Tuesday, June 23, 2015

+ 365 Days 167 - 173

Day 167 - Tuesday

Today I am still voiceless! We had a big staff meeting in work and I couldn't speak - I could just about emit a high pitched squeak - highly amusing for everyone else not so amusing for me!

After the meeting we had a bring a plate lunch to celebrate a colleagues 60th birthday and another colleague who is leaving for mat leave as shes due to have a little girl in a couple of weeks.

Myself and another girl put together a little baby girl gift hamper for her with an outfit, a toy, some smellies and some bits for her too like choccies and tea. She loved it which was fab as it was a las minute thing - so glad we did it :D

Today's positive was putting together and giving the gift hamper and making someone else's day

Day 168 - Wednesday

Still no voice - where has it gone?

Along with no voice I have developed a rather annoying barking cough! Still hopeful it's laryngitis and will be back tomorrow!!!

I found out today that an old friend of mine I know from a Disney geeks forum (yep I'm that sad) who I also met up with a few times in London and who worked at Disneyworld with me has got another 12 month contract at Disneyworld - he should be there when I am there for my holidays! I am so excited about it. Louis is a great guy but he is french and lives in france so I only get to see him every couple of years. It will be fab to meet up with him in the place we love, ride some coasters, eat late night MaccyD's and just hang out.

I love my Disney friends - its very hard to explain to someone who hasn't live out at Disneyworld some of the craziness that goes on - even now I cant point with 1 finger and I have to stop myself offering to take people's photos!!!

So today;s positive has to be that in around 12 weeks or so I am going to see an old friend :)

Day 169 - Thursday

The voice has returned! well sorta I can now croak a few words - get in there!

Work today was longgggg it is superhot in the office I think my thermo read like 28 degrees and with no breeze thats a bit warm!

The SLT I work with told me not to speak or over use my voice as it will go again. Still coughing too.

Got a text in work today from my mum saying she was feeling down so even though I kinda wanted to go home after work and take a nap I took her to bingo for a couple of hours instead. Typical of my luck on the night I have no voice I win and have to shout! only a tenner but it did pay for the bingo and the muffins we had :D

I think mum felt a bit more cheerful at the end especially as I talked through the holiday bits n bobs with her and although she wont have loads of money to take I think it will be just about manageable.

Today's positive was managing to get my mum to leave the house when she was feeling depressed which is no mean feat as she generally just wants to go to bed!

Day 170 - Friday

Today was a half day woohoo half day half day yay. It also happens to be pay day :D

After I finished work mum met me and we went shopping - I was going to go sign up for a costco card but I forgot my payslip so couldnt - really need to remember to do that soon. I also called into ASDA to get my fob card fixed as it doesnt open any of the external doors - security didnt have time to do it so I had to leave it with them.

After some slight over-use yesterday my voice was pretty grim again so I have been very quiet all day and the cough is now a cough with bright green gunk - I'm thinking I might have an infection yuck. I slept a lot this afternoon and evening and I have to admit I am dreading working tomorrow night

Today's positive?  Payday payday and we ordered pizza for dinner :D

Day 171 - Saturday

My voice is back again but I have been good and resting it anyways.

Today I had to go visit my aunty - she recently turned 70 and she had birthday cake for me :) thats not my only reason for visiting lol but cake is always good. She is looking after Jac next week when I go to the Sound of Music for the day so I needed to sort the details with her.

Me, my mum and my uncle went out for dinner today to La Shish - it was really quiet as Ramadan has started which was kinda nice as normally its heaving. I was really surprised that Uncle C didnt like the food - me and mam love it.

after dinner it was back home and I went to bed at around 6pm to get some sleep before my first shift at ASDA tonight.

Today's positive - cake cake cake

Day 172 - Sunday

So my shift at ASDA was really good. It was cool as when I got there (despite the slip road being closed and having to detour about 10 miles out of the way) there were 2 guys who had interviewed with me also starting so I wasnt on my own.

The work itself is relatively easy if you know the store layout -  which I don't yet - stocking shelves and then facing everything up so it all looks good for the customers.

I worked in health and beauty and it looks like thats where I am normally going to be placed.

Everyone was really nice and friendly too.

The night went super fast and I wasn't tired which was great - I had forgotten how nice it is to not have any responsibilities in work and to just have a thing to do and do it - my week day job is really pressurised and I have to make lots of decisions and prioritise stuff all the time so it was kinda nice to do a job where I could just switch off.

After work I slept until 1pm and then I took mum to Lidls as they have just reopened after a refurb. It was absolutely heaving so we did our shop and got the hell out of dodge!

Then it was home and chilling for a bit before bed again as soo tired.

Cough and gunkiness continues along with croaky voice - voice is getting better cough is not - gonna try and get a drs appointment on Monday

Today's positive - was deffo the job at ASDA and the first shift going so well. I hope it continues well to :)

Day 173 - Monday

Back to the day job today.

I managed to get a GP appointment for tomorrow - seriously whats that all about? its normally impossible to get one with less than 3 weeks notice. So appointment booked for tomorrow at 3.45 pm

Nothing really happened today.

After work I paid off pretty much everything that was left for the holiday which is a HUGE relief. Just gotta get some spending money now.

Today's positive is getting an appointment quickly with the GP - my coughing is causing real issues with sleep so I am hopeful the doc can sort me out.

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