Sunday, January 24, 2016

A new year and a new challenge

So in case anyone is wondering where I have gone? The answer is nowhere!

I completed the 365 days positive project and decided to take a couple of weeks to think about what I want to challenge myself with this year - what small steps can I take in my day to day life to make a positive improvement to myself and to those around me and I have come up with the following list!

1. Lose weight - there is no denying the fact that I am fat. I lost around 25kg last year but I still need to lose a lot more before I am considered a healthy weight. I currently weigh in at 91kgs and the healthy heaviest I should be is around 65kgs - so thats 25 kgs to lose!

2. Get fitter - exercise more - I am fairly sedentary and lazy - I even take the lift in work! To get fitter I need to move about more and take small steps to change my lifestyle. My plan is to go to an exercise class every week and to take the stairs - small steps but realistic ones too

3. Get healthier - medically I have a few issues - I am diabetic, have high blood pressure and suffer from allergies. Getting healthier links in with 1 & 2 - if your diabetic  have high blood pressure then losing weight and exercising can help maintain good glucose control and bring your BP down. As for the allergies - stress makes these worse and I do stress out about a lot of things. I spend a lot of time looking out for my family which is how it should be but then I dont take much time for me.

4. Keep the positivity going - focusing on the positives of day to day life really made me think about how lucky I am in many ways - I have family, friends, a job etc I realised i can choose to be happy and positive - it isnt always easy but if you make the decision to try then it seems to work out

5. Start saving! I have worked since I was 15 - the longest I have been out of work in 19 years was 6 weeks when I moved back home from Uni! Yet I have no savings, in fact I actually have debt (thats another post tho!) and this is because I have a weird attitude to money - when I have it I will spend spend spend and this is an attitude I need to change.

So that's my list :)

How I plan to achieve it? Well

1. Cut out snacks, exercise more, portion control - this will hopefully work

2. Take one exercise class a week (might even increase to 2!), walk more instead of using the car - to the shops, to the gp etc, take the stairs not the lift!

3. 1 & 2 will help :) along with - drink more water rather than fizzy drinks, reduce the amount of carbs I eat and replace with more veggies (yuck but I can disguise them in food!) try and get enough sleep - I currently get around 4-5 hours which leaves me exhausted - I am going to aim for 6 hours and see how I get on

4. Record on the blog once a week something great that has happened, a reason I am thankful or just something that has made me happy.

5. This is so hard for me! a) Allow myself only £25 cash a week and leave my debit card at home. b) transfer £50 a month to my savings account and dont withdraw it! c) dont impulse buy! if I see something I want - walk away and leave it for 48 hours - consider do I need it, or do I need it right now? Hopefully this will give me time to cool off and realise I dont need the item! d) shopping lists - make them and stick to them e) take lunch to work

So that's it really - I am confident I can achieve it if I try!

As for the blog? I will post as and when I can

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