Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kids in blogs and other such stuff

I recently along with a bunch of other people became a brand ambassador (ba) for a company called Child's Farm which does loads of really great products suitable for kids from birth all natural and free from nasty bits and suitable for sensitive or eczema prone skin. It's a great company to work with and they have sent us out loads of their full size products to try plus samples to give out to families and friends.

Part of being a ba is talking about the product, reviewing it online etc which is fine - I love trying new things out - H is smelling good with it and we are all enjoying it - what I am not so keen on is there almost seems to be a pressure (not from the company) but from the other ba's to post pics of kids enjoying the products on facebook and on blog posts. This worries me - now maybe having a dad who worked in forensic psychiatry (thats the good old lock up wards where if the patients weren't in hospital they would be in a very very very secure prison due to the nature of their crimes) and working within child health has given me a very negative view of other people. Perhaps where others see an innocent picture of a child naked in the bath tub I see something that can be used by sick people and twisted for their own means. I really dont feel comfortable with the idea of posting a picture of H or D naked in the tub on the net. I dont mind writing a review but I think that is where it will end.

I read a post a few months ago about a family who will not allow anything about their children to be posted online - they have even set up social media accounts in their childrens name ready for when they are older to use so that noone else can use them. That's a bit extreme too.

I guess for me it's about moderation. I will post the occasional pic to fb or twitter or even on the blog but thats it - they will have a digital footprint but hopefully it wont be huge and when they are old enough to get onto social media they wont find anything that will embarrass or upset them about themselves.


  1. My daughter is photographed and named on the blog, but only her first name. I never mention where we live or take photos with road signs etc. But if anybody wants to find you, its so easily done over the internet these days. Well done on ambassodorship

    1. It's not the photos in general that bother me its the photos of the kids naked in the tub - it just makes me very uncomfortable - there are some pics of H up on the blog and on fb and twitter but she is fully clothed in them. Maybe I am over -protective or maybe I have heard too many horror stories in work and from my dad