Tuesday, June 30, 2015

+365 Day 181

Today is Tuesday :)

So summer is finally here - yay

Work was incredibly hot and sweaty - we really need air con but lunch was lovely as I got to go out and wander in the sun for 30 mins - ahh bliss - I actually think I have some colour in my arms - not the tan variety but the pinkish hue still better than my normal ghostly white look.

We have had the fans going all evening at home and it has been blissful :) the cats have been sprawled out in front of them along with the dog enjoying the feel of the breeze rushing through their fur.

Now its passed midnight its cooler and they are having a crazy half hour running like loons around the living room - its a good thing my downstairs neighbour is deaf - for such a tiny kitty Lady makes a hell of a noise as she charges around.

My new phone cover for my LG G4 arrived today I am pretty pleased it cost me a whole £1 from ebay and that included free delivery! It wasn't quite the same as in the picture online - the quality of the butterfly print is deffo off but for a £1 with a free screen protector I really cant complain too much :) It arrived when they said it would too which was a bonus and it also doubles as a handy purse for storing cards and notes in :) The first pic is from their ebay store and the bottom 3 are my cover :)

 anyways today's positive is enjoying the small things - like the walk in the sun over lunch, watching the cats fur ripple with the fan and laughing at their crazy antics :)

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