Saturday, June 13, 2015

+365 days 162 - 164

Day 162 - Thursday

Today was my Friday in work - that's always a good thing!

My dad came down today - he hadnt told me but hes been having some stomach probs and wanted to see the GP. He has had issues in the past with some weird type of stomach ulceration - last time he had it he lost over 5 stone in 6 months as he just couldn't eat. He said this feels the same as last time so he's going to the GP to see if he can change his meds and stuff to deal with it.

Also found out today my aunty made my sister her beneficiary in her like death whilst still working work provision. It's not a huge sum but way more money than my sister has had in her life. Trying to persuade her to be sensible and not shout about it to everyone is proving difficult. I have convinced her to put a set amount aside to cover new furniture and stuff when she moves. She is going to give it to me to look after and the same with the money for my nephew. So at least some of it wont be frittered away on silly buys.

I'm kind of a horrible person I think as I am a tad jealous that my sis gets a cheque and I get the headache of trying to support her and get her paperwork sorted to get onto housing lists and stuff - doesn't seem fair seeing Aunty C was my godmother...but there you go she always said to me she looked after M cos she couldn't take care of herself but as i could she didnt need to look after me - I sometimes think thats one of the reasons I am so lacking in emotion - everyone always told me I could take care of myself so I have done - one time in high school this older girl ganged up on me with her mates - she punched me in the face and pulled my hair - I fought back and I fought back dirty and it ended with both of us trying not to cry and running home - I told my mum what happened and she told me I was big enough to take care of it myself so I did and the girl didn't bother me again - she would occasionally shout insults to me but only from across the road and only when she had her full back up of friends with her.

It kinda sucks though being the sensible one, the reliable one, the not bat shit crazy one - I am pretty sure it's my turn to do something crazy but everytime I think this is it one of my sisters has a crisis for me to deal with!

Anyways today's positive is remembering I have tomorrow off work yay

Day 163 - Friday

So today I have my best welcome meeting at ASDA. It was 10 -4 so I thought I would get  lay in (I fiendishly locked the cats out of my room when I accidentally shook their treat bag and they all ran into the kitchen ha!

Bit it wasn't to be my dad woke me up at 7 as he thought I was going to be late to work as I had forgotten to mention I wasn't going to work - he doesnt actually know about me working at ASDA and I dont want to tell him as I will get a lecture about managing my money better, about not burning out, about blah blah blah

He wanted to come to work with me so he could get the bus to his Dr's but as I wasn't going to work he decided I should take him to the surgery for 8am then at 5 minutes to 8 he runs to the loo and says wont be long! 20 minutes later both he and a noxious cloud emerged from the bathroom - great so thats me running behind schedule (I have to be at ASDA across the otherside of the 'diff which is normally a 25 min run but in rush hour is gonna be more like an hour an half at 10 plus got to get from my place to his Dr's which is the opposite direction and takes 20 mins ARGH) and I can't oee before I go cos I aint going in that bathroom for at least 2 hours after he's been in there! Not the best start but I managed to drop him off and make it to ASDA with 5 mins to spare.

By time everyone arrived it was pretty much my whole group interview group booked in minus 2 people - one who was supposed to be there and one who I guess didnt make it.

The training was the usual health and safety stuff and lots of signing our lives away - the main thing I took away from it was the pay isnt great but I get a night premium, I get a discount card after 12 weeks and I really like the white chocolate and strawberry gooey muffins they do!

They also dropped the bombshell we were scheduled for computer based training the following day - mine was at 9am so that's another missed lay-in opportunity.

When I finished I checked my phone and I had a couple of missed calls from my dad. I didn't have time to answer them as I had to get back across town and pick up flowers and a birthday cake for a works do in the night. For some insane reason I decided to drive from ASDA where I was already to the ASDA nearest to my place as I figured its rush hour the nearer I am to home the better - it really didn work out so well as I hadn't factored in the Wales v Belgium footy or the X festival that was happening in the city centre. It took me  like an hour to get across cardiff and then another  30 mins to pick out the cake and flowers and then the normally 10 mins to my house trip took another 30 mins.

My workmate was picking me up so I called her to warn her about the traffic too. I had just enough time to get in have a wash and change before she arrived and we had to head back into town into the chaos. The meal was actually quite nice although I was starving and there really wasn't enough of it for my liking. On the way back we half joked about stopping for a bag of chips but the chippy was closed. I didnt get in til around 10.30 and I was literally dead on my feet - so much for a relaxing day off eh?

I took my meds and went to bed

Today's positive was getting my rota for ASDA - I start next Friday and finding out I was getting paid for the induction today whoot

Day 164 - Saturday

I'm sure I've mentioned my cats several times. Leo my bengal woke me up at 4.30 am howling outside my bedroom window - the little git had snook out and now it was raining and he wanted in - if you havent heard a bengals low mournful loud cry google it - its bloody annoying and it woke me up so I had to get up out of bed and let him in along with Dena who showed up (she treats us like a free food store rather than actually living here). I got them in and they were soaking so I closed my door and went back to bed only to be woken around 30 mins later by them fighting in the kitchen - I separated them and went back to bed again at around 5.15 am - back to a nice long sleep?


because I stupidly hit the wrong alarm on my phone - instead of hitting the 7.30 one I hit the 6.30 one so of course the alarm went off at 6.30 argh and all 4 cats heard it and despite my best efforts to ignore them kept me awake and kept yowling til i got up and fed them.

This is so not how I had my Saturday morning planned!!!!

I ended up getting up, showering and getting ready to go out - my dad's an early riser and a morning person - I am not - literally I am like a cave woman I grunt, I growl and I have a big puffy unibrow its not pleasant. My dad was naturally curious as to why I was up early so I growled summat about paper work and left. The traffic was light and i made it across town in like 15 minutes so clocked in 20 mins early for the training - the person running it had me go straight in and start and I was done and dusted by 9am and heading home.

So that was kinda my today's positive getting the last bit of training done before starting on Friday. :)

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