Wednesday, July 1, 2015

+ 365 Day 182 - JULY

1st of July today!

wow cant believe I am over half way through my year of positivity :)

Today in Cardiff it's been hot hot HOT

The Thermometer in work reached 32 degrees in my office phew

During my break I helped a work colleague sort out circulating info about the half and full marathons she is doing to raise funds for neuro-rehab in Cardiff. Her brother was in a pretty horrific car accident a few years ago which left him with horrific injuries including one to his brain - he wasnt expected to survive initially and then they said he would be a vegetable but he is doing well - he isnt the same person as before the accident, he cant walk, he requires 24 hr care and his cognitive abilities are not the same, but he can talk, he can joke and laugh and he recognises his family and friends and with continued rehab and support he will continue to go from strength to strength but he will never be the same as or have the same abilities as before. She really wants to try and raise as much as she can - her first event is going to be a cake sale at a staff training event in Sept, I've said I will see if I can win her any prizes to donate as raffle items and help with writing to companies for sponsorship too. She has set her target at £1000 and I am sure she will reach it :)

After work I kinda didnt want to do anything and everyone else felt the same so we just chilled.

Thats about it really - I kinda feel I should have done something epic to mark my half year complete but I didnt :/

Things on social media have also been a bit off lately maybe its the hot weather but everyone seems to be arguing and fighting especially on facebook. Social media is great but if you have issues with someone take it to private message or better yet give them a call or meet them in person and discuss it - dont get all hissy and pissy on fb or twitter.

In other news my holiday voucher I won hasnt arrived so I am going to give it til friday and then e-mail the company to find out whats going on.

Oh and as well as being my halfway there point today also marks the 9 weeks til my holidays point :)

Todays positive? 9 weeks and counting!!!!

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