :)

Today's positive - new hair :D

Day 187 - Monday

Seriously working nights on the weekend is killing me - I want to keep going to Christmas but I am so tired I dont know if I can. I am also covered in bruises - I lack basic coordination skills and spatial awareness and so far have dropped things on my foot, cut my hands/fingers open on boxes, dropped the step part of a ladder on my knee (I have a lovely bruise in a straight line!), slipped off the ladder, walked into a pallette, run over my own foot with a pump trolley (how is that even possible!), dropped bottles, dropped baby food, broken a pallette, hit numerous walls and aisles with the cage...well the list goes on! I even managed to slip on my own trousers and bang into a wall!!!!

Today passed in a sleepy blur - work was quiet and I have somehow managed to get up to date which means I can do some file housekeeping which I havent done for a while and tidy things, I hate things being out of order, I hate files being misfiled, I hate files going missing I can get a tad OCD about it but thats probably good thing when your working in admin.

At lunch time today I bought yet another box of malteasers for mums birthday but this time I left them in my locker in work - I'm not bringing them home til Thursday so I am not tempted to eat them again!

I also booked us a groupon offer to a pub local to wear we are staying for mums birthday on the weekend - £8.95 for 2 meals of pie and veg/mash/chips :)

After work and doing groupon I had to take mum to the gp she's hurt her neck and stuff so now is on strong pain meds. When we got home we both took a nap and didnt get up til gone 9pm! If it wasnt for the kitties needing feeding and Jac needing his walk I could have happily stayed in bed.

I had planned on uploading some photos and a review I have done on a book I won today but I am again super sleepy so planning on finishing this post and heading to bed.

Lady cat is also going to be guest starring on this blog soon with her own Page called Little Lady Reviews where she talks all about herself and the different pet products I've won/bought her :D She did have her own blog but I dont have time to do hers and mine so I am giving her a guest spot instead lol

Today's positive is rather boringly getting my stuff in order in work - seriously I felt so happy when I opened the filing cabinets and everything was in the right place, all in suspension files and I had printed and put new labels on the front too to correspond with what was in each drawer :D

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