Wednesday, June 10, 2015

+ 365 Days 157 - 161

Day 157 - Saturday

Today was slightly disappointing - I really fancied an Indian so off we trotted but our fave restaurant is STILL closed with no sign to say why or when it will be re-opened. My mam suggested it could be due to Ramadan but that's not until around the 18th :(

We ended up eating at La Shish instead and we literally gorged ourselves

We had the most amazing meza starter to share and then we both had lamb shaw summat or the other with rice. It was AMAZING

Starter - there was also a massive naan bread that you dont see - it was lush and we literally polished the plate

My lamb watever - such a huge amount of food - I tried my best but was defeated

So today's positive was enjoying a nice meal out even if it wasn't what I wanted

Day 158 - Sunday

Today I tidied my room. It really needed doing it was getting foul - over flowing bin, unmade bed, clothes on the floor etc It took me a while but I felt so much better when it was done - it's weird how living in a mess can make me so stressed.

I also sorted out my clothes - I have lost weight I no longer fit into size 24, 22 tops or sizes 24, 22, 20 or 18 bottoms. It was heart wrenching getting rid of the clothes especially as part of me think what if I put the weight back on I'm gonna be screwed!. I gave a bunch of the clothes to a girl I know from freecycle who was going on holidays and needed some. I put a bunch of the new stuff with tags on ebay - kinda hope they sell so I can put the money towards my holidays spending money and the rest either were binned (I'm a short ass and tend to end up with ripped trouser bottoms where I am to lazy to hem them) or took to the charity shop. I know have some space in my wardrobe again yay

Today's positive was getting things back into order. I really dont like living in a mess but sometimes during the week with work I just feel really tired when I get home and by time I have done food and stuff there isnt time left.

Day 159 - Monday

Back to work boo :( I think we have the work week wrong we should be working the weekend and having the week off!

Work was okay

When I came home my sister called me quite upset - my aunty's widow has finally gone and served her an eviction notice - really nice of him as it's her birthday tomorrow - what a birthday present! I told her though it's a god thing it means they will re-home you as urgent away from him.

At the end of the call she was reasonably happy so thats today's positive being able to calm my sister down and feel less stressed and unhappy.

Day 160 - Tuesday

Todays my sisters birthday. We had a good long chat on the phone which was nice and I hope she liked her presents - I got her a frozen watch (yes she's 43 but mentally more like 15 and she loved it I'm sure and i got myself one too haha) as well as some socks, some chocolate, a really nice scarf and an owl handbag. I wanted to get her some extra bits as it's her first birthday without aunty chris and she always bought her loads. My mam and niece wen to visit her - I couldn't due to work but I think having them there helped a lot.

She called me later to say she loved her pressies yay. There's something really nice about giving someone a present they love. I know she really wanted a tablet as she only has my old mobile phone to get online but money is tight at the moment. I keep trying to win her one though or to win vouchers to get her one.

So what has made me happy today is making my big sister happy with her gifts :)

Day 161 - Wednesday

OMG look what I have! I won this awesome print and I love it. I was slightly disappointed it arrived wrapped in a single sheet of bubble wrap in a jiffy bag as the frame it came in was smashed into smithereens but I can always get a new frame and the print is fine. So the print is a Gillette / Stark Industries Print signed by none other than the god of the marvelverse himself Mister Stan Lee :)

Absolutely love it and will be making a trip to ikea to get a new frame for it - I'm thinking it will look awesome in hot pink to match my room :D

I can't like this totally made my day today and made happier than a cat in a barrel of catnip hehe

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