Sunday, May 17, 2015

+365 Days 131-135

So this week I have been working more on moving my blog over to blogger hence the lack of updates.

I am also toying with the idea of putting on the positives as a weekly post rather than individual daily ones which will give me time to work on other stuff too.

Day 131 - Tuesday

An old friend got in touch today to ask me if I fancied meeting up for dinner one evening. We have arranged it for next week when I get paid as I am skint until then. I am notoriously bad at keeping in touch with people even though I am forever on my phone and social media. It's not that I forget them I am just rubbish at making arrangements to meet up and do stuff. Maybe that will be next years task - forget about the positivity and try and be more social - ah so many areas to work on :P

I'm really happy she got in touch and have invited another friend to come along too as we all know each other. I even remembered to arrange it around her child care issues on a night when the kids dad has them so she could come.

Today's positive is happy blasts from the past

Day 132 - Wednesday

I picked up my active card form today in work. An active card is like a gym membership but to local council facilities rather than a private gym - so I can use any of the swimming pools or gyms etc in the council leisure centres or go to any of the classes they run fr one low monthly cost its around £25 a month and the nice thing is whatever price you sign up at is the price it stays at for the entirety of your membership. As I work for the nhs I get a little discount too.

I can't actually afford to sign up until next week on payday but I have decided I am going to go swimming on Friday - I started the year really well losing weight and stuff and it has tapered off a bit so this will hopefully kick start me back into it again - the nice thing is in order to make it worthwhile I need to go to at least one class or swimming session a week plus as I am paying for it in advance I will use it as I hate wasting money. My plan is to start off with one swimming session and 1 swim class (aquafit or aquazumba) a week and then work up my fitness levels and try some of the other classes - watch this space this time in 3 months Im going to be svelte ... possibly

So positive for today is actually seeing that I need to be fitter and getting the form ready

Day 133 - Thursday

My dad came down today so I was able to give him some of the tee's I had won him - he's really pleased with them as he can take them on his holidays - well he calls it a holiday but hes away for 12 weeks thats way more than a holiday in my books the lucky bugger! Oh to be retired and not skint :P

I know I harp on a lot about it but I love my hobby of comping because it means I can win items for my family and friends. I love to be able to give people gifts and things :)

Today's positive making the daddy happy with his free tee's

Day 134 - Friday

Happy postman today - he delivered:

- Peter Rabbit DVD (for Harmony and Drake)
- Mahoosive simplesew starter kit including 10 patterns and an awesome book
- Create your own indoor fairy garden
- Hello Kitty pop out book

We have 2 posties - 1 female and 1 male - the male is friendly - he isnt afraid of our dog and if it fits he will chuck the parcels through our window downstairs so as not to disturb us - we like him!

The female squeals like a pig when Jac barks and hides at the end of the gate and will knock the door even if she only has a dvd to deliver. She really doesnt seem to like us much! maybe she's scared of dogs but thats a lousy job to be in if your scared of dogs, or maybe she's jealous about all my parcels (ha!) or has a bad back and resents having to carry them all? I dunno either way she is a right grouch. Maybe I will try and chat to her one day - see if I can cheer her up :)

I realised today that next week is a 4 day week and so is the week after - I <3 Bank Holidays! and I had forgotten about booking the day's annual leave so even better

Today's positives - getting fun mail and not bills :) having the happy chappy postie rather than olivia the grouch (thats not her name by the way thats just my secret name for her) and last day of work before the weekend :)

Day 135 - Saturday

Visited my sister and gave her the new pram for Harmony which took a degree in engineering to put together! It's an amazing pram and I was also able to put her old ones in the bin yay!

So that's really todays positive - helping out my big sister :) and gorgeous little niece - once they move back down to Cardiff it will be even better

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