Wednesday, June 24, 2015

+365 days 174

Day 174 - Tuesday

Today was work which was the same as always :)

I finished early to get to the drs where I was seen an hour late! I hate things not running on time it puts my teeth on edge - I'm one of those people who is always 5-10 mins early. I hate being late or having to rush and then waiting around after.

The dr was odd...its the same dr I saw when I had whooping cough who misdiagnosed me despite me telling him several other staff in work had it. He also sent my blood samples when he did eventually think it might be whooping cough to the wrong place - the outcome being by the time I was diagnosed I was really sick but it was too late for me to have the antibiotics that would have helped and it had to run it's course - it took 9 months for it to finally clear up and even now I get some issues with my chest.

So he listened to my chest and said it was borderline, checked my ears and said he couldnt see anything as they were too gunky, temp was slightly up and checked my heart rate which was too high and then prescribed me antibiotics but decided he would do the script for 2 days time just in case it clears up in the mean time - weird but at least he apologised for running an hour late

Things have been pretty quiet for me on the comping front recently - not many wins in the last week which isn't a huge surprise as I haven't had time or energy to enter as been feeling so lousy.

Anyways I had 2 wems (thats winning e-mails) today which cheered me up - one for some mulbery and green tea and one for series 9 of supernatural boxset whoot.

I'll give the box set to my mum as she loves LOVES supernatural and I'm going to give the tea drinking a go myself as it's supposed to be super good for you and I think my immune system needs a boost.

Today's positive was remembering when I was at the drs to get my repeat prescription as I am nearly out of all my meds and I always forget to do it until the very last minute doh.

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