Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Dysfunctional Family

I realised that I often witter away about random people in my family but havent actually ever said who is who. My family is pretty dysfunctional and difficult to follow so here goes :)

1. My mum - she is 64 and a retired psychiatric nurse - she is diabetic

2. My dad - he is 55 and a retired psychiatric nurse - also diabetic

They are divorced and have been for years but they get on really well and my dad often stays with us

3. My big sister S - she is blonde and has a blonde dad (not my dad) who isn't in touch - she is 45 and has a whole host of issues including mental health probs, mobility difficulties and diabetes .She has 3 kids:

3i - Lizzie aged 24 moderate learning difficulties and behavioural difficulties, ASD, Cerebral Palsy, partially deaf, and has eye sight problems. She lives with a foster family and has done since she was 4 years old due to her difficulties. Lizzie often comes on holiday with me, day trips and spends a LOT of time at my place. She can be difficult to manage and has aggressive outbursts. She has a bf and they have been together for a long time.

3ii - D aged 22 - D has mental health issues and moved out of her mums place when she was 16 - she doesnt really spend time with the family but does turn up occasionally when tis her birthday or christmas to get presents

3iii - N aged 17 - N has mental health issues, behavioural difficulties and social communication difficulties. She lives at home with S. She has a bf who is 54 - I totally disagree with this but have been told she is happy with him (vom)

Lizzie and D have the same dad - he is involved with D but doesnt like Lizzie due to her disabilities.

N is in touch with her dad who is different to L&D's.

4. My big sister M - she is a redhead and has a red headed dad (not the same dad as me and S - getting confused yet?) M is 43 and has a mild learning difficulty, adult diagnosed ADHD, kidney and bladder probs that require ongoing hospital treatments, IBS and mental health probs. M has 2 children:

4i. J aged 22 - lives with M has ASD, social communication difficulties, mild learning difficulties, ADHD, behavioural problems and depression. J's dad was abusive so there is no contact with him or his family. J has a son (D who lives with his other grandmother but spends alternative weekends with J and M)

4ii H aged 22 months - lives with M - her dad doesnt really have contact (she has some half sisters on his side but they are not in touch). H has low tone and developmental delay. I have a SGO in relation to H which makes me responsible for her - it kinda works out like a shared custody thing it just means I make sure M and H are okay and managing (M is a great mum she just needs support) H & M stay with me quite a lot. This is one of the reasons we are pushing for them to move closer as M doesn't drive due to her conditions so it would be better if she was nearer me so I can continue to support her

5. My big bro P - he is 40 and lives in China. Him and M have the same dad and he is also a red head. He is getting married this year to his Chinese Fiance - we cant go to the wedding as we already have a holiday at the beginning of Sept so they clash.

I'm not going to go into the aunts, uncles, and cousins as I would be here all day with writers cramp! Lets just say I have numerous of all and they are all crazy and my entire family wouldn't look out of place on Jeremy Kyle - it's true what they say you can't choose your family I love them but they are pretty nuts!

I'm also not going to go into pets as they all have them from dogs and cats to birds and lizards to a tarantula!

So that's it a brief intro to my kin :D

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