Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Comping & Freebies

So I am always going on about comps and freebies - I post the items I receive every month and you might be wondering whats going on? I know my postie is!

So basically comping is all about entering competitions. There are LOADS of competitions out there and loads of ways to enter.

I started comping in Nov 14 and didnt really have a clue what I was doing - I didnt really understand how everything worked until Jan 15 when I really started going for it and since then I have had lots of amazing prizes - all completely free :)

Comping does take time - I spend 2-3 hours a day entering comps usually whilst watching TV in the evening. I enter between 150-300 comps at a time and I win on average a prize every 2 days. The prizes have ranged from a packet of 4 batteries to a 42inch smart TV.

So lots of people ask me how much do I spend on comping and the answer is zero, zilch, nada. I only enter free to enter comps and I only enter online so there is not even the cost of a stamp.

The same applies to freebies which are as the name implies FREE - sometimes you have to agree to do something to get them and keep them - it might be write an online review, take a photo or do a survey about them. Freebies again can be found in lots of places - loads of companies use social media to gauge peoples reactions to products and to get people to spread the word about them. Freebies I have received range from tiny sachet samples, to full size beauty products, to cleaning products to my lovely new LG G4 phone!

I am going to post regular posts about comping & freebies in the hope that it will help some people out who want to  get started and link them all on a page on the blog so they can be easily found.

If you have questions then feel free to get in touch with me - I am not an expert - some people have been doing this for years and some of them do comping, freebies and blogging as a job - literally they do so well at all 3 they can live off it - that isn't me! My blog is small and personal and full of my random witterings with the occasional review :) I will try and get a list of useful info and sites too but my advice and info is what works for me - other people have their own way of entering and they win too so please dont take anything I say as gospel :)

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