Monday, June 29, 2015

+ 365 Days 176 - 180

Day 176 - Thursday

After yesterday's truly epic day - today has been a LOOONNNGGG day as I was super tired.

Today pretty much passed in a blur - I did get my antibiotics which I started yay

This evening was a retirement party for work so I went along had some food laughed at some people dancing and doing karaoke - due to my chest infection I couldnt do either - gutted haha (not) - it was a really good night I did leave early as I started coughing a lot.

Today's positive was saying good bye to a colleague with style :)

Day 177 - Friday

Today again work passed in a blur of tiredness - I had a half day in the day job which was good as I basically went home and slept until around 730pm before my night shift at 10pm at ASDA

Work at ASDA was good - again I wasnt as tired as I thought I would be. I also got paid from ASDA whoop whop. So cos I do nights im on 7.22 an hour which isnt brill but better than the 6.66 I would be getting on days

Today's positive - pay day :D

Day 178 - Saturday

I slept til 1pm today and then got up and changed my bed, tidied my room, did washing an stuff. Didnt really feel like doing much as M & H were hanging around - H is walking really well now if still a bit clumsy - cant believe she is 2 in August :D

Work again tonight was okay I had to do some training and got feedback from the manager that they are happy with my work  - always good to know :)

Today's positive is seeing the improvement in H's walking - when I think that 3 months ago she wasn't walking and was having physio and they were talking about all sorts of stuff and now shes like a whippet :)

Day 179 - Sunday

Today again as spent mostly sleeping - I didnt get up until late and then I cooked dinner for everyone and just slobbed around. The antibiotics seem to have kicked in so I am coughing less and less green gunk too.

Today's positive is the chest infection clearing up

Day 180 - Monday

Today I got loads done in work :) but the office was like an oven it is soooo warm in there.

Tonight I have been entering loads of competitions as tomorrow is like the end of the month so there's loads that are closing tomorrow. I'm hopeful for some wins - my work colleague is running the Cardiff half Marathon in support of neuro-rehab so I am hoping to win some items she can use as raffle prizes :D Anyways I think I entered like 400 or so comps today - I got a bit bored so didnt do them all but hopefully I will get 1 or 2 wins for her  :)

I have also done the final survey for the LG G4 campaign - I still need to submit a couple of reports too. I havent been as active on this campaign as the others but it's a lot more difficult when your not physically giving people something but I know of 2 people who have bought LG G4's after seeing mine which cant be a bad thing :)

Tonight I also booked some extra tickets for the holidays - after a long discussion with mam around money and stuff I made the decision to not book universal studios this year - last time we went lizzie misbehaved badly and there wasnt a lot for her to do and their disabled facilities are shocking. So I have just booked us Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica tickets which are 14 day ones with free transport to BG, I also got us our i-ride trolly tickets and I booked us to go see the Pirates dinner show too - all for under £400 for the 3 of us which I am pleased with :)

I just need to book the airport lounge for the way out, buy my travel insurance (eek), book a taxi for the day of travel and book special assistance for Uncle C on his flights home without us - oh and fast passes for disney and then I think everything is done and I can just chill a bit about it all

Today's positive is getting more holiday stuff sorted out of the way

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