Thursday, January 28, 2016

Amazon Reviews :)

As everyone knows I love a good bargain so getting something at a significantly reduced price or for free is my kind of deal. I had heard of people reviewing for companies on Amazon where they get items for a really low price or free in return for an honest review. However, these reviewers are pretty quiet about how you sign up for these programmes so it can be difficult to get into.

I decided to give it a go - after all there was nothing to lose.

So I turned to my good friend google to find an amazon review site - I found one called AMZ reviews (and I have even included it as a linky so you can check it out) it lists a few hundred products that you can apply to review. You scroll through them and click on any items you like the look of, read the t&c and if your happy you can request to be a reviewer. If the company accepts you then you get an email with a link to the product and a code. You have to buy the product through the link in amazon and then at check out you add the promo code and it reduces the price - it's really really simple :)

Once you receive your item you then need to try it out - if possible take some pics or video so people know your a real person. Try to think about what is good, what is bad and what is okay about the item - what are the stand out features - would you really buy this as a gift for someone or for yourself? Or would you be horrified to receive it? think about any advice to future purchasers - does it need batteries, is it easy to open/use etc

Then get yourself back to amazon - go to the my orders page and click on the review item bit - there are 3 reviews you can do - a product review (essential - this is what you are getting it for), a seller review (desirable -  you dont have to do this but it shows others that the seller dispatched the item, it arrived as it should etc and I am sure the person giving you the item for free or cost appreciates  it) and package feedback which is for amazon really as they are generally the ones who package and send them out :D
Amazon can take anywhere from 5 mins to a couple of hours to review and accept your review. Once it is up they will email you. You then need to log back into your amzreviews account  - go to the review requests page and find the item - then click on I have reviewed this and copy the link to your amazon review into the pop up box and thats it.

So what can you review? I think this really depends on your profile on amazon - the more reviews you do the more likely it is companies will choose you for bigger and better items - the more detailed reviews the better. As a newbie I have applied for loads of different items but I have been accepted for 7 and rejected for 1 - no explanation is given for the rejection so I wont take it personally :)

If your on facebook there are also specific companies who recruit people to review their items - similar to above but generally for one specific company rather than lots of them. I recently joined such a facebook group and requested and was accepted to review an item - unlike amzreviews these guys want you to put your review on different amazon sites around the world rather than just

So here is what I have been sent to review so far:

- 3D glasses/box to use with mobile phone - cost£12.99 reviewer price £0 (although if you dont have amazon prime you would have to pay p&p at £3.99)

- UV face and body paints - cost £3.99 review price £0 p&p £0

- wrist support - cost £29.09 (incl p&p) review price £0.10 (incl p&p)

- spiralizer - cost £7.60 review price £0 - free p&p

- freeview booster aerial - cost £11.75 - review price £2.35 (incl p&p)

- shake meal replacement plan - cost £10 review price £1 incl p&p

- foot pedi thing (one of those hard skin removers) - cost £15 review price £2 incl p&p

I'm also waiting on being sent a colour changing lamp - cost £3.40 review price £1.70

So that's £93.82 worth of items for £7.15

If you are thinking about becoming a reviewer please remember that in line with amazon's policy you need to declare on the review that you have received the product at a discount or for free in return for your review. Amazon took like over 1000 people to court recently due 'false' reviews or reviews which didnt disclose they had received the product for free/discount.

Also remember you should be leaving an honest review on your experience if you receive the product and it doesnt work then you should be saying that too as someone else is going to come along and read your review and pay full price and then be hugely disappointed.

Amazon itself also runs its own review programme its called review vines and you have to get loads of helpful votes and put on loads of reviews in order to get invited to join (its by invite only) if you are lucky enough to join this you are gonna be offered a whole bunch of amazing goodies we are talking top range oh em gee type of goodies but as I dont know anyone who has been invited to join I doubt I will be gettig an invite any time soon lol

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