Thursday, May 28, 2015

+ 365 Days 140 - 146

Day 140 - Thursday

So my LG G4 was due to be delivered today but UPS didnt have my correct address so didnt deliver! ARGHHH Managed to cal them and get it all sorted and arranged for re-delivery tomorrow.

Today's positive - I am getting the LG to review even if it is arriving late!!!!

Day 141 - Friday

Today I had my group interview at ASDA. I rocked up in my sexy interview outfit - ha! and was taken to wait in the staff room with a bunch of other smartly dressed people. I introduced myself and had a chat to some of the girls waiting to go for interview - interesting the blokes were all lounging on the sofas and the girls grouped on chairs around the table.

So we had our docs checked - one poor girl hadnt brought the right documentation so got sent away - I felt pretty bad for her.

Anyways we got led into a room and given sticky labels with our names on ...obviously in case our nerves got to us so badly we forgot who we were!

I was sat next to a bloke called Christopher. The first part of the interview we were paired up and given 3 questions to ask each other we then had to tell everyone in the room about our partner and their answers. Stupidly neither me or Chris wrote down anything so we had to do it off the cuff - everyone else did but I like to think we impressed them with our superior memory skills.

The second part of the interview involved us being split into 2 teams - we were given marshmallows and spaghetti and told we had to design and then build a tower - we had to spend 5/10 mins planning and guessing how big our tower would be and then we had time to build the tower and to see how close we were to our estimation. Our team did really well we were only like 5cm off - the other team were vastly over confident and were about 50 cm out.

After that we had to say what we did well and what we wanted to change etc.

I thought the whole thing went pretty well and I did okay now it's just a waiting game

They said if we get through the interview we then have another interview with a manager on a 1:1 basis plus like 20 mins or so of going into the shop and working on the shop floor and then depending on the outcome we get a job.

It's a lot of effort for a job that is basically stacking shelves but there is so much competition for jobs these days I guess they want the best.

Anyways I came away from the interview and I think I did really well - thats my positive.

Day 142 - Saturday

Today I did a carbooty with my mum to try and get some money for the holidays - all the money from carbooty's goes towards the food kitty. We did really well and made £50 - sadly I got sunburnt even though I work a stupid purple cap and smothered my face in suncreen - I managed to get to crescent shaped burns on my neck and burn my arms oops.

After the booty and unpacking everything I didn't feel so great and went to bed -  I pretty much slept until Sunday

So my positive was that we made money for the hols yay - sometimes after paying entrance fees and stuff you dont make hardly anything like a tenner it makes it feel like your wasting your time - so any time we make over £30 I am happy

Day 143 - Sunday

Today we decided to go for a Kismet rather than cook anything as I still felt worn out from Saturday but SHOCK HORROR it was closed! I was gutted...We ended up eating at a place called Lilo's it's like a grill place its really nice doesnt serve alcohol just juices and does falafals and things. The service is always bad but today was particularly shocking - waited 15 minutes for someone to take our order. Then they brought out the falafal after about 10 mins - 15 mins later still havent had our drinks - they werent even juices they were just cans of diet coke! In the end I had to ask for them. We waited ages for our bill too. However the food was good - the falafals were not the best but the naan bread was amazing and so were the Lilo burgers (grilled chicken breasts, cheese and pineapple in a lovely fresh seeded bap). The amount of food you get is unbelievable as it comes with a huge portion of salad and chips.

So the positive was the delicious food :)

Day 144 - Monday

Today was bank holiday Monday - whoop whoop no work

I spent today re-arranging the living room and cleaning it

I then spent about 4-5 hours making no sew beds for the kitty rescue and a new one for Jac our dog too :)

I also dyed my hair :D

I got a call too from the night grocery manager at ASDA telling me I was successful at the group interview and inviting me for a 1:1 with him tomorrow night at 9.15 pm :)

Today's positive is my living room is now lovely and tidy and looks much better, the kitty rescue has a stack of new beds and so does Jac and I am through to the final stage of interview in ASDA

Day 145 - Tuesday

Today I finished work early to attend the housing meeting with my big sister - it went okay even though the guy was a complete drip who did it with us. My sister left feeling positive which is the main thing. After that I headed home and had a kip before my interview with ASDA

My interview went really well and so did my job trial on the shop floor I think. At the end the manager said providing everythings good with HR he will be happy to offer me a job working 10pm-6am Friday and Saturday nights.

Just need to wait now to hear back from HR :)

So today's positive is getting the job whoop whoop

Day 146 - Wednesday

Today my new TV arrived :) I won it from a competition run by Warner Bros and Sky Sports and I didn't believe they would really send it to me until it actually arrived and it did. It looks huge compared to my old one - its a 42" super smart TV and although I can only use about 3 of the 100's of functions I'm really happy :D

We are gonna sell our old telly on gumtree and put the money towards the holiday food fund :D

Thats my positive big maahoosive Telly for meeee for freeeee :)

I will be adding pics to the blog later - I loaned my memory card reader to work and they broke it! I now have to get a new one but I havent had chance to get one yet so cant upload any of my pics :(

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