Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Wins & Freebies

These may have been won previously but they have only arrived this month :) items will be added as I receive them :D - all pics and links will be completed at the end of the month

1. Win Goody bag for the pets from a VioVets comp on Facebook :) Consists of a tug toy and treats for Jac, a collar and pouch of food for the cats and a little set of magnetic fotoframes to put their pics in :) Jac loved the tug toy and stole it when I was trying to take a pic the first time, Lady didnt like the collar so I have given it to tisha, the cats and the dog all liked the dog treats and we will be putting some lovely pet pics up in the kitchen with the magnets when I get round to printing them out :D

2. Freebie - BBQ marinade from SoPost

3. Freebie - Mascara from SoPost

4. Freebie - Night remedy sample from SoPost

5. Win from ASDA - a bib (pictured with #4)

6. Win Cat goodies from Purina (the pro-plan trial and review we did - they sent these out yay) a kitty play tunnel, a laser pen which doesn't have a light but a mouse symbol hehe, a fleece blankie, a 3 in 1 grooming mit and a stylish shopper bag

7. Win A Gillette & Stark Industries Print signed by Stan Lee from Addicted to Media

8. A bbq cook book - I have no idea if this was a freebie or a win it just arrived haha

9. Win A book - back in time for dinner - it has some really cool stuff in it

10. Win A Ben & Jerry's Tee from Twitter

11. Win - Jac came runner up in a smiliest dog comp run by Good Boy over on their FB page and won a choccy doggy hamper which contained 4 large bags of chocolate/yoghurt drops and 2 small bags - he was in choccy doggy heaven!
ooh yoghurt drops
smells like choccy

so much chocolate

12. Win - a Tangled book to use with LeapFrog Reader

13. Freebie - Skincare sample of Vinoperfect (on the same pic as 12)

14. Win Benefit Mascara from the Beauty Bible

15. Win A Mouse's Tale on DVD (no idea where from it just turned up lol)

16. Freebie - full size Olay sample from So Post (I am loving this ap right now hehe)

17. WIN 2 x Tickets to the sound of music at a venue of my choice :) I won this a while back but I only picked the tickets up at the box office this month so listing it here whoot

18. WIN - a daionic vest which is going to my dad

19. WIN - from The Good Boy Page on FB a selection of thier fishy doggy treats

20. FREEBIE - from SoPost - a free can of tropical red bull

21. FREEBIE from SoPost a mini bottle of Glenlivet whisky which is going to my dad

22. WIN - a fab secret garden embroidery book from the World of Cross Stitch FB Page :)

23. FREEBIE - skincare freebie and money off coupon

24. FREEBIE -  Lancome Skincare sample

25. Win - Free trial of Hills Science Cat Food (2kgs) from Monster Pet Supplies web page - my cats love this food - Lady even ate it from my hand which is unheard of she never takes food from your hand!

26. Series 9 of Supernatural on Blu-Ray from Connected Digital World  :)

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