Wednesday, May 6, 2015

+ 365 Days 124 & 125

Day 124 - Tuesday

Back to work today but it was okay busy and lots to do. During my lunch break I popped over to see a friend of mine to pick up some figures she had for my nephew. When I got there she was sorting through these black bags of clothes and said I could have all the size 2-3's for my niece if I wanted. She had got the clothes as part of a mixed lot off a freecycle site but was only given them on the condition she took them all so had everything from aged 2 up to aged 9!!! I helped her sort them and came away with a large bag full for my niece. The downside was the clothes were quite dirty and some looked stained. But not a problem when I got them home I sorted them and put them on a high temp wash and only 2 items were still marked so result :) Harmony is in need of lots of trousers and leggings as even though she isn't walking yet she is crawling and bum shuffling at the speed of light and getting her knees and legs and butt dirty :)

She also made me Samosa's (she's a lovely lady a british pakistani and after eating the samosas - have to say she's an awesome cook too)

In the afternoon I didnt feel so god - remember last week I caught this horrible head cold like virus in work that meant I lost my voice? At the time a couple of other staff members were off sick with it and a few more were off sick with a stomach bug...this week another staff member was off with a stomach bug and yeah my belly was a grumbling and not happy :(

After work I came home - I didn't feel great but I had arranged to collect some donations for the kitty rescue so I did that and then just watched tv

Today's positive was seeing my friend at lunchtime and getting a load of new clothes for H to crawl about and play in :)

Day 125 - Wednesday

That bad belly from yesterday totally kicked in during the early hours - I'll spare you the details but needless to say no work for me today.

My work place has brought this new thing into operation - when you call in sick you have to complete a sickness form with someone on the phone. Then you details are passed to people in HR who form a sickness review team who then phone you up at home and ask you all the same questions and give you advice such as drink lots of fluids. It's not really helpful - anyways when the woman spoke to me she told me I had to call occ health to find out if I needed to be 24 or 48 hours clear before going back in to work. Called occ health who ran out of forms?!. They called me back went through the form and said I can't go back to work until I am completely symptom free and that includes having a tummy ache or any bloatedness and then 48 hours clear after that. This means I'm prob not going to be allowed back to work this week. This sucks! Also found out that another colleague is off with a bad stomach too - as that makes like 5 of us in less than 2 weeks I guess they are reporting it to public health office or summat too.

So today has been spent making phone calls and watching naff day time tv, entering comps and playing games on the laptop. Happily all I have left seems to be a sore stomach and some bloating - however I have passed it onto my mum being the generous soul that I am and so I have also had to listen to her whinging about bugs and belly ache all day - fun times!

Today I also had an unexpected surprise in the post - a free dvd whoop whoop Horrible Bosses 2 - I won it from Monster jobs on FB but they didnt announce any winners they just sent it in the post :) This was soooo much better than the letter from Lloyds outlining how much of the loan I stupidly took out with them years ago still has left to pay ! (thankfully even this is gonna be paid up in 6 months whoop although the first glance at the letter showed me the total amount paid and I misread that as total owing and nearly passed out)

A pram I won arrived too :) it's for H and have no idea how it goes together yet oops.

Today's positive is nearly being debt free :D

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