Sunday, December 6, 2015

+ 365 days 326 - 339

So - normally I would break down the individual days for the blog especially when I haven't update in such a long time - 2 weeks! But it's been a crazy 2 weeks and I genuinely can't remember what happened or when so here are the high and low lights:

- My mums pc broke - we are took full on dead to the world there aint no fixing it although I tried! It's been on its way out for ages which is why I ordered her a new tower when I got paid a couple of weeks ago for Christmas. Luckily the new tower arrived the day after it broke - serendipitous no? So she had her pressie early - it took me about 3 hours to set it up with an antivirus and sort out all her accounts and stuff. Its not the best unit ever - it runs windows vista but I dont think she could cope with windows 8 or 10! Its an i3, 1TB HD and 4GB ram and is perfect for what she uses it for i.e. playing candy crush on fb!

- My uncle was taken poorly and rushed to A&R with horribly symptoms - we spent the night there - I tried to tell them it was his blood glucose levels - they were at 4-5 and thats low for him but because they were in the normal range they didnt listen - after nearly 24 hours in hospital the conclusion from the senior doctor? his blood glucose levels were too low and he was slipping into a coma - if they had just given him a spoonful of jam and then a sarnie it could all have been avoided!

- I did ALL my sisters christmas shopping for her - got her pressies (although a lot for the kids I have won through comping!) and majority of her food stuff - all she has left to get is fresh fruit and veggies and some meats. I used her money to do it that I look after for her as if she had the money she would have spent it (in the summer she worked her way through £3000 in like 6 weeks!) - she's not been too well lately physically and emotionally the last year of hell has petty much taken its toll on her and shes covered in a weird rash looks like measles! I've told her to get to the GP ASAP to get checked out.

- My nephew has moved back in with my sister - he isnt able to cope with living by himself but it means that once again shes living in over crowded accommodation!

- My sister's landlord has sold the house she is in but he wont give her anything in writing which means she cant really get re-prioritised on the council waiting list. I have written her a letter for the council telling them that the house is sold along with notices from the estate agents and also telling them they are over-crowded. I suspect she will be evicted shortly after Christmas which isnt going to make for a nice new year :( I have also given her details of somewhere she can ring to try a different council outside of cardiff but close enough to us that it's easy for her to get to us as although its a different council it has properties that are about 5 miles from us (the other side of cardiff is harder to get to!)

- I had to take a day off work sick - I'm pretty sure this puts me over the sick limit and I am going to get pulled up for a formal interview over my sickness. I couldnt go in to work as I was throwing up with a migraine and couldnt even take any painkillers as I threw them up twice which sucked. I really am not looking forward to that but I'm not going to put myself and others at risk by trying to drive to work when I have flickering auras, black spots and slow reactions due to a migraine :(

- My other sister (not the one above) ran someone over on a crossing in the night. The person was okay and didnt even get hit down as my sister was driving slowly. The woman took photos of my sisters car but refused her when she said she would call the police and an ambulance and walked off. She was wearing all dark clothes at night. My sister called the police anyways and they said it sounded like an insurance scam - they had no report but they took the description of the incident and said they had similar reports of a woman with the same description stepping out on the same crossing. My sister was pretty upset over it all.

I am sure plenty of other things have happened too but I just can't remember them - also it's advent and it's my first year as a comper to try them. There are literally hundreds of competitions being run on every site imaginable and I am trying to enter them to win some extra bits for Christmas for the family. Today marks the end of the first week and I have actually won less comps than I would normally so it's not looking too bright but at least it keeps me out of trouble!

Anyhoo, my positives for the last 2 weeks? 1. My uncle's fine, 2. My sister's sorted for Christmas, 3. My mum's sorted with her computer 4. My other sister despite hitting someone looks like its a scam and isnt in trouble or hurt!

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