Thursday, June 11, 2015

The LG G4 or #TryLGG4 - All about that phone - Part 1 - REVIEW


If you follow me on twitter you will have seen me posting lots of pictures using the HASHTAG #TryLGG4

So what's it all about?

About 2 months ago I got an exciting e-mail from the Insiders Campaign People (I recently reviewed Purina Pro-Plan cat food with them in Feb this year - check out my post on the review page). The page contained a bit of info about a new campaign - the opportunity to try and review the LG G4 plus a blue tooth head set.

I was pretty excited - as most people know my history with phones isn't great - I have lost several in toilets, dropped down toilets and on one memorable occasion ran over my own phone. I was using a hand me down Samsung S3 from my dad ( he upgraded to the 6) following the demise of my previous phone. I was considering getting myself a new phone as much as I liked the S3 I found it a tad bulky.

I read the t&c's and decided I would enter - they had 200 phones to be reviewed. Unfortunately you dont get to keep the phone and have to hand it back at the end, if you dont hand it back or hand it back badly damaged then you get charged £250 - part of the sign up involves you giving your IBAN details (international banking details) which can be found usually on your internet banking page. As I had completed a previous campaign and I felt as a company they were trust worthy I got my IBAN details and submitted my application to become a reviewer.

there was a little wait to hear back but then YES I got an e-mail telling me I was chosen as a reviewer - woohoo.

Now the other exciting part about this project is they said they would be letting 44 of the 200 reviewers keep the phone WOW. In order to qualify to keep the phone you had to take and load up pictures using the phone and an ap on the phone. They had set categories and the first 44 people to load up 44 quality pictures (not sure how they defined quality mind) would get to keep the phone.

I was determined that as soon as my phone arrived I would be on it - I would be out snapping at every opportunity and get all the photos done and be one of the lucky 44!

Sadly it didnt happen like that :(

The Insiders sent my package out via UPS. UPS didnt have my address right and I got my phone late :( I was gutted I knew I wouldn't be able to get my 100 photos uploaded quick enough to keep the phone.

But hey - I still get to try and review a brand spanking just released phone

So - before getting the phone things I was excited to try:

- the camera - front camera 16mp - the best there is in a phone plus a selfie camera thats 8MP - this is better specs than my digital camera!

- the ultra bright and large screen

- the speed - my samsung is 3 years old!

So did the phone live up to my expectations?

Part 2 to follow :)

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