Monday, June 15, 2015

+385 Days 165 & 166

Day 165 - Sunday

Today there was this big bike race thing going on in Cardiff they closed tonnes of roads and it was awful. I dont think they thought it out properly and they closed loads of roads but didnt have them listed on the road closure list either - total nightmare. We were going to go out for food but couldn't get to where we were going so ended up turning around and coming back to our local Hungry Horse.

Worse meal EVER - I rarely leave bad reviews but I have literally nothing nice to say about it.

The restaurant was filthy, tables sticky. They originally sat us next to a family of around 20 kids who were screaming and running around from one end of it to the other including running in and out of the fire doors. I asked to move because it was literally unbearable.

We moved to another booth table which again was dirty but quieter sat next to a fire exit. Kids continued to run in and out of the exit until we closed it - during this there were people carrying hot plates of food tripping over them. Parents carried on chilling with their beers - well done sterling parenting skills! I dont expect kids to be sat in silence in a restaurant but these were beyond - it was dangerous and staff pretended they couldn't see what was going on as they just couldn't be bothered dealing with it!

When the food arrived it was okay - I had a beef dinner - half way through eating a potato I noticed a long blond hair stuck to it urgh really put me off - they brought me out a fresh dinner but I was kinda off it by that point. They had plated the peas in their water which had mixed with all the rest of the food making everything taste like peas and the roast potatoes were slimy so I ended up leaving it.

This is the second time I have tried it on a Sunday - last time it was pretty awful too so wont be going back will stick to the carvery in the future at least the food there is tasty and much better value and staff are on the ball.

When we got home I had a discussion with my uncle who is coming on holidays with us - he is only spending the first week and then flying back to the UK and I wanted to try and persuade him to stay in a hotel in gatwick following his flight and come home the next day - he is disabled and nearly 70 and he will find the flight then followed by a 5 hour coach journey too much I think. He has agreed to it so I got him a room at travelodge in gatwick central for £31 - not a bad price. We have stayed there before and we will all be staying there before our flights out this year too so I will make sure he knows which bus he needs to get and stuff. Its a nice travelodge clean, quiet and refurbed and the staff were great.

I also booked our return coach tickets to gatwick for the holidays had to book them separately due to the different return dates but thats another thing off my tick list. Lots of people have asked me why we are not going by train - train is about an hour quicker. The reason is simple when you are travelling with 2 disabled passengers both of whom have difficulty walking, plus suitcases and hand luggage the train just isnt a viable option as you have to change. Also they would both struggle to get up the steps in Cardiff central and then having to switch in Reading (sometimes less than 5 mins between the trains - we have done it before running up the steps across and down) its just not going to happen it can take my uncle 10 minutes to walk 100m and that is without pulling a case. The coach is longer but there are not stairs other than the step onto the coach, it's straight through no changes and it drops you literally kerbside at the airport. It's also significantly cheaper for the 4 of us it's like £130ish return and you can change your ticket for around £5-10 if you need too - the train was over £300 return!

Anyways today's positive is ticking another thing off my holiday to do list - its less than 12 weeks now til we go!

Day 166 - Monday

Today I am speechless - literally! I seem to have developed a complete inability to speak over night along with a burning sensation in my throat - the SLT in work has diagnosed me with laryngitis and told me I am not to speak. This meant for fun times in work - I tried answering my phone but after listening to me croak they hung up! Had to put my phone on silent and pick up messages and then get another staff member to respond on my behalf - awkward!

Work was fine - probably because everyone started leaving me alone when they realised I couldn't answer them haha.

I came home to a random message from ASDA telling me I didn't need to work tonight - which was kind of them as I am not scheduled to work lol I am only doing Friday and Saturday nights - I hope they haven't confused me with someone else who then is going to come into work eep.

After work I slept for like hours I went to bed around 5.30 and got up 8.30 I didn't want to get up I wanted to stay in bed but thought I might be awake half the night if I did. I think all the trying to get people to understand me by signing and writing notes has worn me out!

My mum bought me apple pie from Morrison's so am just about to tuck into a large slice with squirty cream - diet is going exceedingly well haha

Today's positive? Silence is Golden - okay so I cant speak but its a temporary thing and I actually got lots done in work today :D I am hoping my voice comes back tomorrow but have been told it can take up to a week so will see how it goes - at least it is only temporary which I am grateful for.

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