Thursday, December 31, 2015

+365 - days 361 - 365 :) I'VE DONE IT!!!!!!

Day 361 - Sunday

So I need to stop moaning about my dad - he went out and bought me a laptop - its a late Christmas pressie - I'm in shock its pretty cool although I am not a huge fan of windows 10 and I forgot all ym passwords and stuff.

Thanks dad - positive is the generous daddy :)

Day 362 - Monday

Went to bingo with a my mum and an old friend :) had a good time chatting and playing although we didnt win - had to pay for mum as she was skint so I took £20 with me after paying for bingo and food for us both I had £3 left so had a quick go on the fruit machine and dropped the jackpot of £25 :) happy times.  Called in shaws after dropping my friend home and got new sheets to go with my new bedding, pants for my mum, a bed for the dog and pillow cases and came home with £8 left in cash - deffo a great day :D

Positive - cheap day out, good friends and a bit of shopping what more does a girl need?

Day 363 - Tuesday

Hit the sales today - not for me but for my sis got her a lot of pressies sorted for next year - managed to get lots of really cool stuff including toys for the kids and some nice bits for my nephew and sister and nieces from her too. Hopefully it means she wont be stressing too much about birthdays, easter and xmas as its mostly taken care of - the kids are young enough that they dont want the latest toys and gadgets and I got some really cool stuff for them all including dress up outfits, lego, smellies and clothes :D

Positive - getting my sis sorted well in advance  - even got her wrapping paper and stuff

Day 364 - Wednesday

Took the christmas decs down today - I know its early but our ornaments were taking a beating from the cats! Cleaned through , did the litter trays and a shed load of washing - been busy but good stuff I needed to do. Also popped to Tesco to see if they had anything good in their sale in the evening.Picked up a few bits and pieces.

Today's positive doing rubbish jobs that needed doing which sucks but happy to have gotten them all done

Day 365 - Thursday

So this is the last day of being positive 365 :)

I went out shopping today down Cardiff Bay - got the last of the bits for my sister and some bits for me to put away for the kids for next year. Also got my kitties one of those kitty grooming arches - they had them for £5.99 in the pets world at poundstretcher its a cheaper version of the expensive £19.99 one but they love it - not sure how long it will last but they are deffo some happy kitties which is great :)

The weather is horrendous we are not getting it as bad as some people no flooding or anything just grim wet weather, cold and high winds. My thoughts remain with friends and family in york who are in a very difficult situation with no electricity and flooding and various other warnings in place.

So today's positive is that I made it - I went a whole year being positive.

Tomorrow is the start of 2016 - I hope the new year brings joy, happiness and health to all my friends and family :)

and now I am off for a few cocktails :D


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