Sunday, June 7, 2015

+ 365 Day 155 &156

Day 155 - Thursday

Today I weighed and I have put on weight :( That made me so sad I rushed to Home Bargains and bought a load of sweets and chocolate...diets back on again next week yes?

Today I am grateful for the fact I am broke now - it means i cant run over the shop and buy choccies, crisps and sweets - as I have the will power of a slug faced with a garden of veggies!

That is all

Day 156 - Friday

Today I had a half day in work which is always good :D

I decided to buy myself a rustlers micro rib sandwich for lunch along with a yoghurt covered muffin. Knowing Jac's thieving ways I left the muffin along with some jelly babies on my bed in my room and I nuked my micro sarnie.

I decided to sit and chill in the living room - watch a  bit of Judge Judy whilst enjoying my lunch.

Left it on the side for 2 seconds while I found the remote and came back to find the bread left and the rib meat gone!!! bloody dog had stolen it - not happy about that.

So I decide hey its fine i'll have my muffin that will cheer me up...

Walking to my room I notice jelly babies stuck to the landing floor, entering my room and the mangy hound has eaten over half a bag of them!!!!

Deep breath... its fine I still have my lovely muffin to eat... no I dont the bloody dog has eaten that too!

Ragin' doesnt come close

Today I am thankful I didnt have to take the stupid hound to the vets and he didnt make himself sick after stealing all my lunch!!!!

The trail of evidence

The guilty looking dog


  1. OMG I'm not surprised you were mad at your dog

  2. Furious doesn't come close - I didnt speak to him for the rest of the day - he was pathetic then grovelling on his belly trying to get me to look at him and fuss him