Wednesday, May 20, 2015

+ 365 Days 136 -139

Day 136 - Sunday
Today was kinda a chill out day - I worked on transferring the blog some more, entered some comps and made some beds for the kitty rescue. I also cooked a really odd combo meal which actually turned out really and surprisingly well. Here's my recipe for chuck-it-in rice :)
- one onion
- left over half a tin of sliced mushrooms (from yesterday)
- 4 pieces of cheap ham slices
- 2 pieces of cheap beef sandwich slices
- 4 hot dog sausages
- 2 bags of steam in the micro egg friend rice
- left over cook in micro rice (around 1/4 of a bag)
- grated cheese
-tomato puree

slice up onion and fry with mushroom, slice up meats and chuck in
micro rice - ensure piping hot and chuck into the pan
mix a dollop of tomato puree with half a glass of water and pour in
stir it all up
serve with sprinkle of cheese on the top and garlic bread on the side

It was basically the left over food in the fridge that had to be used up and because I am skint until pay day (Thursday) I couldnt afford to go out and buy extra stuff. It turned out really well and we ended up eating it for lunch on Monday too :)

So my positive today is managing to create something edible out of the random fridge contents

Day 137 - Monday

I woke up today with a killer headache at like 3am - it was literally like someone had just punched me in the head urgh - I couldnt get back to sleep and it started to turn into a migraine :( took some meds and anti sickness pills. I had to call into work to say I was going to be late - I figured I had caught it in time for the meds to work and sure enough after sleeping a bit when I woke up I was almost human although rocking a puffy eyed flushed sick looking face. Didnt start work til just after 10 which means I have some extra time back to work - luckily I accrue a little bit of time most days as I start before my normal start time and I have flexi working too so I dont owe much time.

Rest of day went kinda slow

My phone did go crazy though as I won a couple of comps on twitter and on FB and all ym comping friends posted and tagged me about a hundred times it seemed - still would rather I get a billion notifications than I miss out.

So I won some really cool things:
- a new book - I love to read :)
- a super cool bottle opener shaped like a pirate which I will probably end up giving to my dad for father's day as he collects then
- a bundle of 4 x dog food pouches, treats and a bone for Jac
- a mystery prize - no idea what it will be

My positive today was the migraine clearing up before it had time to kick my ass - people who dont get migraines and think they are just a headache are so wrong - it's literally like your skull is smashing open and movement, lights, sounds, smells even the feel of a sheet on your body makes you wanna die!

Day 138 - Tuesday

Today I found out I am getting an LG G4 to review - sadly I probably wont get to keep it as they have chosen 200 people to review and out of that only 44 get to keep the phone at the end. But I am super excited to try it out. I have been using my dad's old samsung's for a while now because I refuse to spend a ludicrous amount of money on a phone that with my history I know is gonna get dropped and stood on.

I am pretty excited to be chosen to review it though and see how well it works and who knows maybe I will manage to be one of the lucky ones :D

So today's positive - trying out a new phone - little things please me :)

Day 139 - Wednesday

Today was another drag along work day - I did get some good news - well kinda - I've applied for a weekend job in addition to my regular job to earn some extra money for the hols (long story short I've paid, my niece has paid and my uncle's paid but my mum has not so I have said I will pay some of hers which I can do on my current wage BUT it will really reduce my spending money and I will have no savings) - as soon as I found out I was gonna be subbing her I went online and found ASDA were hiring - Ive worked for them before and yes they pay minimum wage but its not so bad I dont mind shop work - anyways they called me to invite me to a group interview on Friday so fingers crossed I get through :) It's also lucky that I had friday already booked off from my regular job so no awkward questions about why I need to take time off etc

I hope I get the job - I am not overly keen on working 7 days a week again but needs must and I have done it plenty of times before. I've worked out if I get hired and work the hours offered it will be around £750 extra towards my holiday spending money which is not to be sniffed at

Today I also received a parcel of some lovely materials from a comp I entered they are really nice cottons and I am thinking of making some cushions and a shopping bag out of them :)

So today's positive was getting an interview

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  1. Sometimes leftovers meals turn out the best. Trouble is you then can't usually recreate them