Wednesday, June 3, 2015

+ 365 Days 147 - 154

Day 147 - Thursday

Today seemed like a LOOONNNGGGGG day in work. I swear the clock actually went backwards at one point!

But it was finally over yay :)

Today's positive is a bit odd - I was driving home from work and I hit a pothole and my hubcap came off but because I had the music blaring I didn't notice. Anyways sitting at the lights and this woman comes running up to me and hands me the hubcap through the window. So yay I dont have to buy another one whoot

Day 148 - Friday

Another long day in work - work kinda sucks at the moment, everyone is mega stressed and unhappy so the office is not a fun place to be :(

Today we tried a new place to eat at lunch time - it's an Indian street food cafe. I had this really amazing chipati wrap I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it but OMG it was amazing.

I love trying new places to eat and I was brave deviating from my usual food choice to try something new - go me - so today's positive is trying something new and liking it!

Day 149 - Saturday

Today we went shopping! I had won a gift card for pizza express and I had a voucher for free doughballs/garlic bread so we decided to head into town and grab some lunch. We had the goats cheese and caramelised onion pizza to share with a side of their chips which are more like minced potato in bread crumbs. It was delicious and free with the voucher and gift card.

I also had a pre-paid mastercard from Sky for signing up my uncle so we went shopping with it and bought so much stuff at Primani (thats Primark to everyone else), sports direct and matalan. Got some shoes, some new skinny jeans, shorts and a tee and got my mum a whole bunch of stuff too :)

We finished off the day with a couple of McFlurries from MickeyD's

Had a lovely day out with my mum shopping. We haven't done it for a while and it was nice not to worry about having to pay for things :)

Today's positive was spending time with my mum and enjoying ourselves

Day 150 - Sunday

Today was just a chill out day. Didnt do much, didn't go anywhere, just chilled and watched tv

Sometimes you juts need a couch potato day :)

Today's positive was doing nothing and loving it

Day 151 - Monday

OMG - June already! Wow this year is flying by.

Well I spent the day today in what I like to call the pit of hell - a dirty store room where all our old files are stored archiving them. I hurt my back moving them and today in work pretty much sucked.

However - I won a holiday! Like seriously! a £500 voucher for a forest uk holiday!!! I checked their website and thats enough to get like a luxury cabin with a hot tub. I'm super excited and cant wait for it to arrive to book it.

My lovely pets also won prizes today - Jac was runner up in smile of the month doggy comp and has a doggy choccy hamper on the way and I also one with Viovet and they are sending out a goodybag for the pets too

Today's positive has to be the holiday!!!!

Day 153 - Tuesday

Today was really bad, my back hurt, my head hurt, my neck hurt - EVERYTHING hurt. I managed half a day work and then I came home and slept all day and most of the night.

I suppose the positive is when I woke up at like 10pm the headache was gone

Day 154 - Wednesday

Today I felt so much better - like really most of the pain in my back has gone my headaches completely gone too . My neck still hurts a bit but I think thats due to the tumor in my ear and the lump on my neck and I am kinda getting used to it.

Today in work I was just so happy to not be in pain and I had a really good day. I got a new computer finally whoot which although it's a tad slow at the moment should speed up once my profile has been pulled through from the net work. As well as a new tower the guys from IT also gave me a new keyboard and mouse which I was super excited about because you can actually see what letters your typing and the mouse doesnt have unidentifiable dried in gunk on it!!! woohoo...others in the office may have thought I was slightly sad at being so excited at a new mouse and keyboard and I did get called a geek a few times but I dont care - its shiny - its new and its mine :)

Because work is so stressful at the moment days where everyone seems to be happy and the day flies by like today are pretty rare. Todays positive was actually being positive in work and not being in pain :)

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