Friday, May 8, 2015

+ 365 Days 126 & 127

Day 126 - Thursday

Today I had to stay off work due to new sickness policy. I had an appt with GP first thing and they are writing to try and expedite my appointment with ENT as they are pretty sure I have a tumor in my ear - yuck

I spent most of the day playing on twitter - I have made an account for the rescue I support in order to try and reach more people. It's surprisingly hard work to try and get new followers and get people to RT you :(

Around 4pm I developed a really bad headache and went to bed and stayed there for the rest of the day until 9pm when I dragged myself out to vote - cos voting is important - I then went back to bed and didnt move again.

Today's positive - hopefully going to be seen before December by ENT as things are not getting any better with my ear

Almost forgot - a gorgeous dress I won arrived today too - stunning :)

Day 127 - Friday

Off work yet again - I will be glad to go back on Monday as staying home is driving me nuts.

Cleaned the litter trays today - started a blog for my rescue kitty lady - it's all part of trying to raise awareness of the rescue - tweeted a few people from the kitty rescue account and got a load of RT's of one of the kitty pics I posted yay.

Had a couple of prizes arrive as well which was nice.

Have been looking at word press as it seems easier to use than blogger esp when putting in pictures and stuff - am thinking of transferring my blog to there at the end of the month to make it more manageable.

Happily my headache has almost like 99% gone today yay :)

So my positive is feeling better - when you feel a bit off it makes everything seem like a big deal - when your feeling okay then everything feels more possible.

Here is a picture of our snakes as I dont often post pictures of them due to them being difficult to photograph

They are called Emi and Morfa

Morfa enjoying her dinner - yes that is a mouse she is swallowing whole

Morfa at the front is the dark browns, orange, red and black & Emi is at the back she is yellow, white & orange

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