Saturday, June 13, 2015

The LG G4 or #TryLGG4 - All about that phone - Part 2 - REVIEW


So my LGG4 arrived yay

I was super excited to get my parcel finally delivered - first thing I noticed was it was a really light parcel - that's a good sign as it means the phones going to be light :)

What was in the box?

3 things  :

- bluetooth headset
- info about the campaign
- LGG4

So I blatantly ignored the headset and wait straight to the techy goodness of the phone.

First impression was wow its got a big screen at least a cm wider and taller than my S3. The phone itself is quite thin with a slight curve to the back so that it fits comfortably in your hand. Even with the battery in its still pretty light too which is great as I can pop it in my pocket without it weighing my trousers down!

With the phone came....NO INSTRUCTIONS!!!! What? ARRRGGHHH so I don't normally read instructions inside out and back to front but this is a brand new phone, it's completely different to the samsung and iphones which I have used before and I have no idea how to use it.

Putting my sim card in was easy enough then came the big challenge - it took me a few minutes to work out how to turn it on! I checked the front no button, I checked the sides no button...there is a button on the back but it looks like a camera button - that can't be the power button can it? Yep it is - phew!

After feeling really stupid for taking so long to work it out I got the phone on and running.

First thing to notice is the screen - its amazing really bright and crystal clear - even with the plastic covering on (which I have left on for the entire trial as I dont wanna scratch it) the pics not brill as taken with my old phone but it should give u an idea :)

The screen is also super responsive but not overly so. It means it responds quickly and well to your finger but doesn't open tonnes of things you dont want opened.

I immediately set up my social media - it doesn't come with fb pre-loaded which is odd as most phones do now and I decided against downloading the fb ap as I am not keen on it so access FB via the browser. Instagram and Twitter were easy to do and I downloaded the aol and yahoo mail aps so I can get my email.

The speed of connectivity to the internet using my sim was really fast compared to my previous phone. Signal strength for 3 is pretty poor in my house generally and in the past I have struggled to get the net. No probs with this phone straight on and pretty much instantaneous access on youtube yay.

I also tried it with my home wi-fi again super fast and easy to connect with no probs. The wifi signal in some of the rooms is quite weak but the phone still managed to connect and run quickly on it.

I spent some time playing with it and trying out the pre-loaded programmes including - 

- smart remote - super easy to set up and use and works on all the tvs and the sky box :D
- LG Health - a nice fitness tracker - easy to set up and it logs how long you have been walking for, how many calories you have used and what % of your set daily goal that is (you can set the goal to whatever you like)
- LGG4 trial app - an app for us reviewers to upload our 100 great photo moments

The thing I was most looking forward to about the phone was the camera - it has 2 cameras one at the front which is 16MP which is more than my fuji digicam and the selfie one which is 8MP.

I have to admit though I was a tad disappointed with the main camera. Yes you can get some amazing shots but only if your subject will stay still for 30-60 seconds. The shutter speed is really slow and the camera response from you clicking the camera button to taking the photo is also delayed. It meant that some awesome shots were missed.

Now I know there is a way of going in and fully adjusting the camera but that's not really what I was expecting to have to do on my phone. I have a DSLR camera that I can faff about like that with - my phone camera should be point and click and it should work well on the automatic settings. So that I can spontaneously grab my phone and snap a great shot. I also found it didn't seem to employ any antishake tech so if your taking a pic and your hand shakes slightly it doesnt autofocus it just blurs the picture.

That being said the quality of the photos when your subject consents to sit quietly and your able to hold the camera completely still and steady is really really good and crystal clear.

The selfie camera is awesome and it has a built in little tool which basically smooths out blemishes - its kinda like an airbrush tool and really does make you look good it even smooths wrinkles!

I've been using the phone a lot and found the battery really doesn't last longer than a day but I am a heavy user - I use it for facebook, twitter and instagram and probably spend around 2-4 hours on the phone on these apps/sites. I also use it for e-mail and again I am probably spending around 1 hour accessing e-mail. Add in the phone calls, texts, fitness tracker, alarm clock and youtube time and its probably being used quite heavily & continuously for around 6+ hours a day which is actually not bad. From fully charged and with that amount of use the battery is usually under 20% when I go to bed. 

It is really quick to charge the battery which is great from nearly empty to fully charged is just a couple of hours.

I am really enjoying using the phone and its different features. Because my phone arrived late I didn't really give much thought to taking part in the photo challenge as I figured most people who had their phone earlier would have completed the challenge much more quickly. I recently got an e-mail from the insiders team to say the 44 winners had been chosen (I knew I wasn't one of them as I only uploaded 25/100 photos!) along with the winners announcement they also had exciting news - they were going to offer another 100 insiders who completed the challenge a chance to keep the phone! I am now so all on that and have been trying to find photos to fit each of the categories - do I think my photos are the best and most original? Probably not to be honest but I'm gonna give it a good try!

Part 3 a finally summary and what happens next to follow when I know what happens next :)

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