Saturday, May 2, 2015

+ 365 Days 120 & 121

Day 120 - Friday

Woke up today feeling pretty groggy but not as bad as I have been earlier this week so I decided I would still take the trip to West Wales.

I planned to leave early but realised we ran out of cat food - the kitties were not too impressed with their breakfast of 1/4 tin of sardines and 1/2 a pouch of pedigree chum! (Jac the dog wasn't happy at me giving away his food either)

So I did a quick run to ALDI's as I know their food is supposed to be okay and I figured I'd try them on it. I got them 2 12 packs of the super cheap food (£1.79 a pack) and 2 12 packs of the slightly more expensive food (£1.99 a pack). so 44 pouches for under £8 which is pretty good.

When I got home I opened the cheapy ones and gave them a pouch to share and they wolfed it down! Success prior to this the only food they would eat was felix pouches which was getting really expensive.

After that I loaded up the car (literally - my dad's caravan is super modern with double glazing and central heating but he refuses to put it on! so I have to take thick fleecy joggers and jumpers to keep warm, my double sleeping bag for the night, crocs to wear around, a fleecy blanket etc) I headed out - traffic around port talbot / swansea was the usual chaos but apart from that it was a nice quiet run.

Didnt do anything really once I arrived - we had dinner, watched some TV, went to the club for an hour, watched more TV and then crashed out.

Today's positive was the easy smooth run to West Wales. Feeling grotty and having a 2 hour drive isnt fun but having little traffic, clear roads, not getting stuck behind a tractor! made it a bit easier.

Day 121 - Saturday

Today I drove us to Aberystwyth for the Farmers Market - the weather was awful and there was this big sporting event going on so the market was dead. I was really disappointed - I wanted a boar burger but the guy who normally does them wasn't here :(

We had a wander around the shops and I bought myself a new pair of slipper booties in a charity shop for £1.50 I love them - super bright! I did threaten to wear them out tomorrow but my dad said he would disown me if I did LOL

Took my dad to do a big shop at Lidls, B&M and Morrisons as he doesn't drive ( he's a biker and has a motorbike but he cant carry much on there)

Then we came back and chilled for a bit.

Tonight I have been using up all of his hotspot wi-fi allowance to get online and enter some comps whilst watching crappy TV :)

So today's positive is my funky new slippers :)

Super bright, super comfy, super cool

So cool - can wear them up or folded down :)

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