Sunday, November 22, 2015

SuperSavvyCircle - Always Discreet Part 3 My Final Thoughts

So I have been trying out Always Discreet for SuperSavvyCircle (You can read Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking on them here)

I have now used up all my pack and I also tried out the small and the long too and this is my final thoughts on the project and the product.

1. The project

I've taken part in several projects with SSC and they are always well organised and run smoothly and this one has been no different - step by step info, blog posts, emails, well packaged and delivered product and plenty of info and coupons and of course samples too. I actually really enjoy being able to take part in these projects - they can be time consuming and remembering to try and record every single conversation is not easy and I am sure I am not the only one who sometimes misses recording them all! The project has also opened up new lines of conversation between me, my friends, my family and even some colleagues about bladder sensitivity - whilst I lack the social graces of a toad and am happy to talk about my bodily functions to pretty much anyone I get that lots of people find it uncomfortable and embarrassing - I found younger people were much less open in general than older - I think that is to do with confidence and perhaps a slight fear that there is something not quite right - but we shouldn't be afraid to discuss this - fear around discussing it brings shame and it's nothing to be ashamed of - it's just a part of life - I'm not saying when you get on the bus you should announce loudly dont sit too close to me as if I sneeze I might wet myself (I mean you can if you fancy having a seat to yourself and noone sat next to you) but we should feel confident enough about ourselves and our bodies to say yeah I do sometimes laugh so much I pee a bit.

2. The Product

So what I liked about it:

- it absorbs - the always discreet are much better at absorbing fluid than panty liners or sanitary towels - the fluid doesnt sit on top of the pad either so it isnt uncomfortable

- it's comfortable - I found the small and the normal the most comfortable. I could wear them for several hours and forget I was wearing them.They also didn't show up when I was wearing my clothes - no tell tale bulges or weird lines or anything

- it's good for your lady bits :) - so urine contains acid, acid burns, acid up close to your lady bits equals red and sore lady bits! That doesnt happen with Always Discreet - I guess they suck that urine down so it's not sat on the surface layer so its not then next to your skin

- you dont smell wearing them - I am a big worrier about smelling - the always discreet had a scent to them I am not sure what that was but it didnt smell like baby powder or anything similar (that lots of sanitary products smell of).  It's a pleasant enough smell but not overwhelming. Wearing these you dont smell of wee which is obviously a big relief. Like I said you can wear them all day if you choose and they dont give off any dodgy odours!

So what I didn't like about it:

- the main thing I didnt like was the length - so the small panty liners are the perfect thickness for me but far too short, the normal are a little longer but a lot bulkier and the long which are the perfect length are far too bulky to be comfy. I would love them to do a thinner version of the long ones which would be great for me.

Over all the feedback from people who have tried these from me has been positive too.

Would I buy them? Yes I would they aren't hugely expensive (I checked out the cost in ASDA and they were like £2.99 a pack plus offers were on) and they do what they are supposed to do - line your pants so you dont have to worry about any embarrassing incidents in public and can get on with and enjoy life.

I still have some feedback to give in to the project team, the completed feedback sheets and some conversation reports but I personally have completed my trial and am pleased I got to take part.

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